Common Interview Question “Can you tell something about yourself?” with answer for interview preparation

Can you tell something about yourself?

The most often asked question in interviews. You need to have a short statement prepared in your mind.

Follow the steps outlined below to ensure your response will grab the interviewer’s attention.

Provide a brief introduction. Introduce attributes that are key to the open position.

Provide a career summary of your most recent work history. Your career summary is the “meat” of your response, so it must support your job objective and it must be compelling. Keep your response limited to your current experience. Don’t go back more than 10 years.

Tie your response to the needs of the hiring organization. Don’t assume that the interviewer will be able to connect all the dots. It is your job as the interviewee to make sure the interviewer understands how your experiences are transferable to the position they are seeking to fill.

Ask an insightful question. By asking a question you gain control of the interview. Don’t ask a question for the sake of asking. Be sure that the question will engage the interviewer in a conversation. Doing so will alleviate the stress you may feel to perform.

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