Common Interview Question “Describe a recent experience/project that you found enjoyable and demanding?” with answer for interview preparation

Describe a recent experience/project that you found enjoyable and demanding?

Enjoying tough situations is a quality that proves you are an enterprising person, something any organization looks for. It is another chance to show that you like taking things head-on.

Many applicants have difficulty in enlisting their achievements. If you cannot answer this type of question with zeal, it shows that you are monotonous and it does not go down well with the interviewer. It is important not to give a generic answer; give specific examples. Have a thoughtful answer ready by noting down various aspects of the job that you enjoy despite challenges.

An ideal answer would be where you volunteered to do a demanding task and how you accomplished it. It should affirm your ability to communicate with the various departments concerned and how you got them involved in a plan. It should end with the overall outcome of your actions yielded over a predetermined period of time.

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