Common Interview Question “How do you manage your time?” with answer for interview preparation

How do you manage your time?

Obviously, your answer should reflect that you are a self-starter and never put things off. They want to hear that you set goals for your work and how you prioritize them.

“I only have so many hours in the day to get my work done and I have found that if I don’t create daily, weekly, and monthly goals, it seems like nothing ever gets done. I keep track of all my responsibilities and goals in a spreadsheet and review them daily. I mark down when I am first assigned a task, how long I think it will take when it needs to be completed and how much time I will need to spend on it each day to complete the job on time. This helps me in so many ways, but mainly it keeps me on track with what is important. It also helps me from getting overbooked and promising more than I can deliver. Now, I can always deliver what I promise and be on time.”

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