Common Interview Question “What is a work achievement you are proud of?” with answer for interview preparation

Time management has become a necessary factor in productivity. Give an example of a time-management skill you’ve learned and applied at work


When answering this question, describe a time-management technique you’ve applied to work that’s allowed you to save time and resources. In such areas as public relations time is precious, and the interviewer will want to see that you have an idea of how valuable your time is. Try to give an example that demonstrates how you’ve managed to increase productivity because of effective time management.

“I regularly use scheduling software, which helps me effectively plan for the day, week, month, or year. It also has a to-do-list feature and an alarm option, which is helpful for meeting timely deadlines. In general, though, I’m very goal oriented and self-disciplined. I like to focus clearly on one project at a time for a set amount of hours. In the past I’ve found that this has helped me save time, which in turn has given me the opportunity to implement new procedures that have ultimately saved the department time and money.”

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