Common Interview Question “Why can you contribute to our company?” with answer for interview preparation

Why can you contribute to our company?

Don’t search for an answers if this in any browser or App…. just say what you feel and make it sincere. Tell them what you can do to help the company.

The best thing to do in a job interview is walk and talk as if you are already have the job. Proceed like you have the most confidence in the world and there is no competition because you are the best. So what can you contribute to the company? The answer is simple my knowledge, my experience, my well being and responsibility. I am the best candidate for this position if not better (confidence part) and I am ready to put my blood sweat and tears into this company (not literally but you know). If they say they what say I am prepared to give you the full 300 plus more and that’s what I can contribute to your company. Also brush up on the dictionary be inquisitive but not to the point were it is exasperating and don’t be over exaggerate. Be yourself while at the same time being who they want as apart of there company. Trust me I work for the government.

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