Do you know how Moon and Pluto (dwarf planet) are the same in many ways.


As we know that from centuries back the most interesting and mystery planet is “The PLUTO”. The Pluto is the only planet that considered as a Complete Planet after that now it is “DWARF PLANET” .  On the other hand Earth’s Moon also like dwarf planet Pluto. Many Characteristics of both are same.




Pluto has an estimated diameter less than one-fifth that of Earth or only about two-thirds as wide as Earth’s moon. The planets’ surface conditions probably consist of a rocky core surrounded by a mantle of water ice, with more exotic ices such as methane and nitrogen frost coating its surface.

But some cases Pluto totally different from Earth’s Moon, main factor is the distance, whereas Moon is so close to Earth on the other hand Pluto far away from Earth.  Pluto’s orbit is highly eccentric, or far from circular, which means its distance from the sun can vary considerably and at times, Pluto’s orbit will take it within the orbit of the planet Neptune. The Main Difference is that Pluto is the Dwarf Planet that has its own moons.








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