Don’t make website name with “support ” keyword.

If you want to build a Tech Support website then you must aware that Do not register domain name include “support ” keyword.  According to Google’s new Rules and regulations Google strictly prohibited “Support ” keyword named websites.


Recently thousands of Tech support websites  from all over the world reported that they cheated online customers. They don’t have any authority from concerned organisations and computer manufacturer company for repair and porovide technical online support. Online scame and hacking problem increase day by day specially developing countries where cyber law is not strong as strong as in European and other Developing country. Many Online Technical support websites fishing online customers and after sometime they easily compelled customer for share their credit card information.

Normally a customer or user whenever wants a technical support or online help to resolve his/her pc or laptop problem , search on Google by putting the same queries like ” online technical support ” and ” online computer resolve ” . On these query mostly untrusted website shows on the search query result and customer easily trapped.

Google received these kind of report from all over the world.  In the end google banned numbers of technical support websites from its search engine.  Also ignore technical support keywords name domain names.  Now only authenticate websites can shows on the Google search engine.

The impact of this kind of action taken by Google that online trust level increased.  User can easily find best and trusted websites. Customer can easily transfer his/her money support website’s account.

If anyone notice that any website listing in google and continue against law or against terms and policies,  you can report to google.

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