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Class Saathi: MCQ Revision App

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✔︎ About Class Saathi

– Class Saathi is a FREE MCQ based, Maths & Science revision app for students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. (CBSE, NCERT)

– Class Saathi is designed to help students score higher in exams.

– Class Saathi is India’s beloved exam preparation app for school learning, covering the CBSE/NCERT syllabus.

– Class Saathi is a unique AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered, personalized study app.

– All questions on Class Saathi are made and curated by IITians.

✔︎ What Class Saathi offers

  1. Unlimited FREE CBSE Practice Questions (MCQ) and Chapter Wise Quiz with NCERT Solutions for Maths and Science
  2. Personalized Question Recommendation Powered by Saathi AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engine
  • NEW: Personalized AI Timer to Keep You Stay Focused
  1. Customizable Mock Test for Better Exam Prep & Everyday Self-Study
  • NEW: AI Mock Test with Predict Score and Predict Time
  1. Daily Quiz Contests, Daily Quests and Daily Study Stamps for Building a Strong Study Habit
  2. Real-Time Statistics & In-Depth Analysis Reports of Your Learning Level
  3. Unique & Fun In-App Badges
  4. E-Certificates on Completion of the Course (Saathi Certificate & Open Badge)

✔︎ If you are a teacher, with Class Saathi you can:

– Take attendance and conduct in-class assessments more easily

– Assign homework to your students in less than a minute (instantly graded)

– Hold engaging LIVE quizzes in online classes

– Monitor students’ performance with real-time reports

Save time and manage your classroom efficiently with Class Saathi!

Why Class Saathi?

Class Saathi motivates and helps students continuously learn by solving practice questions. Saathi AI, a personalized recommendation engine provides personalized learning journeys for students with question recommendations and detailed analysis.

All the questions on the Class Saathi app are prepared by IITians. Even the product owner of Class Saathi is an IIT Kanpur graduate and wants to make it the best study app in India.

The makers of Class Saathi have 2 core beliefs

  1. Education is a capability multiplier and can serve as a powerful engine of growth for any nation.
  2. Technology can help improve education. That said, we believe that instead of deploying expensive technologies in schools, we should come up with more pedagogically effective and affordable tech solutions. That’s what Class Saathi is about.

“Saathi” in the Hindi language means Companion. Class Saathi would serve as a self-study app for the students, a companion app for the teachers, and the principals making classroom learning and online education more personalized, quantified, and interactive.

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