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Max Booster – Quick Cleanup
By- Pace Corey

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Version:- 1.1.0

Download Max Booster – Quick Cleanup Apk

Download- “Max Booster – Quick Cleanup” Apk (32.44 MB)

MAX Booster can not only solve the trouble of insufficient storage space, but also clean up the garbage generated by the operation of the Android phone. It can also help Android devices save power and make the battery more durable. MAX Booster can also help free up RAM usage and reduce CPU temperature to bring your Android device back to optimum speed. Make your phone easier and more comfortable to use.

MAX Booster function introduction:


MAX Booster can speed up your Android device with one click and works great. During the operation of the device, many applications will run in the background, which will slow down the operation speed of the phone. MAX Booster can easily solve this problem and restore your Android device to the best running state with one click for a smoother and faster experience.


MAX Booster scans the storage for useless phone junk like cache files, ad files and other unnecessary files etc. You don’t have to worry about deleting the wrong files, because we have powerful algorithms, we will accurately analyze all kinds of junk files and identify the unwanted parts, which can not only ensure enough space, but also keep the data safe.

CPU cooler

When the CPU temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the running speed of the device. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the CPU temperature to protect the phone. MAX Booster can detect the heat of the phone in real time and reduce the CPU temperature very well.

Power saving

MAX Booster analyzes the power status of your battery in real time, even when you close power-hungry apps and processes, optimizing your battery and extending its lifespan, keeping your device on standby for longer.

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