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Mental Math – basics of math

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The importance of mental calculation

* It is difficult to calculate faster and exactly.

* Mental calculation is the best way to calculate faster and exactly.

* In this way, you can develop your overall ability of math.

* Also, it is good for brain-training.


Many math teachers adopt this way for their teaching!

– Anyone can learn easily.

– Practice 10 minutes everyday.

– Fix the wrong calculate habits.

– Good for brain-training.

– You can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

– For all ages.

– Do not need internet connection(wi-fi).

– All smartphones and pads available.


Have fun with characterful designs!

– Fun stories like a game.

– You can collect monster friends when learning.

– Challenge the King of mental calculation.


Convenient checkup

– Mark the answers in real time.

– Check the overall learning process.

– Find your weaknesses.

Recommend ‘MathMon: Mental Math’ to these people

– People who calculate slow and make many mistakes.

– People who feel bored with learning calculation.

– Anyone who wants fun brain-training.

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