Entrepreneur Beginners Guide


1. Think Big

2. Create New Markets

3. Work on Your Business, Not in Your Business

4. All Risk isn’t Risky

5. Don’t Waste Time

6. Build a Company That is Systems-Dependent, Not People-Dependent

7. Ask for Help

8. Business Comes First, Family Second

9. Do What’s Most Important First

10. Hire a Good Lawyer

11. The Business Plan is overrated

12. Require Criticism and Disagreement in Your Company

13. Fire Your Worst Customers

14. Make Money While Doing Nothing

15. Outsourcing Makes Sense

16. Move on Fast from a Bad Business Idea

17. Bad Economy is a Great Opportunity

18. Adopt Technology Early

19. Ignorance Can Be Bliss

20. Adapt to Change Quickly

21. Technology is an Opportunity, Not a Threat

22. Always Follow Up

23. Have Laser like Focus

24. Nonprofit Really Means Profit

25. Explore New Adventures for Inspiration

26. Failure Doesn’t Kill You; It Makes You Stronger

27. Seek Partnerships for the Right Reasons

28. Be a Master at Leveraging Resources

29. An Idea’s Execution, Not Its Uniqueness, Yields Success

30. Find an Enemy

31. Don’t Underestimate Your Competition

32. Ask for What You Want

33. No Competition Means Your Idea Probably Has Little Merit

34. Put Out Fires Quickly

35. Have an Exit Strategy

36. School Is Not Necessarily Education

37. You’re in No Rush to Get an MBA

38. Spend the Majority of Your Time with People Smarter Than You

39. Office Space Is Not a Priority, But a Good Team is

40. What You Wear isn’t What You’re Worth

41. You Don’t Always Have to Be the Smartest One in the Room

42. Talent Trumps Seniority

43. You Are Odd, and It’s OK

44. People Don’t Only Work for Money

45. You Have a Sidekick

46. Don’t Let People Abuse Your Flexibility

47. Don’t Manage People, Manage Expectations

48. Get the Right Mentor

49. Choose Your Spouse Wisely

50. Fire Unproductive People

51. You Don’t Need Money to Make Money

52. Pay Taxes Quarterly

53. A Check in Hand Means Nothing

54. Avoid Negative Cash Flow

55. Borrow Money from a Bank before You Need It

56. Prepayment is King; Disregard Standard Payment Terms

57. Hiring a Professional Accountant is Money Well Spent

58. Manage Debt Well

59. There’s a Downside to Having Investors

60. Focus on Building Revenue

61. The Biggest Investment in Your Company is Yours

62. Use Different Banks to Minimize Risk

63. Know Your PAYDEX Score

64. You’re in Sales, whether you Want to be or Not

65. Your Customer is Your Boss

66. You Have Sales before You Have a Business

67. You Aren’t Always the Best Person to Close a Deal

68. Networking isn’t All about You

69. Don’t Waste Time on People Who Can’t Say Yes

70. There’s No Such Thing as a Cold Call

71. Tell Everyone about Your Business

72. Ask the Right Questions

73. Receive the Maximum Value for Your Products or Services

74. Don’t Patronize Customers

75. Build Your Network Creatively

76. Don’t Hold Grudges

77. Act in Spite of How You Feel

78. Push beyond Your Fear

79. Be a Maverick

80. Make Your Dreams Come True

81. Make Difficult Sacrifices.

82. You Have Unbelievable Endurance

83. Be Prepared to Lose It All

84. Being Successful Is Not the Goal

85. You Are Excited When Monday Morning Arrives

86. You’re Disappointed When Friday Arrives

87. 9 to 5 is worse than Death

88. Your Parents Want You to Get a Real Job with Benefits

89. You sometimes get more resentment than respect

90. It’s Not about Being Your Own Boss

91. Entrepreneurship Is in Your Blood, Literally

92. You Know Your Worth

93. You Can’t Keep a Job

94. You Cry When Things Don’t Go Your Way

95. It is never too late to be an Entrepreneur

96. You Feel Unequaled Joy When Your Idea Becomes Reality

97. Following Your Passion Is Bogus

98. You Have the Right Motivation

99. You Love Your Life

100. You’re an Entrepreneur Forever

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