Gmail “Undo send” feature some time it becomes most important feature.

Before Gmail “Undo Send” option user can’t do anything if he/she send wrong mail. It might be become dangerous for many people. Suppose you are going to send an email to your friend and by mistake it deliver to your boss mail ID. It will become more dangerous about your reputation over your boss. No option available to resolve this problem before,but now gmail introduce a world class feature “Undo Send”. By this user can retrieve his/her email before 30 seconds. Just click a button all the data will not send. After so many years of experiment, now gmail introduce this option to general public. Thousands of FAQ question google received about this problem. Gmail have been working on this problem since 2009. Now in 2015 they finally launched this option for general.

How to activate the “UNDO SNED” option in Gmail.

1. Point mouse point on Setting icon right side of the gmail panel.

undo send gmail 1

2. After point on setting scroll down the list.

undo send gmail 4

3. Click Settings option from the list.

undo send gmail 5

4. Under the General Tab, scroll down and look for an undo send option.

undo send gmail 2

5. Click on enable option.

undo send gmail 3

6. Here you can also select the time period for Undo send feature enables. Like 10 seconds, 20 seconds and Maximum 30 Seconds.

7. Click Save Changes (Button on the bottom of the General Settings).

Here is your undo send option ready.

undo send gmail

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