How to Enable USB Debugging Mode in Android Phone “Enable USB Debugging Mode”

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode


To enable USB Debugging on Android, Follow the steps as below:

Step: 1

In order to enable debugging mode First of all you need to enable “Developer Options Menu”. So follow below given point

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Now here Scroll down to the bottom and tap “About phone” or “About tablet” or just simple “about phone”
  3. After that, Scroll down to the bottom of the “About phone” and locate the “Build Number” field.
  4. Tap the Build number field seven (7) times to enable Developer Options.
  5. When you are tap 7 times on build number, you’ll see the message “You are now a developer!”.
  6. Tap the Back button and you’ll see the Developer options menu under System on your Settings screen.(or above the “about phone”)

Step: 2

Now the time come to enable USB debugging mode, you can enable USB Debugging mode by simply Go to

  1. Settings
  2. Developer Options
  3. USB Debugging.
  4. Tap the USB Debugging checkbox.





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