How to make money online by ”Create an automation software and charge for the service” complete guide to make money by internet.

How to Make Money Online by “Create an automation software and charge for the service”

Many people have begun becoming very interested in automation services or software where a task can be done for them without having to do as much manual work.

Some examples of these pieces of software include automated software for article rewriting, for checking spelling/grammatical errors in the articles, for article spinning, for PDF to word conversion, and so forth.

Even though there are a lot of pieces of software out there already, there is still a lot out there that is ready to be identified. If you can identify the needs and create the software, you can make a pretty penny.

In order for you to make money with web components, here are some steps you can take:

➢ Browse through the administration jobs in freelancing sites to get a fair idea about what sort of services are required. For example, you might see a specific job where someone is asking to extract a set of data from a particular site and populate it in excel.

➢ If demand is high for a specific service, you can mass-market a software. You might also want to create something for one specific buyer and charge them for it.

➢ Another option is to take jobs and charge the market rate as if it were manual work, but use your software to speed up the production.

How much money can I charge for such services?

➢ If you decide to make mass market software, you can charge anywhere from $5 to thousands of dollars. Most software runs $100 or less.

➢ If you are providing the required services by yourself, then you can charge on a per entry basis. For example, if you are collecting name and telephone numbers listed on a site, you can charge something like $0.01 per entry.

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