How to make money online to become “eBook Seller”  complete guide to make money by internet.

Make money online to become “eBook Seller” 

Time taken per order: 5 – 10 minutes

Difficulty rating: Very easy

How to offer work : I send you a beginners guide to xxx-xxx for 5 dollars

Nowadays people want information at their fingertips… fast. That’s why eBooks are so popular. No longer do you need to go on Amazon and order a book, wait weeks for it to arrive and then read every page to find the bit of content you need. Now, you simply buy an eBook written by the masters to explain exactly what you need. (Hey you bought this book, so they must sell right?)

So what if you could advertise dozens, or even hundreds of eBooks on Fiverr? Well heres how you can …

Follow steps below :

We’re going to find a package of ‘Master Resell Rights’ eBooks to download (you may have to purchase them, but considering you can buy lots of hundreds for mere dollars, you’ll get it back within a few sale.

Once you’ve found a good package to buy, download them and save them

Now for each book that you think will sell, you’re going to create a gig with a title like (using an iguana care eBook example)

I will show you how to care for your iguana properly for five dollars

I will send you a book on iguana care for beginners for five dollars

I will give you a beginners guide to iguana care for five dollars

(you may have noticed I repeated ‘beginners’ a lot, this is because if people that know a lot about the book buy it and it turns out to be terrible, they’ll leave you negative feedback and possibly request a refund)

For extra sales, try telling people that you’ll give a 100% money back guarantee if they’re not satisfied, after all, people will most likely be too lazy to try and get a sum of money as small as five dollars back.

After sending the book, you’ll get paid… It’s that simple

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