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How to make huge Profit from Teespring ?

Till now you have learnt what is Teespring and how it works and it is clear to you the whole concept of Teespring. You can design the best shirt in the world, put it on the Teespring and do not make a penny if you do not generate any sales. Well it depends on How you are going to get people to your Teespring Campaign who might be interested in buying shirts designed by you. Sharing your campaign is important but it can be a complete failure if you do not share it to the target audience, this includes such audience that have a certain high level of interest in specific niche. Suppose you created and launched a design based on fishing niche and you started sharing it to such people who have less interest in it, then will it gonna make success? Nope!

Learning to get targeted people on your campaign could lead you to immense success with Teespring! We through Tee Income sharing with people how to get target audiences for their business. So let me tell you how to target audience for your Teespring Campaign.

For targeting the right audience you need to focus on major three thing:

  1. Your T-Shirt Design

You need to focus your attention on your Tee shirt design as its going to play an important role for your campaign, your design should attract more people towards buying it. You need to come up with an idea of a t-shirt which could get viral in the public. If you are confused and want to see some ideas about the trending and high selling T-shirt designs before getting started with your own then i would recommend you to check this website will get you data about Teespring Campaigns according to the performance like latest added campaigns, best selling campaigns by their number & ratio, only active campaigns and goal reached campaigns. So one should know what kind of design is doing good in the market and could be profitable with less work on it. Niche research should be done before choosing/creating a design through this you will get to know about audience strength who have buying capability, age group, gender, interests, location or countries etc, that will give you better sense of understanding and how to move forward and do better targeting.

  1. Teespring Campaign Title & Description

Title and Description are basically meant for explaining about your T-shirt that you wants to sell and make money through. It plays an important role in web. You should select appropriate titles and descriptions for your campaigns, your title must be targeted and point to point, must not contain more than five words in it and should explain about your niche too. And your descriptions also be targeted and must not have more than 1500 characters and should include all important points. Your Teespring campaigns are going to work as a web page, remember you visits to many pages using google, so if you use right title and description that hits your target audience then “Google” will rank your Teespring campaign webpage up high in search results and drive huge traffic related to your niche.

  1. Research and Marketing

This one is the final and the most important step. If you already have a niche specific audience where you can share your Teespring campaign then its like winning a Jackpot, your sales could reach sky high without much effort. But how to promote Teespring campaign when you don’t have niche specific targeted audience? Don’t be pessimistic, there are certain ways through which it can be possible.

Blow listed marketing networks are popular for their Ad Targeting behavior, that means Ad targeting helps you show your Ads to the people you care about. That means you can show your t-shirt campaign to your targeted niche specific audience using Ad campaigns from below networks.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Instagram Avert. and Pinterest Avert.)

Content Marketing (Promotion of Teespring Campaigns via Blogs, Websites or Portals)

Google PPC Marketing (Google Adwords includes google searches network, display network,search network with display select, shopping, video marketing and app marketing)

You’ll have the opportunity to target your ad to people based on location and demographics like age, gender and interests. It’s up to you to choose the audience you want to reach. You can choose from one or a combination of targeting options that suits your business needs using these Marketing Networks. All these networks are paid advertising networks and proved to be good for Teespring campaign marketing, they are capable to give 300% ROI that is 3x the money spent on ads will get covered by you from your Teespring campaign payout, so now you can judge like wise.

There are other free and traditional ways also from which you can build audience for your niche but it can become lengthy, tiring and take a lot of your time.

Free Ways to Build Targeted Audience

In this actually i’m not going to tell how to make sales but i will tell you how to create audience of any particular niche with out using paid advertising for your Teespring Campaign. You can do one thing here to build your followers/liker’s for your niche. Now a days each social media site is providing a feature to create pages or groups to its user, which you can utilize to build your niche audience. You can go to below social sites to create page for your niche:

Create your Facebook page.

Create your Twitter page.

Create your Instagram page.

Create your Pinterest page.

You can give a name to your page which should resembles to your niche like if you are creating a tshirt campaign for fishing niche then you can name you page as “Fishing Enthusiasts” or “Fishing Lovers” so and so, hope you are getting me.

Start inviting people to your page and share your page with your friends. For gathering target audiences you can share you page with your similar niche pages and introduce your page to them so the visitors of those pages can follow and like your page as well, although its a lengthy way but it can also prove to be very effective.

In case of Twitter, you basically need to gather followers who can like, retweet and reply on your page/ handle. So you can gather your niche specific audience/followers using some apps and tools like ManageFlitter, Tweepi, Follower Filter, Twitter Karma, Crowdfire and Unfollowers etc. These apps will help you find popular accounts related to your niche so you can follow those accounts and their followers.

To get more followers one simple way is to follow others and they will follow back. You not only gather followers but also you have too keep them engaged. Don’t bombard your twitter full of your campaign links but also post some status updates, images, interesting stuffs so it don’t look like spammy page but an authority page. Once you gather enough followers and audience you can start posting Teespring campaign links and keep getting sales and maximize your profit.

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