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PUBG LABS-Thermal Scope Mode

Hello Survivors,

Our first LABS experiment of the year is coming soon! To kick things off, we’re dropping a new attachment into the game and bringing back a special weather setting to show it off in! Introducing the Thermal Scope!

Unlike existing telescopic sights, the Thermal Scope detects infrared rays emitted by objects and makes them stand out against their backgrounds. Thanks to this new equipment, players are now able to better detect enemies obscured by darkness, smoke, or trees and bushes, which can be difficult with the existing scopes.

Since the Thermal Scope is best utilized in areas of low light, we’re bringing back Moonlight Mode on Vikendi for this test! Full details on the mode can be found below.


LABS: Thermal Scope Mode

PUBG LABS Thermal Scope Mode

PUBG LABS Thermal Scope Mode

The new Thermal Scope will be world-spawned loot.

The Thermal Scope uses heat signatures to help you find obscured enemies more easily.
This includes enemies hiding in smoke, darkness, brush, etc.
Service schedule

January 7, 14:00 KST – January 11, 16:00 KST / January 7, 05:00 UTC – January 11, 07:00 UTC
LABS: Thermal Scope Mode will be available for both PC/Console during the service schedule stated above.

Vikendi – Moonlight
BR Rules of the existing world will be applied.
FPP or TPP, Squad mode
1-man Squad mode is also available.
Maximum number of players: 100
If a session lacks players after a certain amount of time, it will start to fill remaining slots with bots.
Notes when playing in LABS

LABS games do not provide BP or XP for gameplay rewards.
LABS gameplay will not be applied to Career.
LABS gameplay will not count for your Survivor Pass missions.
As always PUBG LABS lets you try out experimental game modes or features in various states of development, none of which are guaranteed to make their way into the full game.

Drop into PUBG LABS and try out the new Thermal Scope on Moonlit Vikendi today!

See you on the Battlegrounds!

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