PUBG News “We Need To Talk About Your Flair” PUBG Online Battle Arena Video Game News and Updates.

We Need To Talk About Your Flair…

New PUBG Reddit Integration

Beginning today, PUBG players and the Reddit community have access to a brand new feature. You can now link your Reddit profile to your PUBG Global Account and, through this process, add a unique flair to your Reddit profile that shows off your Survival Mastery Level. The flair comes in three colors, signifying whether you play on Steam, Xbox or Playstation. If you have already connected your Reddit account, you should start seeing this flair instantly! If your Mastery Level is out of date you can log into your global account to update it. The flair will be available on r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS.

But Wait, There’s More…

Oh yes, there is yet one more perk for linking your PUBG Global Account to Reddit. You will immediately unlock the custom trophy featuring Player Unknown. As soon as you link your account you will have access to the trophy to use on your favorite Reddit posts!

To Celebrate this brand new partnership we’ve decided to hold a special tournament.

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