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Dell Vostro 3401 14 inches FHD Display Laptop (11th Gen i3-1115G4 / 8GB / 1TB HDD / Integrated Graphics / Win 10 + MS Office / Accent Black) D552175WIN9BE, 1.59kg

Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Slim compact and loaded laptop

Specifications are the same as mentioned on the website. You will love its slim and compact design. Model number Vostro 3000, not 3400.Initial booting was slow after driver updating and setup now it’s normal. Windows 10 & MS-Office inbuilt. You need to uninstall additional McAfee antivirus. Many people are complaining about slow booting. McAfee is not required. Windows 10 is having by default virus protection. Let’s see how it will run further. This is my first review after opening the packet.



Positive Review 2

Excellent product. Value for money

Before buying that product I had checked the review for the same on Amazon. Most of the buyers were complaining about the slow working and hang issue. In my opinion, the product is excellent and there is no issue regarding the slow working and lagging.

Positive Review 3

Budget Laptop

Before I purchase I read all reviews but I purchased the same laptop. For this budget the performance and look is good. Rs.37500 only, today it’s delivered. The keyboard backlight is not available, size little big but Weightless.


Positive Review 4

Awesome Machine

Contrary to reviews about slow startup and all, I found this laptop quick and responsive. I have an 8GB version and even without SSD, it is responding well. The key is to apply available windows updates and allow the McAfee version provided to speed up your machine.


Positive Review 5

Nice looking laptop in budget

Nice packaging by Amazon. The product is nicely working. When I received the package and open the laptop is not working but I plugged the charger in. then the laptop become switched on.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Terribly slow laptop

We bought this laptop considering the fact that it has an i3 processor and 8GB inbuilt RAM thus making the system faster. But in reality, this is the worst laptop I ever used in the past 20 years. This laptop hangs randomly and takes a lot of time (sometimes more than 2 minutes) to respond. Sometimes it does not respond and needs to be forcibly rebooted. With time it’s becoming worse. Do not buy this.


Negative Review 2

I would request you all of you, please don’t buy this laptop

Please don’t buy this laptop in the initial days it works fine but after 5 to 10 days later, it won’t work properly even it starts hanging.

Hence would humbly request everyone who is planning to purchase this laptop to please don’t buy it as a brother I can say this.

Please don’t buy.

Negative Review 3

Worse performance- very slow

Pathetic product and service from Amazon. System getting hanged during work. Low-quality plastic bodies feel like cheated by dell. Tried to reach out to Amazon they are cooperating since it is outside of the return period read a few same comments before purchasing and tried my luck. Facing the same slowness. I would never recommend anyone to purchase this product. I was a Dell lover, using a Dell laptop for the last 15 years. However, now my perception got changed after using a new product from Dell. They have significantly compromised on quality.

Negative Review 4

Worst laptop ever seen

Very worst performance even though the configuration is good. Please don’t buy this… Just delivered today and started using without even any other software installed… But it takes time to open the browser and if we type 5 letters and wait, then it appears. Very worst performance… I am returning today itself.

Negative Review 5

Don’t get trapped by buying this laptop. Total waste

I received it yesterday and even to boot up it takes more than 15mins it’s a total waste of money. When I checked I got a broken piece. I raised a complaint and they replaced it only. Now after using 1 month will come to know the actual quality of this dell laptop. If you wish to buy a laptop or other electronic items buy from an authorized store “Don’t Buy from online” is a trap.


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