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Fujitsu UH-X 11th Gen Intel Core i5 13.3 inches FHD IPS 400Nits Thin and Light Business Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/Office/Iris Xe Graphics/Backlit Kb/ Fingerprint Reader/Black/0.878kg), 4ZR1D67595.

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Positive Review 1

A detailed observation of this laptop in my opinion and some review

I read reviews here and would like to highlight something

1) Made in japan laptop …extremely lightweight. Charger brick in Japanese. But chord is supplied by Lenovo hence Chinese made (Lenovo is the official distributor of this in India)

2) My first jujitsu product .bought this only as I had read good things about Japanese people and my fiancé works for a Japanese bank so wanted to see how it is

3) Love the weight really. Very easy to carry. But mind you this seems a little flimsy, unlike my MacBook pro which off course is metal built. This is mag alloy built and I often fear if I drop this it may break. So even though it’s lightweight and all please handle it carefully IMO

4) Register online N u get 2 years warranty

5) Initial setup on first boot gave me either to continue with win 10 or upgrade win 11.

I chose later

6) Many people complain about the sound. IMO this is a fantastic sound. Just make sure you open the Dirac app (pre-installed) and choose Dirac ON via either movie or people profile …you get crisp and decent loud sound for movies or web meets .default sound profile is very low .change to above

7) One con in my 2-day usage – fan kicks off regularly even on small tasks but fan sound isn’t loud at all. I have to dig deep into fan settings I believe to quieten it

8) Heat dissipation is there at top of the bottom part of the laptop. So don’t keep on lap

9) Finger reader works like a charm! The screen is of excellent quality!!! And the system is very smooth and jazzy

All in all, I loved it a lot. For rs 56000/- I can’t complain more. Got it at 59490 – 300 amazon pay cashback – approx. 2950 amazon pays icici cashback for Prime members.

Wish it had a touch feature at 5-7k more (not the convertible) but I can live without touch for time being.

The keypad is excellent and the mouse is ok-ish (small)



Positive Review 2

Compact and lightweight for everyday use

I like the design and build quality of the laptop, for this lightweight the build quality is top-notch. You don’t feel hesitate to carry the laptop around. The keyboard is very good to type on good key travel love to work on documents. The screen brightness is sufficiently bright for this laptop both for indoor and outdoor use with 100% color accuracy and processing speed is very good, I have got a geek bench 5 scores about 1400 and 4700 respectively. The battery is very good easily lasts around 9 to 10 hours for general usage.

The thing I don’t like is the stereo sound is a bit tiny but the inbuilt sound app somehow boosts the sound.

The palm rest area is a bit small for the large hand you don’t feel small for a long typing session.

I think RAM is soldered into the motherboard so you don’t have the option of upgradability.

Overall I love this laptop for my general usage of web browsing, streaming media, and connecting to my 4k TV for a large screen experience.



Positive Review 3

Good lightweight laptop for business and travel

A good laptop can handle most applications smoothly. Meant only for casual gaming. Battery backup lasts for 6.5 hours and not 11 hrs with full-screen brightness. It achieves 9 to 10 hours in power-saving mode. Built quality is good.

Cons are speakers give jarring sound in high volumes. The body gets easily smudged with fingerprints and marks on touching.

Feel a little overpriced considering you are paying only for the magnesium alloy body and lightweight 879 grams.

Is it compact and lightweight to carry? The durability of the product can only be tested with time….. Hope for the best


Positive Review 4

Best price for the given specs

After reading a few negative reviews, I was not sure if I should buy this laptop, but I didn’t find such issues when I got it. It’s lightweight, fast and the sound is alright if not great. I don’t get the fuss about the sound, what kind of a sound are you expecting from such a small machine? In 57K, it’s one heck of a deal. Setup was easy and it started upgrading to Windows 11, as soon I started the setup. If you are looking for a lightweight laptop that can run your day-to-day tasks, with some photo/video editing go ahead and buy this one. Brilliant display and a vast number of IO ports are added bonuses. I am still amazed at how light it is.


Positive Review 5

It’s Made In Japan, just an amazing notebook

No comparison at all, the quality and peace of mind for everything, it’s made in Japan and it makes you feel that. Go for it blindly, you will not regret spending a few thousand extra as compared to any other brand.

It’s a love at first sight.



Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Build quality is not as good as shown in the Ad

Did not meet expectations:

Takes significant time to start since it first displays the logo of fijustu.

The material around the touchpad feels weak. This is where you would hold the device in your hands. Feels like it can break easily.

The camera quality is poor. Also, the physical camera shutter is very difficult to use and feels cheap.

There is no support assistance application available.

You need to register for a warranty. The website is very confusing. You won’t find your device easily.

Faced a glitch while using MS office 19 later it goes resolved.

If it is placed on the mattress and put on charging, the fan would make a lot of noise and the laptop would shut down abruptly. I think there is a problem with ventilation.

Just by opening a single chrome window, 4 GB of ram is utilized and cooling fan starts working heavily.

The sound quality is poor.

The best thing is it very light.

I regret not going for LG Gram.

Also, I have no idea where are their service centres. When I registered for the warranty I got a successful confirmation message from Lenovo.


Negative Review 2

Extremely lightweight but the quite flimsy and poor speaker and camera

This laptop is great in terms of how lightweight it is but I do not think this is a good laptop for business use. I have tried this for zoom calls but the speaker is pathetic and the camera is even worse.. Very flimsy and has a lot of flex. The keypad is not as good as you find on Lenovo or hp. tried my best to adjust but ultimately has to return it. The battery life is not that good. Just 4-5 hrs at the max. Not sure what Japanese tech went into this laptop, this feels like any other cheap Chinese laptop.


Negative Review 3

Poor Servicing Experience (Do Not Buy)

I had bought this laptop considering that it is being manufactured by a Japanese company as they are the pioneers in technology and deliver quality products.

But on the contrary, my decision of buying this Laptop is regretful. In a month’s time, I started facing issues with speakers and there was a blue screen error every now and then. The service center located at Jail road Delhi had kept my laptop for more than 15 days, but the issue is not resolved to date. There is no escalation matrix wherein your complaints can be put forward.

Pathetic servicing by the centre as they are not aware of the processes. Parts availability is another major concern.




Negative Review 4

Think twice before going for it


– Very lightweight

– Screen brightness and clarity is awesome


– Speaker quality is horrible. Cannot use for calls at all. Crackling noise takes you to vinyl days.

– Body is not sturdy. The piece I received was slightly bent at the base, making the laptop wobble when I type.

– The bottom screw was hanging out with the thread gone due to incorrect tightening (so much for Japanese craftsmanship)

Recommend to not purchase. It’s not worth at this price point.


Negative Review 5

Overpriced and unreliable

For just i5 11th gen this laptop is way overpriced. At this price, you can get a decent gaming laptop with a full-size keyboard and better specifications especially in terms of CPU and GPU. For gaming laptops check out ArshWood on YT. This laptop is not worth it.


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