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Acer Aspire 5 Thin & Light 11th Gen Core i5-1135G7 Laptop (8 GB RAM/1 TB HDD/Windows 10/Intel Iris Xe Graphics/Backlit Keyboard/1.65Kg)- 15.6-inch(39.6 cms) FHD Screen A515-56, Pure Silver.

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Best in the Price Category

Thin, Silver colure, excellent laptop. I5 processor in low budget is very good. It is a very light laptop. If you need it for office use or school use it’s very good. It is very fast. Using this laptop for 1 month but I have no problem. Amazon is Excellent it replaced the earlier brought laptop as the charger was heating. Great response. Don’t see negative reviews they were also misleading me.


Positive Review 2

Overall is very good, you will get a performance boost, not for hardcore gaming

It’s a great laptop for normal office, students, or any kind of lightweight work. It has a great premium look with a nice backlit keyboard, (if you like backlit) you will love it. Performance is good. Give battery backup of almost 5-7 hours depending on your usage and tasks. i5 11th gen and Wi-Fi 6 will help you to get better performance than its competitors.

Positive Review 3

Best budget-friendly i5 laptop

Performance is quite well. After installing an SSD its performance increased beyond my expectations. I got this laptop in 44k that’s a good deal.

Positive Review 4

Good product

Good Product just need to install SSD in it

The only con is that MS Office is not included in the laptop.

Positive Review 5

Good product

Overall products are good. The camera may improve further.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Processor is the Only Thing Good about it, need to get an SSD

The only reason I bought it is the 11th gen i5 1135g7 Chip.

It came with a 1TB HDD and 8 GB RAM and was painstakingly slow out of the box, it was really bad. To complete the setup for windows 10 took 1 hour, even after that, the laptop was not smooth it would lag constantly due to the HDD being the bottleneck it would hang a lot and even basic tasks like web browsing were choppy and irritating especially for a new 11th gen i5 laptop in 2021, it felt like an old 5th gen i5 with the HDD.

To anyone looking to buy this, the basic requirement would be an SSD. Get a Samsung 980 m.2 base variant, then the laptop comes to life as if a load had been lifted from its very soul.

With that SDD, it is fast, smooth, and feels like an 11th gen laptop.

Ram — 4GB Soldered to MoBo, 4GB removable (Upgradable to 16GB stick )

Strangely it Does not support display out over Type-C or even Type-C charging, which is Surprising as even the AVITA Liber V14 series which is a whole 15k cheaper than this supports display out and type-C charging.

I have to return this though as was facing weird screen glitches and ghosting (See video).

Battery life is bad, around 2-3 hours max. DO NOT Expect More than that.

Also, Screen, Keyboard, and all are pretty mediocre, nothing to write home about.

Overall good, but not usable without a SSD


Negative Review 2

Waste of money, please do not buy this product, most of the time hard disk usage is 100%

Most of the time hard disk usage is 100% even when I am using a browser, you even cannot open 2-3 application on it, it works fine for a few minutes, and after that get dam slow. This is not even good for net browsing, and retuning this product is not easy as amazon is not allowed to return. Amazon gives an app to stress test, no problem is detected by that app but when you work you will not be able to do anything due to hanging and 100% hard disk problem. I tried many solutions given on the internet but was unable to fix the issue so please do not buy it. Seller first took 2 weeks for return pickup and now taking too long to return the money so my money with amazon for approx. 3 weeks and still waiting for the refund.



Negative Review 3

Average performance with the given specs. Need to add ram and SSD

The Laptop is very laggy and some applications don’t even respond sometimes.

I had replaced it once because of auto restart and blackout issues and the new product is free from these issues.

To get the actual performance of the i5 11th gen processor we need to add an NVME SSD to the slot provided. The clock speed is given wrong in the description- it is not 4.2 it is 2.4.

For RAM update you can add 16 GB DDR4 (Product comes with 4GB ram soldered to the board and 4 GB on the slot that can be replaced by 16 GB to get a total of 20GB ram).

The screen is pretty decent.

The fan is a little bit noisy while running large apps.

The design is decent.

It is a pretty good choice if you can spend 8 k more for update ram and SSD or else you can go for aspire 7 with i5 10th gen(cones with 4 GB graphics card).


Negative Review 4

Pathetic laptop

My brother got this laptop despite the bad reviews!! Turned out to be a piece of crap! This laptop is slower than a turtle! Don’t take this laptop even for free! Your old laptop would be better than this! Super slow laggy and hangs even after updates!! Got ut returned!

Negative Review 5

Worst purchase.

Worst product purchase of my life. Never ever got so frustrated. This tin can laptop is the worst pc I have ever used. Slower than snail I would say. I would recommend not to buy this piece of garbage.

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