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Lenovo ThinkPad E15 2021 Intel Core i5 11th Gen 15.6 inches FHD, T&L Business, Laptop (8GB RAM/512GB SSD/Windows 10/MS Office/Fingerprint Reader/Black/Aluminium Surface/ 1.7 kg) 20TDS0G700.

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Excellent laptop with a fair price.

Excellent laptop with a fair price. I got the laptop for 58 K during the Great Indian Festival. The laptop looks sturdy, compact, and lightweight. Because of its compact appearance, the screen size never feels like 15.6 inches compare to other laptops of the same size! Loves the display. It is 1920X1080 IPS with antiglare technology backed by Intel UHD graphics. Excellent sound quality as well. It is capable of performing extremely CPU-intensive operations with its 8 GB main memory and I5 4 core processor. Of course, I am not a gamer – I am using the laptop for design and programming purposes.

A few things noted are:- It is required to create a Microsoft outlook/live account if don’t have it handy- to activate the MS OFFICE. Only one-month trial antivirus (McAfee) is with the laptop, so need to purchase another antivirus software after a month. There is no SD card slot with this laptop, therefore the external micro SD cards cannot be used directly with the laptop. (But there are other mechanisms like putting the sd card in mobile and connecting via USB port…etc).

Positive Review 2

Sleek lightweight Thinkpad

Received the laptop yesterday after waiting for a good 4 days post placing an order. Surprisingly the laptop is very lightweight and sleek and unlike previous Thinkpads doesn’t feel bulky.

At the first start, it took a few mins to configure Windows10. But subsequent startups happened within 5-7 seconds thanks to 128 GB SSD. The fingerprint scanner works flawlessly and is a good feature for a modern laptop.

The red dot on my Thinkpad logo glows when the laptop is on, a subtle feel-good feature.

The laptop body feels premium with a smooth finish however it is a fingerprint magnet.

The keyboard is very smooth and back-lit too. Two levels of brightness are supported.

Overall a good purchase.

Positive Review 3

Good package for the price


  1. Overall lightweight package, has an aluminum lid, with a splendid keyboard with adequate typing feedback.
  2. USB C charging, TPM chip for data security, with Trackpoint (to use mouse pointer when using gloves).
  3. Power button integrated fingerprint sensor.
  4. Camera shutter for added privacy.
  5. NVME plus SATA storage support, the product I received uses WD Blue spec HDD and NVME storage (performance and durability oriented drives)
  6. Overall build quality is satisfactory.
  7. Lenovo vantage software with good system management tools including battery management tools.


  1. It’s a fingerprint magnet.
  2. Only one ram slot (memory upgrade means you have to buy a 2666MHZ 16 GB memory, which means your existing 8 GB one go wasted).

Positive Review 4

Value for money, won’t trade it for anything else

There are other laptops with maybe better specs at a lower or equivalent price if your primary purpose is gaming or video processing. However, if you’re a software developer or a business person and want a laptop you want to work reliably for the next 5 or more years I think this is the one I’ll use even though I’ve been using it for just 15 days myself. Below are my observations after about 2 weeks of use which matter to me the most:-


# Display bright enough to work comfortably outside on a bright sunny day while sitting under the shade of a tree for example.

# simply the best laptop keyboard with very good tactile feedback and key travel even after using the silicone protector.

# free office subscription.

# Wi-Fi 6 compatibility with the dual receiver antenna & USB C charging make it future-proof to some extent.

# ability to disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, microphone, ports, fingerprint sensor, etc via BIOS if the case that’s your thing. Bios is very good and offers a lot of customization.

# length and width less than most other 15 inch laptops so does not feel bulky. Almost feels like a 14.5 inch.

# Everything works very well on ubuntu 20 which is what I use personally. It even does not have any Bluetooth driver issues like most other laptops have on Linux with choppy and distorted HD stereo audio playback. I installed ubuntu on the windows partition itself in dual mode to utilize the SSD. allocated 50 GB each to windows and ubuntu all the while keeping the recovery partition intact.


# battery locked inside (although this helps reduce the laptop size)

# placement of function key. (Although you can swap it with ctrl key via BIOS).

# Although the build is very good but still there is slight flex in the body due to the plastic body if you hold it with one hand and wave it or move it too quickly.

# outer body attracts fingerprints.

# fingerprint reader used does not work on Linux due to lack of driver as of writing this review. It may be available in the future though or in ubuntu 20.10 which I’ve not tried yet.


Positive Review 5

Build for power & performance. Excellent!!

ThinkPad has always been ahead of the competition when it comes to performance. This one is no different although I got this one primarily for entertainment ( I am already using T490 for work). It’s just breezing. No lags. The screen is pleasing at 15.6″ & Harman audio with Dolby is an added charm. With 3 days of usage, I am getting around 4 hours of backup time while playing movies & games. Build quality is sturdy. Will add another review after a few weeks of usage.



Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Doesn’t Justify the ThinkPad name

I bought the ThinkPad as they are quite popular for business purposes. However quite disappointed with the display quality. The display is really not that bright. So I will rate the display as quite poor. Second, the battery life is ok not great. And 3rd is that SSD is only 128 GB which is quite low. They should have given at least 256 GB. There is also no micro SD or SD card reader. Not quite happy with the purchase especially because of display quality, battery life, and Low SSD. It doesn’t justify the ThinkPad brand.

Negative Review 2

Great hardware spoiled by poor display panel!


— Decent build quality

— FPR works like a charm

— Keyboard is great

— Decent battery life

— Having PRO appeal to it


— Poor display with yellow tint & backlight bleeding issues. Can literally give you jaundice if you work many hours a day on this! You don’t even need to enable the “Night light”. It’s there out of the box! Even my 5-year-old HP is having a great life-like IPS panel where whites are just white. Whites are not white on this ThinkPad one but yellowish!

— A huge fingerprint magnet. Will look dirty just after 30 minutes once you get this out of the box.

Pro tip: if you are serious about display quality, never buy online. Shop from an offline store after auditioning the display quality yourself!

Negative Review 3

Non-SSD hard disk Noise.

Received a defective product, Non SSD hard disk was making a click sound when reading, looks like the issue was from day 1 I noticed after 20 days, then I reached Lenovo support and got confirmed from the support that the hard disk was to be replaced. Finally, I am getting the hard disk changed on a brand new laptop. Felt bad, but that’s how it is.


Negative Review 4

There is no card reader, no DVD drive, and promised MS office. The battery does not charge fully.

I use the product for my personal use– to view emails, use excel, and general purposes

Because these things are not there my utility like listening to music and reading card of photos etc. cannot be read or downloaded.

Negative Review 5

Poor product from Lenovo

Very poor product, its motherboard got damaged. Need to change the motherboard. Very poor brand… Never buy. Service is also very poor.


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