Top 10 Laptop Review of “Mi Notebook Pro QHD+ IPS Anti Glare Display Intel Core i5-11300H 11th Gen 14-inch” Best Useful User Reviews

Mi Notebook Pro QHD+ IPS Anti Glare Display Intel Core i5-11300H 11th Gen 14-inch(35.56 cms) Thin and Light Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Iris Xe Graphics/Win 10/Backlit KB/Fingerprint Sensor/1.4 Kg).

Mi Notebook Pro QHD+ IPS Anti Glare Display Intel Core i5-11300H 11th Gen 14

Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Best for the price

This is the best laptop one can buy in this price range

I will divide this review into pros and cons.

Cons: 1. It has a soldered ram so it would not be possible for the end-user to upgrade it if you need more ram then you have to go for the 16 GB version.

  1. Lack of an SD card reader.
  2. The sound quality of the speaker is not that great. ( It’s not very loud .)

Other than that I couldn’t find any other con in this device in the past 3 days of usage

Pros: 1: Amazing display. This display is way better than realme notebook display. For comparison 2.5k vs 2k also comes with 100%srgb so it’s colour accurate.

2:Most devices in this price range(including realme notebook) come with the Core i5 G7 series processor. But this one has the H series processor which was released in January. The H series processor has a better single-core and multi-core performance. Also the integrated iris xe graphics are great.

3: This device doesn’t lag in day-to-day usage and does a good job in heavy tasks such as video editing. In my case, while I was editing a video I didn’t notice any lag and the fan also did not kick on.

4: Xiaomi claims 12 hrs. of battery life but in real-life usage, for web browsing and online classes of about 2 hrs you will get 6 to 7 hrs. of battery backup and for heavy tasks you can expect 4 to 5 hrs. of battery backup.

  1. This laptop has the best-built quality in a laptop in this price range. It’s the same as a MacBook pro.

6:Pre installed Ms office 2019 is amazing.

7:Backlit keyboard, charging via thunderbolt and fingerprint scanner, wifi 6, and a huge trackpad is just amazing.

This laptop has everything a cse student needs. And I hope it lasts long. Also if you are planning to buy an extended warranty then buy this laptop from with the extended warranty since the cost of an extended warranty on their website and app is 3500 reps for 2 years. I bought it from Amazon so I had to buy the extended warranty separately for which they charged me 5500 reps for 2 years. Thank you.

Positive Review 2

Amazing package at this cost!!


Low sound from speakers, but I mostly use earphones so that’s not a problem for me.


After Apple, it has the best trackpad.

Its fingerprint sensor beats Apple as well.

720MP camera is far more decent than HP’s HD camera.

Love the chiclet keyboard and the backlit feature has been a big fulfilling need.

Battery backup is the best thing I feel in this.

I used multiple tabs for browsing and played online training videos for an average of 4 hours daily. Once when charged in the morning, I leave it on & connected to Wi-Fi throughout the day and it still shows 1 hour of more charge at the end of the day.

Positive Review 3

Best laptop for the money spent

Just got this laptop today, so based on just a few hours of usage.

Earlier using Lenovo Yoga 510 with touch and 360-degree rotation, but I haven’t used these features much.

Needed a sturdy laptop, with the latest specs, great display and for personal use, and as a backup, if my office laptop dies on suddenly, but my main purpose was entertainment, personal document work, photo editing as I am a photography enthusiast. The display was very important for me.

(Update 17/9/21: There are ways to calibrate the display, built in the laptop itself, to some extent and this is awesome. I was able to tweak the display fairly close to printing colors, all ok now)—–This department still I feel a bit short on my expectation, as it has 100% sRGB and 2k resolution. Sure it’s crisp and bright and way better than any mainstream laptop display, but colors are not accurate(100% sRGB means it can display all the colors in that space, but it doesn’t claim or deliver an accurate display). There is a lot of difference between pics edited on this computer and the prints I take on my sRGB space printer, even more so than my previous 5-year-old Lenovo with Full HD IPS display. I would test this out more and update it. So not a replacement of a proper color-accurate display. On the other hand, colors do not feel as punchy for watching movies, etc, but not a big deal for me. Display for any other task is good enough, very sharp and much brighter than other laptops in the market. I am not disappointed, but not impressed based on what my usage is.

Please bear in mind this is a special requirement, 99.99% of people would be amazed at the display quality, as this was amazing for day-to-day usage. Just not for critical work, and for the price I don’t think anything comes close. (see update above)

As far as other things go, performance, boot times, fingerprint, typing on a keyboard, look and feel are all great. Seems sturdy, so should be good for a long time. This laptop is also not for gamers, as I feel performance for very heavy games and other tasks is a little short, people need for video editing should spend some more on the i7 version or better assemble a desktop if mobility is not absolutely a necessity. Mine is i5 16GB which is good enough for me. Battery life is good for 8 hours of light work.

Overall, for the price, and considering the all-metal build and performance it offers, this is a great buy. Just see your use case, take some time to review your own requirements, and then consider. As a day-to-day laptop, I don’t see anyone would find any shortcomings with this laptop. It’s fine in all the departments.


Positive Review 4

Future proof and Ideal for 95% of users. Best bang for the buck.

This is an excellent laptop for 52k (after discounts). Write this review so you can set your expectations right.

Here is what you need to watch out for:

1) Subpar volume levels from the built-in speakers. It’s ok for video conferencing. But if you want to enjoy movies etc, be prepared to use headphones or external speakers.

2) Keyboard can be better. Feedback and feel from keypresses could have been better. (I am a MacBook and Thinkpad user. So my experience is relative to those keypads. If you have not previously used Macbook or Thinkpads, you may not even notice anything odd with Xiaomi’s keypad).

3) Trackpad can be better (Again my experience is relative to MacBook’s and Thinkpads). Sometimes it failed to register clicks/taps. Need to wait for the update to see if it’s a driver issue or hardware issue.

4) RAM cannot be upgraded. But storage can be upgraded. 8 GB RAM will be enough for most of the day-to-day work like web browsing with multiple windows, using Word, Excel etc, doing video conferencing or other regular activities simultaneously. Go for 16 GB RAM if you really intend to use fat applications like 4K video editing etc on daily basis. For Rs.3,000 more I would have certainly purchased the 16GB model had it been in stock. But I am OK with 8 GB for our intended use.

5) The SSD is partitioned into 140GB and 371GB (or so). REMEMBER TO CLUB THE TWO PARTITIONS. Otherwise, you will end up destroying the SSD in 2 or 3 years. SSD has the max write limitations. Rewriting into the 140 GB system partition over and over will very quickly destroy this partition and thereby render the SSD useless. Make sure to use the entire 512 GB as one single partition for the extended life of SSD.

6) No documentation from Xiaomi on this laptop. All other established manufacturers like HP/Dell/Lenovo etc have a plethora of documentation provided in their official websites. But with Xiaomi, there is little to no documentation with this product.

7) Charge this laptop only from outlets that are properly grounded. Also, don’t use third-party 2 prong chargers. There seem to be some deficiencies in this laptop in regards to power supply management. You may end up frying your laptop in the long run if you are not careful about how you charge this laptop. (It may be an issue with the charger. I will update after trying with Lenovo charger)


Here is what is best with this product:

1) Excellent display. Can work on it a full day without stressing your eyes. This is the most compelling reason for me to pick this laptop. We can stay focused when our eyes are not strained. The text is super smooth and crystal clear to read which is what distinguishes this laptop from others in the segment.

2) Two Type C Thunderbolt/USB 3.2 ports. Both can be used for charging with the supplied 65W charger. Also, it’s simple to connect to an external monitor or TV. There is a regular size HDMI port as well.

3) PD charging support. Can use any other modern-day Type C charging (which supports PD charging).

4) Fingerprint scanner worked flawlessly.

5) Clean and uncluttered look and feel. Lightweight and right form factor. Easy to travel with. The aluminum build quality is sturdy and is better than my expectations from  Rs.52,000 laptop. Very confident that this will last long without losing appeal.

6) NVMe SSD is a big plus. In addition, with the Thunderbolt port, using an external SSD would make it seamless and gives instant access.

7) Windows 10 and MS Office activation was straightforward and worked without a glitch.

Positive Review 5

Best value for money, great specs, solid build


  1. Display panel QHD IPS panel is phenomenal at this price point
  2. Form factor – Slim & sturdy along with a sleek look
  3. The responsive Fingerprint sensor on the power button
  4. 16 GB Ram + 512 GB combo at this price point
  5. Thunderbolt 4 port
  6. Intel i5 slightly better processor than offered by others
  7. No heating issue
  8. Works great for MS TEAMS & ZOOM
  9. Promised Upgrade to Windows 11
  10. Lifetime MS office 2019 student edition
  11. MIUI+ for smooth integration with MI phones
  12. Nice big & responsive trackpad
  13. Backlit keyboard
  14. Programmable macro key on the keyboard

Needs improvement on

  1. No Numpad due to size constraints
  2. The battery will last around 6 to 7hrs & not 11hrs
  3. The charger could have been of better quality, it’s a third-party 65W charging brick but it does the job. It’s C type socket.
  4. No SD card slot
  5. No AMD Ryzen variant is available yet.
  6. The speakers could have been better.
  7. Privacy shutter on camera would have been awesome.

But as I said in the heading it’s best value product for students & office work which is to sum it up *A jack of all trades*

Amazon delivery experience was very good


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Overall ok laptop and priced on a higher side

I won’t tell you all the good things which YouTube channels are promoting. The good part is overall laptop is good. I will rate a 3.5 star out of 5.

Now why 3.5 stars:

  1. The edges to open the lid with a single hand are super sharp one can get easily scratched.
  2. Super con – no grip. Seriously MI forgot to put grip below the laptop. It doesn’t stick to the table and slide like a seesaw.
  3. Speakers are poor
  4. No camera shutter for privacy and yes camera is of poor quality doesn’t even feel like 720p
  5. Thermal go high on and above keyboard area while charging
  6. Type C charge provided is of super cheap quality – utter cost-cutting. Definitely one needs to spend 2k just after a year or so because it’s not going to last long
  7. No idea about after-sale service
  8. 16:10 is just a gimmick – ran Sheehan on amazon prime the video filled 50% portion of the screen and the rest was black

After using it for a few days I feel this laptop 16GB+I5 is a bit highly-priced. It should be somewhere between 50-55k not more than that. Come on MI you are not a well-established brand in the laptop world like hp or dell, you should have at least provided aggressive pricing.

So to conclude it finally, if you can live with the above cons go ahead and buy it. It will serve your purpose for the next 4-5yrs.

Negative Review 2

Faulty keyboard – No Support

I bought this laptop on 31st AUG. Received before promised time from Amazon. I used the machine for a few days, everything looks good. Suddenly last week I found that one of the keys (bracket character next to P) is not working. I called Amazon, they said you should contact MI since 10 days period is over (WOW…). I called MI Support they asked me to raise Token. I raised a ticket and after that, I am just following up from 5-6 days. They keep saying, the part is not available. I requested them to replace it since it is just 15 days, but no response. Still, I am waiting for their response. MI should think to upgrade their service they made good machine but it is useless if you can’t support even for manufacturing defects. AMAZON, I have been using your platform for the last 5-6 years. I use to buy almost everything that I need from Amazon but this time I am upset, Why do you tie up with companies that don’t have a proper Support System for such high-value items. You should re-think 10 days replacement policy for High-Value Items on your platform otherwise you will lose the trust of your customers.


Negative Review 3

Durable? Doubtful! The display had a defect

Am not going to write about the pros and cons. It’s my experience with this order.

When I received this laptop, the package was good. Everything was sealed.

When I opened the laptop and powered it on. It was heartbreaking to see Vertical lines on the display, I thought it was a resolution problem in the welcome screen and continued to the desktop screen. The lines remained. With a like touch on the lower bezel, the lines intensified.

Though the packing was good, I believe it must have got damaged in the transit.

Luckily I was able to raise a return request since I found the issue within 5 min of delivery.

The purpose of the compact lightweight laptop is portability, it makes me think if I made a wrong choice, what if the screen gets damaged while traveling after a couple of weeks. Then am out of the return window.

In my opinion, is better to wait for a couple of months to get feedback from users before buying.

I appreciate Amazon’s quick delivery and replacement/return option.

But not everyone is lucky!

Negative Review 4

Caution – DO NOT BUY

Bought the i7 16 GB variant which was delivered today itself. The device hangs randomly. And now has completely conked off and is refusing to start. Despite the faulty product being delivered today itself, no help for replacement from Amazon. God save those who go in for this.


Negative Review 5

For those who want to buy this product.

At first, everything was good.

Laptop was good

Built – premium 5/5

Screen – Premium 5/5

But the issues starts afterward

On the second day after my purchase, I start seeing

That screen of my laptop goes dark or completely blank for 2-3 seconds more like it blinks for 2-3 seconds and I thought it was a system glitch so I ignored it. I barely used my laptop for 2 hours through the whole day.

But on the third day 11 December, I was watching a movie and again it start happening but this time it start happening frequently like after every 10 min.

And the duration of the black flashing or blinking sums up to 5-6 sec.

I checked everything. Drivers were up-to-date, everything was up to date. It was not a software issue. Maybe some wire or cable which is connected to the screen is damaged and is getting worse if I continue to use it because the screen blacking out time and how often it goes black is increasing.

I am devastated right now.

So I make a replacement call. Mr. Rahman was on the other end of the call and he get me a replacement unit but the catch was I have to wait for almost a month to get it replaced because they are now out of stock he said.

Laptop is good

That built that feels everything but the screen going black is not normal.

I am wondering how many people are affected by the same issue just like me.🤧🤷🏻‍♂️


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