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Mi Notebook Ultra 3K Resolution Display Intel Core i5-11300H 11th Gen 15.6-inch(39.62 cms) Thin and Light Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Iris Xe Graphics/Win 10/MS Office/Backlit KB/Fingerprint Sensor/1.7Kg).

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Great Laptop for productivity

Excellent laptop for productivity purposes and watching movies (with external speakers 🔊).

The display is awesome and the Laptop feels very premium. Fingerprint unlock is very fast and Accurate. Superb build quality. The trackpad is also good,

Didn’t check the games yet will update the review after one month of use.

Programming purpose this is the best Laptop with a good display.

Booting is very fast and it will open the screen in 5sec with fingerprint access.

Cons which I feel

  1. Even though it is a 15-inch lap it doesn’t have number keys on the right side of the keyboard.
  2. The volume of the speakers is very less for spending 77k.
  3. The camera quality is not good.
  4. Seems Xiaomi compromised on Charger, quality is ok don’t know about the durability, and also on the charger, it shows another brand name.

Positive Review 2

This laptop at this price blows the competition.

No slim book with 16 GB ram, 3.2k display, and an aluminum chassis at this price. Would have loved the ryzen variants that were launched in China to be launched here but either way, it’s still a steal for a deal like this. The only issue is if they provided another fan, instead of a single fan system would have been good because I live in a very hot area. The temps go high as 98° for 1-2 seconds during a very high load and then go down at 75° immediately after the fan kicks in. The noise of the fan is not noticeable even at high speed. Overall a bank for the buck. Now the only thing left is after-sale service and how long this lasts before its first breakdown.

Low sound in speakers can be fixed by selecting gaming mode in its app coming pre-installed with the laptop.


Positive Review 3

Exceptional overall laptop with mediocre speakers!! Go for it!!

I just received this laptop earlier today. Got it on the first flash sale. I bought the highest specifications available at 16GB RAM, I7 Processor. So far I have some observations to share. I am categorizing them below for your reference.


  1. Exceptional build quality. This one unlike its predecessor feels very premium. Of course, it has a very heavy influence on MacBook design. But I won’t complain. I love the build of this machine
  2. Beautiful display. No other laptops give you this high-resolution matt finish display. The 3K display at this price point is just nuts. Not only does it make consuming multimedia an enjoyable experience, but being productive using Microsoft apps and other apps is very good too thanks to the 3:2 aspect ratio. WFH is a breeze if you work on a lot of spreadsheets as this aspect ratio helps in showing more rows and columns on the display and the high resolution helps in clarity on what you see on screen. An absolute win here for the laptop. Also, scrolling on this screen is super smooth thanks to the 90 Hz refresh rate
  3. Great Keys and trackpad area: The butterfly keys are so good to type on and the large precision trackpad is a joy
  4. 16GB RAM, 512GB NVME SSD & i7 Processor: Apps launch quick thanks to fast NVME SSD. You can have multiple chrome tabs and other apps open thanks to 16GB RAM. Remember, this device is not meant for hardcore gamers. This laptop is meant for users who use the device for a lot of office work that needs high processing power. Example: If you work on a lot of spreadsheets, code, a lot of chrome tabs, work on databases, etc. This is what the laptop is for. Tasks that require high processing power are what you get. Of course, you can game on it, but light ones at best. Also, not everyone is a YouTuber or a graphics designer. YouTubers only focus on video editing apps, photoshop, etc. But productivity means a hell of a lot more than this laptop does without dropping a sweat 🙂
  5. Great port selection: You get a couple of USB C ports and a thunderbolt port for connecting external devices
  6. Fast fingerprint reader with windows hello feature!


  1. Very poor speakers: Those 2 2W speakers are very mediocre. It is good for video calls and office calls and maybe watching a video or 2. But not more than that. The speakers lack bass and treble and the volume output is very tiny. Recommended to use any earphones or headphones to consume media (3.5 mm jack has good audio output)
  2. Keyboard layout: This might be a personal preference, but I find the Home, End, Pg Up & Dn keys on the right corner of the keyboard to be confusing. I have already hit the Pg UP key multiple times instead of the Enter key and the same is the case with the Home button instead of the Delete key
  3. The trackpad clicks: Although the gestures work great and the smooth navigation of the trackpad is good, the clicks kind of feels weird. It sounds pathetic  and those click sounds can be annoying to some

Overall recommend this laptop for anyone who wants a great home laptop with no compromise of WFH setup as well as consumes a lot of media. Kudos to Xiaomi for bringing such a great device to India.


Positive Review 4

Game changer laptop – outstanding value for money


Great price to the value proposition. Similar spec laptops cost twice as much as established brands.

Beautiful 15.6 inch anti-glare 16:10 aspect ratio matte screen. 16:10 ratio helps to see more lines in excel/word documents compared to the 16:9 aspect ratio. But 16:9 seems more suited for viewing videos since no horizontal black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

Elegant looks in a full metallic body. The Grey colour variant looks stunning. Like an affordable windows MacBook. Solidly built with no flex in the laptop body.

Thunderbolt 4 port for versatile connectivity. Connect 2 4k monitors simultaneously from the same thunderbolt port. Thunderbolt is exclusive to 11th gen Intel core i5/i7 and is not available yet in AMD ryzen 7 series processors.

Charge through either thunderbolt port or type c port

The macro key can be used to quick launch an app like chrome by dragging and dropping the app into the macro key input area.

Battery charge indicator with 3 colors. Red for a charge less than 20, orange from 20 to 90, and green for charge more than 90 percent.

90 Hz display with 3k resolution. The scrolling is very smooth. fn+s key to switch between 60hz and 90hz refresh rate

Core i7 11th gen processor – breeze through normal workloads. Haven’t heard the cooling fans kicking in yet.

512 GB nvme SSD for the speedy launch of programming ide like pycharm.

16 GB ram – most of the time 8 GB free

Intel iris graphics – haven’t tried any games yet but 4k YouTube videos are smooth.

Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 for reliable connectivity.

65w USB type c charger – full charge in 90 mins.

Can use a 65w mobile phone charger to charge this laptop.

Fingerprint sensor and power button combined.

Good loudspeakers after enabling games mode on inbuilt dts app and turning on Equalizer.

Lifetime validity Office 2019 included – get ready to work on excel Powerpoint etc without spending additional for Microsoft office software. Activation is also easy by giving personal email while launching the office app the first time.

Soft relatively silent keys with good travel and 2 levels of backlight for working at night. Comfortable to type for long.

Usable 720p camera for zoom/teams call. Disable digital video stabilization setting from the camera app else there will be a delay in the video.

Close to 10-hour battery backup after a full charge. Battery drain is also reasonable under normal workloads. The battery standby is good.

Large trackpad which is good and supports gestures like a gentle single tap for left click, gentle tap with 2 fingers together for the double click which removes the need for press/click of the trackpad. Configure touchpad options for better results.

Good palm rejection and comfortable edges while typing on a keyboard.

The hinge closes in a smooth pleasant manner with enough cushioning

Hassle-free exchange by Amazon for 7-year-old base model MacBook air.

No cost EMI for 3 months

What could have been improved to make this laptop even better:

Mi 67w sonic charger which has a slim profile should have been provided instead of the rather uninspiring default legacy kind of looking LITEON company charger.

The small size of the shift key on right takes time to get used to. Could have been a normal size shift key.

No dedicated sd card slot to quickly transfer photos from SLR to the laptop. Have to rely on USB cables.

No dedicated number keys even though the laptop is a 15.6 inch one. Would have been better to have dedicated number keys while working on excel.

Voice capture using an inbuilt microphone is not the loudest. Use wired or wireless headphones for voice capture.

A bit on the heavier side while picking up. May be due to the grade 6 sandblasted aluminum used.

The backlight doesn’t stay on. Goes off after some time of inactivity and has to be enabled. But it seems there is an option in bios to keep it on the whole time once selected.

Default sound output from speakers is not loud enough. Only once games mode is selected and equalizer is enabled from the inbuilt dts app does the sound output cross 80 decibels.


Positive Review 5


Okay got the ultra today and the display is not as amazing as advertised IMHO. It is extremely sharp (thanks to the 2000p display!) but not at all color accurate. So over-saturated that it gives mi and realme phone camera vibes lol. Another example after the iPhone 11 that proves higher resolution!= better display.

I have an old HP pavilion 14 x360 (14inch 1080p), LG 22MK600M monitor (22 inch IPS LCD 1080p), Lenovo L24i-30 monitor (24 inch IPS LCD 1080p) to compare with and have to say color reproduction is not at all natural on the Mi laptop. And yeah it is the worst of the 4 with Lenovo at 3rd HP 2nd and LG the best. I tested with the famous costa Rica 4k video and the greens and yellows on the snake at 0: 07 are so so poor that it almost feels like one bright green. Even looking at the long shots of the trees you can tell the display is so over-saturated. Especially looking side by side with others, the differences could easily be spotted (tbh there’s no need to look side by side either. you can tell easily unless you’re coming from a TN panel).

However, everything else about the laptop is great (would’ve loved ryzen but it’s okay considering Intel iris xe). 16GB ram with i5 is a combination most tasks find useful but rarely available. Quality of life features like Battery life, thunderbolt, type-c charging, FP scanner, large trackpad, and better than the average keyboard (I’m used to mechanical so can’t appreciate much). The restart takes like 15sec max. Wake up from sleep is instant. Excellent build (although my HP x360 is good too, so it’s not as aweing to me). The hinge is so satisfying. It’s all top-notch. The only display didn’t reach the expectation.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

The laptop is dead in 10 days, problems from the beginning

Bought the Mi Ultra laptop during the first sale on 31st Aug. extremely disappointed with the laptop as well as Mi Support.

12/09: Laptop doesn’t turn on anymore. It has been 10 days, so cannot even return it. On the 6th day, the laptop went into a continuous restart loop which I fixed with hard shut down 3 times after watching some YouTube videos. And then it was working okay for 2 days. Now it doesn’t even start. The charge light also doesn’t come on. Nothing happens on pressing the power button. Nothing happens when you connect the charger. It’s dead. Need to take it to the service center just 10 days into the purchase! Don’t buy this, all the great specs are useless if it doesn’t start!

Update 13/09: I gave it for service and they are saying the battery and motherboard are defective and they need to replace them! I’m shocked. It’s a brand new laptop and in 10 days the battery and motherboard are gone? How can that happen? I’ve hardly ever used it! And they also say that since it’s a new laptop the parts are taking time to come to the service center! Better to buy a reliable HP, Dell, Lenovo laptop even if it’s a bit more expensive!

Update 20/09: It has been with the Mi service center for 8 days now. Every time I call them they say it will get fixed in 2 days. On probing further they said there is a hardware problem. The battery and motherboard need to be replaced! Wow, I can’t understand how the battery and motherboard can have problems in just 10 days of purchase? It’s clearly a manufacturing defect from Xiaomi. They say they have ordered the parts but they haven’t received it since it’s a new model! Unbelievable!

Just lost lot of money and peace with this laptop! Don’t trust Xiaomi from now.

23/09: They called me from the service center and asked me to collect a replacement laptop. I got a brand new laptop unopened and I opened it and checked in the service center itself. It seems that they couldn’t fix the old laptop and had to send it back, so I got lucky. Else, I would have got a repaired one.

Anyway, I’m happy I got a new replacement laptop and currently, it’s working well.

Negative Review 2

The laptop is good but I find it buggy and my experience is kind of minded with it.

When I was setting it up and installing windows updates it crashed two times and rebooted, after the windows Hello sign in the feature was disabled automatically, the fingerprint was working fine for the first five days and then it showed an error Message as this feature is unavailable.

Raised a replacement request with Amazon and thank the supportive staff they barely took 15 min to create a replacement order thanks Amazon.

I bought mi notebook ultra i7 variant.

Apart from this software bug laptop is really awesome. It has this flagship display. Build quality is awesome too. Battery life was decent for my working (around 7-8 hours) overall for 68k it was a steal deal for me.


Negative Review 3

Do NOT BUY – after using a month

Please don’t buy this product


Nice screen


Mac book feel

16GB i7 is superfast


Build feels poor in the bottom.

The grill vent in the bottom is very poor and can bend even with mild press.

The speakers sound is low

Speakers get blocked on soft surfaces and you don’t hear anything.

Battery performance is 30 percent less than what they claim on the website.

After one month.

The laptop is NOMORE running on the battery.

It gets turned off when I remove the charger. I should take to its service center now and feel ashamed for buying such a poor product.

Please buy a better one.

Negative Review 4

Value for money but with lots of compromises


  1. Good metallic body.
  2. Superb screen.
  3. One hand screen open.
  4. Lightweight
  5. Slim design
  6. Fingerprint works superbly.
  7. Internal hardware specifications are all good.


  1. The touchpad is the worst. Lose fitting sounds on every single tap (I think this issue is with only my unit). Windows gesture works fine but struggling on using touchpad due to surface is not smooth enough to glide finger easily. Right, and left clicks work fine.
  2. The keyboard looks good but is compromised with build quality (sturdiness missing).
  3. While purchasing through amazon,u r not able to purchase an extended warranty at ₹3700 (for extra 2 years which is available on the mi store app. One assist Third-party warranty provider charges double for Amazon purchasers.


Negative Review 5

Durability Issues

The laptop started getting issues in less than 2 months. The delete key is kind of stuck and is not coming outside. Had to take it to the service center and is taken for 1 week. He says there is some issue with delete and backspace keys, probably the mechanism is reversed. When I asked for a replacement he said, cannot be done as it is more than 10 days after purchase. So be careful with your money and go somewhere else, because you don’t want to buy a laptop for 76+ and start going to the service center from the second month onwards.


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