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ASUS VivoBook 14 (2021), Intel Core i3-1115G4 11th Gen, 14 Inches FHD Business Laptop (8GB RAM/256GB SSD/Office 2019/Windows 10 Home/Integrated UHD Graphics/Silver/1.6 kg), X415EA-EK342TS.


ASUS VivoBook 14 (2021), Intel Core i3-1115G4 11th Gen

Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Nice Product

First of all, the product images on amazon are not totally accurate. The images show a black keyboard with white letters and no fingerprint reader within the trackpad. The actual product has silver-colored keys with grey letters and there is a fingerprint reader. Refer to ASUS’s official website for correct pics.

Things I liked:

– Lightweight

– Bootup and shutdown speeds are good.

– Fast fingerprint reader.

– Good loudspeakers.

– Premium look.

Things that could have been better.

– Display (Viewing angles are not that great. And I observed a blue tint. Not sure if this is good for long sessions. I will have to find out.

– Keyboard (You can’t see the letters on the keys from certain angles or lighting conditions. You will have to lean forward to see the letters. A black keyboard with white letters would have been better)

– Camera (Not at all good or I can say useless. I will give 1 out of 5 ratings for Camera)

– Left and Right-click buttons make a cheap clicky sound.

Overall I am happy with the product. Giving 4 stars instead of 5, only for the bad camera.


Positive Review 2

Good as Budget Laptop

This one is a good budget laptop. Listing out the Pros and Cons after 4 Days of usage.


  • Compact Design with Stylish Look.
  • Fast Boot Time (10 Sec) with efficient RAM.
  • Future proof with expandable RAM and Storage Options.
  • Pre-Installed Windows 10, upgradable to 11.
  • Pre-Installed MS Office 2019 for Students.
  • 256 GB ‘SSD’ has considerably fast read and write speed as claimed.
  • Decent Battery Juice works up to 4-5 hours on regular usage.


  • The front Camera is pathetic, definitely can’t be used for any type of video calls.
  • The screen is not very color accurate, you have to position it properly for a good viewing experience.
  • Speakers are mediocre, the sound is not up to the notch as per its price.
  • Keyboard clicks sound very cheap and it’s not even backlit, so it’s hard to work in dark.
  • 256 GB Storage is not enough in today’s world, you might have to spend extra to get an internal 1 Tb storage or to get an external HDD if you are keeping large files.
  • Doesn’t feel as light as claimed.

Positive Review 3

Fast boot, good quality and perfect for the basic purpose

I bought this for my daughter’s online classes. Good speed and windows 11 were bundled on the air update. Looks classy. 256 GB SSD is fast but less in space and windows, 11 will almost take a large amount of space. It has an additional slot, So going for an increase of HDD. No backlight for the keyboard is an issue. Also camera quality is average as it’s a VGA camera. Overall highly satisfied with the product.

Positive Review 4

The laptop is good but.

The unmute button on the Instagram site doesn’t work …. There is no sound on Instagram videos when I log into my Instagram account on chrome…I have already updated my drivers … what should I do? Should I get a replacement? The speakers are working fine though…


Positive Review 5




 Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Not to happy

Performance is quite good, but this laptop has battery and shock issues, using the laptop while charging can give you shock through USB ports which is quite dangerous. And also battery life is not good, I am using the same HP laptop for 10 years and it lasts longer than this Asus Vivo book. I am attending a lecture and the battery drops 71 % to 29 % in just 1 hour even in power saving mode🙄🙄.


Negative Review 2

Worst laptop!! Don’t buy

Don’t buy this laptop. It has no sound or brightness at all. Have to use external speakers for the sound. The microphone also gets stuck frequently. Not worth the price. I have been following up for a return but no response from Asus


Negative Review 3

Don’t buy this product

Don’t buy this product if you want to get satisfied

You will get disappointed after some days

It will hang up on the first day while normal updating

The only screen is more than okay condition. Else part is disappointing


Negative Review 4

The sound quality is very low not good keyboard backlight not in there I don’t like it 🤮

Please don’t buy if you student then you will go for it


Negative Review 5

Amazon provided products are always faulty.

I dislike the product, I brought a laptop which is coming up with a faulty speaker. If you’ll close to the laptop you can hear just a low sound.


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