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HP 15 (2021) Thin & Light 11th Gen Intel Core i3 Laptop, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, M.2 Slot, 15.6 inches FHD Screen, Windows 10 Home, MS Office, (15s-dy3001TU), 1.75kg.


Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Nice product and good value for money

Good product. Have decent speed for daily use. The keypad buttons are big enough and feel good. The storage space is more than sufficient. The genuine Windows 10 and MS Office packages come with it. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. However, on the flip side, the keyboard is made of plastic which could have been not come with a licensed anti-virus device. The ram speed could have been better and the I3 processor could have been upgraded. Overall it’d decent product for its purchase cost.


Positive Review 2

Value for money.

At this price range, this laptop is very good as you are getting 11th gen processor, good display, good speakers, expandable RAM, NVME SSD slot.

If you want to buy this laptop for App development or heavy programming then I would suggest you buy SATA SSD(replace the HHD with SATA SSD) or there is another slot for NVME SSD you can add another here. Also, in two slots of RAM you get 4GB in each, buy two 8GB RAM, and replace 4GB rams with 8GB(Upgradable up to 16GB).

If you add SSD and upgrade RAM then this laptop is a beast, trust me. I got this laptop @28k after exchanging my old laptop.

If you don’t do coding or heavy tasking then I would still say at least add SSD because boot time and performance is average which may annoy you so it’s better to add SSD.

Also, this laptop is not very heavy gaming like PUBG PC, Apex Legends, etc. You may play light games like pubg mobile, cod mobile.


  1. The Quality of the Laptop body is not that good.
  2. The battery backup is not good.



Positive Review 3

Good Product for home/Office non- gaming general use

Writing this review after using the product for 2 weeks. The laptop was delivered the same day it was ordered and the exchange formalities too went off smoothly.

Laptop performance:

Speed: It is good for all Microsoft office functions which are the basic ones. It came loaded with Windows10 and was updated automatically to Windows 11. Having 8 GB RAM helps in multitasking with multiple desktops and tabs.

The display is impressive and works best if the Chrome is preset to 90% zoom.

Sound and camera works well for Skype and Hangouts

Cons: Skype doesn’t work with Windows 11 and has to be downloaded separately.

No keyboard indication of Num lock is required often.

Overall a good buy.

Positive Review 4

Good laptop at this price range

Although it is too early to provide feedback with only two days of use however I am providing this feedback because the experience is too good till now. Few additional features can add a more user-friendly experience like it doesn’t contain keyboard background light. Also, the first time you open the laptop, it started taking updates from Microsoft. To connect with a good LAN or Wi-Fi and be patient to install the update.


Positive Review 5


The laptop is great on the performance side it can do daily tasks like browser, online classes, any Microsoft office work, and very light gaming(it takes a lot of time to load a game due to hard drive).

Battery life when the power saver is off is 3 hours more or less with 50% of brightness.

The power saver is on its around 6 hours on 50% of brightness.

I only do browser work so it’s not consuming more power.

It can play 8k videos on YouTube easily with no problem.

I bought it for rupees 40K which is a good deal for me.

If you want good battery life don’t buy it. Go for Acer laptop which has 48whr, most HP laptop has 41whr.

Other than battery life it’s great. There is no warranty problem I have gotten warranty 1-year warranty by hp.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

HP i3

The package I have received was well protected and no damage occurred. After I uncovered the package and started the laptop, it was so slow compared to my old Vaio (sony i7). I was disappointed when it started to process slowly. But after signing and using it, there was no problem and it was running smoothly till now. (No backlighting, no bag, no headphones, and mouse) only a laptop, a charger, and a manual paper.


Negative Review 2

Product quality is bad. Don’t buy this product.

Within 3 weeks got a blue screen error. Then contacted HP support & found that it is a hard disc problem. After they replace the hard disc we need to set up OS. The issue starts from here. They will send the link for OS download but it requires another laptop for OS download and a 32 GB pen drive for booting the new laptop. Since I don’t have a separate laptop to perform the above requirements. I requested HP service centers support but their answer is they don’t support for online purchases laptop. After a long struggle finally, we took the 3rd partly service center to recover this issue but the laptop speed is very slow. The laptop build quality is very cheap and has a poor design for reliability.

So the conclusion is don’t buy an online laptop. Go and buy in showrooms even 3-4k cost is higher you will get good service.

Negative Review 3


Hi I had purchased this laptop in June within 1 month the laptop is not working when I raised it to hp India they are some parts are damaged and they will replace however in 25 days still no resolution from them.

Also, I am not sure about the quality of the product offered by Amazon and the seller may be possible the seller sell duplicate product and amazon sells on their website for a big commission.

To all the genuine buyers I recommend never buying a laptop from amazon or seller they are not trustworthy.

You might save some money on discounts/offers but will have no guarantee about product quality.

Also will recommend either going for dell for some other laptop that has better after-sales service

HP India has pathetic service

Never buy any laptop from amazon will receive duplicate product from the seller

Thumbs down amazon seller and hp India

Negative Review 4

Do not buy laptops online as returning the defective product works like a nightmare.

The product was defective and it took a couple of months to just initiate a return. Calling customer support for help took a while. The technicians didn’t turn up at all. The person who came to take the returned item didn’t have the patience to turn on the laptop and check the serial number and did not pick up the item. The second time after initiating the return I just received a message that said couldn’t pick up the item from the customer. I’m always home, no calls from Amazon but just received a message that the item could not be picked up. I had a lesson that valuable items should not be ordered online.


Negative Review 5

Slow, Bad Microphone, No MS Office

I just got this yesterday and it took close to 4 hours to get it set up. Even after spending that much time, here are some issues still bothering me.

  1. No proper instructions or warranty information is present.
  2. MS Office was not present. Had to contact HP support to install it. But it still doesn’t work. It asks for the activation key.
  3. Microphone quality is very poor. The person on the other side cannot hear me properly.
  4. When I connect the headphones, they are not detected.
  5. The system is very-very slow (probably because of all the software getting updated). But even after 12 hours, it is slow so can’t exactly blame the software update.
  6. The plastic and overall quality look cheap.
  7. No number lock indicator.
  8. The fan is too noisy and CPU/Memory/Disk one of it is always close to 100%.

So I am thinking of returning this if the issues are not resolved in a day or two.


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