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HP 15 (2021) Thin & Light Ryzen 3-3250 Laptop, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 39.62 cms (15.6″) FHD Screen, Windows 10, MS Office (15s-gr0011AU)


HP 15 (2021) Thin & Light Ryzen 3-3250 Laptop

Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Value for Money with limitations

I bought this laptop for my Son’s online school. Earlier I had Lenovo IdeaPad (11 yrs old), so thought to replace it. For General study & surfing, it’s perfect. But a few corns, which I have mentioned below:

1) Boot up is slow, compared to my old laptop (obviously, since no SSD)

2) No on-switch led light, which Lenovo is providing in the same models & cost

3) Limited USB port. Only 2. Lenovo is providing more USB ports for the same models & cost

4) The Keyboard text is not visible at a certain angle. <45%. Since the color of the text on the Key are very light. Lenovo has a better Keyboard, which is visible from all angles.

To get a faster boot-up, go with the model which has SSD or SSD+HDD. Which is 5K-6K expensive. Or you can install a separate SSD of 256GB (the cost of SSD is hardly 2k-4k).

For no LED light on the on-switch, there is no solution. Need to look at the LED indicator on the left slide next Type C port.

For a limited USB port, buy an extra multiple USB connect which is hardly 500 Rs.

But, the biggest problem is the Keyboard Text visibility, not sure how to make it visible from all angles. If anyone has an idea or suggestion please let me know.


Positive Review 2

Perfect For Office, Students, Gaming, Editing, and For YouTubers

I installed GTA 5 on it and it runs on 45-50 FPS and 1080p gameplay best for this budget just go for it

For office work♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️And especially for gaming five-star rating from my side just go for it it’s an amazing laptop in this budget and like you have already seen that I run GTA5 on it and I have edited videos on 4K and it is like very good so just go for it.

Positive Review 3

Excellent – Value for money


Speed is very good.

Multi-tasking is very much flexible.

Bought with MS project Lifetime validity.

The installation is also very much easy with voice guidance step by step.


The body looks very thin.

Bought for around 37000 with Amazon discount. Delivery as usual lightning-fast by Amazon.

Positive Review 4

Decent laptop, good customer support during the setup.

I purchased GR0011AU (1TB HDD no SSD, Ryzen 3 3250). Economical Laptop with decent performance. Battery backup around 5.5 to 6 hrs. on streaming video via Wi-Fi and general browsing. I avoided purchasing an extended warranty online. Instead, buy from the HP helpline (number attached in photo). Registration and setup of MS Office Home and Student 2019 are tricky as the laptop has Office 365 installed as default. This (365) has to be uninstalled and the Office H&S 2019 image (3.5GB) has to be downloaded and set up. I am doing it all through the HP helpline and they are helpful. Overall decent/good laptop for my basic requirements and very good customer support, at least during setup.


Positive Review 5

Go ahead. it’s completely Awesome. 👍👍✌️

100% value for money. Don’t hear any other negative information via comments. A few Brainless people think this is a bad laptop. But it’s a completely excellent performing laptop forever. Ryzn3 is greater than the current running i3. Sound quality is another killer. The surrounding system makes you more & more satisfied if you purchase this killer machine.

GTA 5 supported. I didn’t feel any lag or freeze.

Recommended for everyone who loves editing coding, design, heavy tasks & gaming.

Great product.

Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Pathetic product quality

The product is of low quality. Within 3 days use the monitor gone blank. Also when use with the internet it makes a lot of noise.

Booting is pathetic and takes a minimum of 4 to 5 minutes.

After paying so much amount and getting such quality is really bad.

Would never recommend any of my friends or relatives to buy this anymore.

Now waiting for HP to provide a resolution.

It is 4th day but to date no update from HP.

Amazon please do not sell such low-quality products at your site. People will ignore Amazon in the future.

Not sure if I get some callback or any replacement.


Negative Review 2

Highly disappointed with the performance

Often the screen turns to a black screen and the only cursor will move unable to see any application in the background. After sometime, the machine has been restarted, by the time all the unsaved efforts are lost. This issue has been recurred and reached Amazon to support. The technician visited and found the issue and he told me there may be some software issue, and you can request a replacement. The replacement machine is also having the same issue and additionally one of the USB ports nor working. Since I am using HP for a long time, I got disappointed with this product greatly. Not recommended to buy this product.


Negative Review 3

Please don’t buy

Please don’t buy this laptop. The screen keeps freezing. I bought this laptop for my daughter’s online classes but every 15-20mins whether using zoom or Microsoft teams it keeps freezing. The processor is too slow. Was coming back to the HP brand after a gap of 10 years but this has reminded me why I stayed away all these years. Please do not waste your hard-earned money on this.

Negative Review 4

Not good

This is a review after more than 6 months of usage had an ASUS laptop. But since I had many problems while operating it I ordered this one. At first, it was good. But now it keeps switching off at times. At first, had 9 hrs battery now only 3-4 hrs. Not happy with the purchase.

Negative Review 5

Total loss of money and energy

Never ever go for this product. There’s no zero star, otherwise, I would have rated that. I purchased this laptop only for my daughter’s online classes. Microsoft team is the only app that’s used. The system started hanging from day-1. The only option when it hangs is to force restart. Not returnable. Raised a support ticket with HP. Spent 3 hours troubleshooting with them online. Problem not resolved. Finally, they said software problem, you need to buy a recovery media with 2k. I played for it and waited for shipment. After it comes I have to spend 2 hours doing debugging and fixing along with support. It’s not even a month and I’m already at the loss for one month of the school schedule, my working hours, and 2K money so far. I can only imagine what is in store for the future. Absolute wrong decision to choose this laptop based on rating, total money waste, wonderful sales tactics from HP. Would never ever recommend this to any user.


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