Top 10 Useful Review for “boAt Airdopes 121v2 True Wireless Earbuds.” Best User Review after 6 months of use.

boAt Airdopes 121v2 True Wireless Earbuds.

boAt Airdopes 121v2 True Wireless Earbuds with Upto 14 Hours Playback, 8MM Drivers, Battery Indicators, Lightweight Earbuds & Multifunction Controls (Active Black)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Best in this price segment go for it… boat

Good at this price segment.

Bass is decent

Sound quality ok

Calling. Best in this segment, it cancels background noise and delivers a smooth call

Battery life. best with battery display asap charge is also good for complete charge it takes 1-2 hours

Charging case good looking nice material

Beast mode. When we switch to beast mode, we can see some change in latency which is best in this segment and coming to the main point end technology which is the best in this segment don’t believe these reviews either they got defective items or broken ones. The best minimal features you can use one bud or two buds at a time you can use only one bud if you want to and charge the other one in case or you can manually turn of the other bud.

Touch controls are okay not too good but they can resolve this issue

Thank you if you are on a tight budget looking for a good one trust me go for this this gonna go upto your mark. Peace

Positive Review 2

Best for simple users

I bought this earpods and it took 3 days to came to my home… packaging was good. I tried ever way this product and its very decent product. Its fulfill every needs. It got 40 hours power…good sound and bass… Hence if your going to 1000 to 1500 inr range go for it without any hesitation

Positive Review 3

Durable and decent enough

Though I see many negative reviews around here, my product is fairly good. Like, I purchased it before going to hostel, initially they used to fell easily, it fell from even 2 floors, broke into 2 halves, but it was fixed at the same time just by pressing. The charging box also fell a decent number of times, there was time it got loose but it got fixed up without doing anything.

Build Quality is good enough 5/5 (for a person like me who’s not good at handling phone and earbuds)

Mic is just useless (1/5)

Sound Quality is decent, good enough (3.5/5)

Battery backup lasts for 2-7days atleast. (4.5/5)

Bluetooth range is fairly comparable to my headphones. (4/5)

Charging indicator is sometimes not accurate (4/5)

An earbud can’t be better than a headphone. You can still use it for gaming. It has fairly low/decent latency.

Value for Money (5/5)

Positive Review 4

Decent quality of AirPods

As per the price it has decent quality. After all it is a Boat. Sound clarity is good, medium bass, feature full. Good for normal listening like YouTube, podcast and voice calls. Heavy bass lovers need to avoid this. To feel the deep bass you need to twist your ears a bit with your hands. Else medium bass. Battery backup is okay.


Positive Review 5

Just go for it

The best airdopes in the market the sound quality and bass is just super and you want to buy in budget just buy it now. In the occasion of the independence sale I got it for just 1299 but the actual price is 2990. But this product is made in China so please think before buy. But boat products sound quality is simply super. So overall excellent airdopes in the best price.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Good sound quality but not 40 hours of backup!

Sound quality is good, enough loud at 50-60% volume. Bass is also ok. Mic quality is also good in indoor condition. Receiver can clearly listen to you. I didn’t use it in noisy environment or in outdoors. Company claims there is low latency while gaming, I don’t know exactly if it works or not. Sound & call quality wise it’s good one.

But the problem is with battery backup. Company claim it will give battery backup of 40 hours with case. 8 hours in single charge + Additional 32 hours(4 times charge via case) This is misleading. It only gives total 25 hours playback. I’ve tested it myself.

It will give around 7 hours backup on single charge of buds @ 50-60% volume(if you only listen to music or watching video, but no call or gaming) You can charge the earbuds full only 2.5 times via case: so additional 18 hours. If you try to charge after 2nd time it will only charge the buds around 60%,then it goes off. (After 1st charge the case has 48% battery left,2nd time it is down to 12%,then 3 rd time it goes to 0%)

So total playback time : 7hours+18 additional hours= So around 25 hours if you only music or watch video @50-60% volume.

They mentioned earbuds have 40 mah battery each,380 mah battery in case. It is mentioned in product manual, but in boat website it is written 400 mah instead of 380.

Technically 40 hours backup is also not possible.

It has 380 mah battery in case, it acts like a 380mah power bank. So let assume it’s efficiency is 60%. So it will give output of 228 mah.(It is less than mentioned capacity due to energy loss while energy transfer) Now each earbud has 40 mah,so total 80 mah. Now buds can be charged via case 228÷80=2.85 times.

That’s it.

Negative Review 2

Not to the quality as expected

Liked on its battery and charge life. Ease on ears.

Easy to carry in pockets.

Sound and bass also microphone is not as expected on quality. Much of noise is not cancelled at all. Its like my voice is also cancelled.

Have to keep in full volume to listen to a normal sound music which is not good.

My sister had purchased same headset which had in one percent volume a full good quality sound hence I had bought the same one.

But I did not in same quality as my sister had got.

I had no choice but to adjust with it.

The quality changes when you make up as a brand that is what I had realised.

Bit disappointed as music was my most happiness and I was worth to pay anything which is fair price for a headset and to its quality.

But not expected enough on it.

Thank you!

Negative Review 3

Very average

Received the earpods today and just set up and tried them.


– One pod would not connect and stayed off. After a couple of tries (of putting them in and out of the case) they both worked

– am not sure whether the reset button works. Do not see any indicator on the case to tell the same. Will try again later.

– The documentation is very sketchy. Could have been much better.

– No volume control on the pods – which I wasn’t aware of and which wasn’t noted anywhere. Only today someone asked the question and it was answered. This was after the end of prime day sale. So to some extent it seemed like a smart play at hiding the issue. Anyways it’s a basic requirement. Not sure what design discussion went into taking this feature out.

– Sound quality so far is average. i have to try some more music. Treble seems to be high.

– One pod seemed to be louder than other. Set up an adaptive sound profile on my android phone and the experience got better.

Works well:

– They are holding well in the ears

– Not painful or tiring so far.

– seem light weight.

– These are my first airpods and i was not sure if they would fit well. But they are comfortable.

I will try to update this review after using these some more.

Negative Review 4

Better Options are Available at the Same or lesser price

Battery Backup – 5/5

Sound Quality – 3/5

Bass Effect – 2/5

Mic Quality – 1/5

Had ordered this to serve both purpose, to listen to music and to take calls, while it does a decent Job in Music area (Bass is below Par), the Mic is completely useless. The person on the other side can never hear you, though the voice from other side is crystal clear.

If your purpose is long lasting battery and okay Music quality, you can buy the product, else it’s not a good purchase.

P.S. I had to return the product as I needed an ear bud that serve both purpose of taking calls and listening to music

Negative Review 5

Not As Expected

Purchase this product on 1st day of sale, delivered on time. But if talking about quality then it didn’t met the expectation as per the description given on the product page. Good for listening music, but not for voice call. O\Person on the other side of call don’t get voice clearly have to speak out loud, then my voice get audible to them. If Bluetooth connectivity get lost for some time because of distance, then the device is not getting connecting after it comes into the range, have to put again back in case then it will get connected.

Overall, it not good in this price range.

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