Top 10 Useful Review for “boAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earbuds” Best User Review after 6 months of use.

boAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earbuds with 42H Playtime, Beast™ Mode (Low Latency Upto 80ms) for Gaming, ENx™ Tech, ASA Charge, IWP™, IPX4 Water Resistance, Smooth Touch Controls (Bold Black)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Best buy for below ₹1200/-

So firstly, I bought this for ₹1200 itself, I guess it was a little new back then,

So, starting with the Sound quality I would rate them as: –

Loudness: – 7/10 (I find myself thinking that if they would have been a little louder, they would be the best under 1500 Category)

Music Quality: – 8.5/10 (One of the best out there)

Bass: – 8.5/10 (Could be better as it is boAt)

Call Quality: – 7.5/10 (People can hear me clear, basically mic is good but the loudness when another person is talking could be better)

In the end, I would highlight one con & one pro of this Airdopes 141

PRO:- BEST BUILD QUALITY (Because of the plastic build of the airdopes, the build quality will impress on a number of times, The airdopes box had fallen from above 5ft and still it survived with minor scratches, both the airdopes fell out of the charging case but didn’t break or stopped working, So yes build wise you can go with it)

CON:- THE CHARGING CASE LOOKS CHEAP (As I had pointed out above that the charging case is a pro too and con too, basically the charging case is made out of soft plastic which does easily get scratched out, and if it would have been a rubberised material it would have felt better and also one thing to point out, at last, I would have liked if it would have had Charging indicator in Digits and not in those LED lights)

Overall, it’s a good choice, You can go for it!

Positive Review 2


True review after a weeklong use

I am writing a true review after around a week-long use of these boats airdopes 141


  1. The mic is average and the voice feels a little modulated on the mic provided.
  2. The case is little bulky due to longer battery life but you will get used to it in about 2 to 3 days. The case quality is decent but the case lid feels like it’s built out of crappy plastic and doesn’t feel robust or stable in hand.
  3. these airdopes are based on Bluetooth v 5.0 and later and they will work great with all the devices having the same Bluetooth version i.e. v5.0 or newer however in case of older versions there is a lot of latency lag. I personally use these with my laptop that has v5.0 and they work great however when I connect them with my android phone which has Bluetooth v 4.10 , the experience is horrendous … there are many problems like latency lag, voice breaks etc. even when the bt v.50 is backwards compatible …. I experience this latency lag and voice break during calling, WhatsApp calling and playing simple mobile games. Despite all this there is no problem while streaming songs on these airdopes
  4. there is a lot of voice leakage if you use them on 100 percent volume both on laptop and mobile phones you will have to tweak them … the voice is also kind of high so you will not be able to listen to anything on 100 percent anyhow …. 50 to 60 is an ideal level for all the movies and games as well as music.
  5. Your ears will hurt after prolonged usage of these if you don’t select the right size of air caps … 3 sizes are already provided inside the box.
  6. The biggest con while using these airdopes on windows is that you cannot use the airdopes and the inbuilt mic together. Windows doesn’t allow it even if you try very hard to use both the mic and airdopes output speaker together It’s a windows issue but is manageable.
  7. Another big problem is that the voice control option is absent on the airdopes and the volume can’t be controlled from the airdopes … you will have to control it from the device which is also a big problem.


  1. the sound quality and the bass are great.
  2. the battery life is great you can easily use them for 7 to 8 hours on continuous usage.
  3. They charge very quickly, in a jiffy.
  4. They feel even greater if you enable surround sound while using them on windows platform.
  5. the connectivity is great too ;as soon as you open the case they will automatically detect and connect to the available devices that you paired them with earlier within seconds.
  6. There is literally zero latency and zero lag on these while connected on the same Bluetooth version. I used these on my laptop and played all the games like cs go, valorant, gta 5, and other games but there is no issue while gaming or music.
  7. There is a support for mono audio and you can use one airdope at a time instead of using both.
  8. Boat has provided a year’s warranty on these so they can be easily replaced in case of a damage if the damage occurs within the given time frame.

Overall the product can be optimized a bit more but is still good to use now and is a decent purchase on this price point; however better options are available if you intend to use it just for calling purpose, better go with something wired or something that comes with older bt versions if you intend to use them with devices with older Bluetooth versions.

Positive Review 3

The sound quality is too good

The TWS stays in your ears at all times. The sound quality is wonderful. I like how I can pause the songs if needed, or touch them to skip to the next song. They charge great and stay charged for a couple of days. The pricing of this item is well worth it.

Positive Review 4

Classic and eye-catching

In terms of value for money – yes, it is

The sound quality is good but during calls, you need to put in the extra effort. The music and gaming experience is really good.

With price range, I tried four five products of peer group and comparatively it’s good as per my experience.

I observed only one flaw in calling feature and noise cancellation is not upto the mark, but with this price range it is the right choice as per my experience

Positive Review 5

Fake negative reviews.

I read the negative comments first and decided not to buy it because the comments said it gives high latency on gaming like PUBG and also it falls from the ear while running. And that the difference between normal and beast mode slightly had a difference

But a PUBG YouTuber recommended it to me so I decided to give it a try, after trying out myself.

Let me provide the facts for you

I have a boat rockerz 510 headphones which obviously should be better than this airdope but this airdope surprised me by doing 2x better in providing accurate sound in PUBG.

It’s been 2-3 days I used it daily for 6-7 hours on full charge, it has no buttons and it works on a touch sensor which was impressive for me and in PUBG it doesn’t give delay as written in the comments, it has a good latency better than what I had expected from the negative comments.

Sometimes though I faced the issue where one side of the airdope stops working because it was either on standby without detecting the user or a bug which is included in the faq/guide/help card in the box I’m satisfied in terms of gaming.

For sports like running, I wouldn’t recommend it because it slips away however maybe u can tie the airdope with a thread attached to your neck so that it’s safe from landing on the ground I’m going to try that, please don’t use both the airdopes while running on the roads with vehicles running for your own safety keep one side of your ear free for hearing sounds from your environment.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

BEST For music! Totally worth it Edit: Not worth it :



  1. The level of volume it gets to, is just awesome, it can get incredibly loud so if you’re at the gym, these are perfect.
  2. Awesome Bass!
  3. Noise cancellation is just great, if you simply put them on without even any music playing, u won’t be able to hear things around u very well, it’s great for places like Gym.
  4. Lovely battery life, I’ve had them a week and only had to charge the case once, that too for just a few minutes. And the earbuds themselves, leave them in case for just five min and you’ll be getting a battery for a long long while.
  5. They are very comfortable, can be used for long periods of time.
  6. Affordable!
  7. The touch controls are very responsive, tap to pause, double tap right one for next song, and double tap left one for either rewind or the previous song. Can also pick up calls just by tapping.
  8. Multiple ear coverings are provided with it.
  9. Type C port


  1. The sound quality is not bad or anything but it is slightly muffled as compared to good quality headphones etc. The bass is the highlight so it’s great for music, but for movies or gaming, you won’t get the crispest audio.
  2. Some connectivity issues, sometimes I have to turn my Bluetooth on and off many times for it to work (this is occasional, not a daily or frequent occurrence) [Edit after 1-month use: it’s now a very frequent issue]
  3. The mic quality is good if you are using your phone, but for some reason, the quality is really bad if you are on PC
  4. Sometimes on WhatsApp, the mic will not be detected if you are on call with these earbuds, so you will end up having to take them off to accept a call sometimes. (Not an issue if you are the one dialing) I hope it’s just a WhatsApp issue rather than an earbuds issue.

Overall, I needed these for my gym since they play horrible music there (lol) so I’m very very happy with them

Highly recommended for music and/or as a more affordable option as compared to JBL etc.


I still stand by everything I said but after a month of using these, I’m facing a lot of annoying issues.

  1. They pause the music at the slightest of touch when you try to adjust them, but then other times they will ignore the hardest of touch when you are ACTUALLY trying to pause your music. And double tap for the next song gesture doesn’t work anymore IDK why.
  2. The biggest issue left earbud stops charging constantly. My earbuds case is totally clean, but it keeps showing me a “10% battery remaining” warning on my phone even if I leave this to charge for hours. The right one is just fine but the left one just stops charging very often now and it doesn’t get fixed for days, I have to hold the earbud down into the case for a long while, and even then, it can only MAYBE work.
  3. All the factory reset and all stuff to sort these issues don’t work when one of the earbuds is totally dead and unable to charge.
  4. They are too soft and can easily fall out of the ears if you make facial expressions for a minute or two. Only good for the gym, and bad for content viewing because you might laugh or smile.

That’s about it but this left earbud not working issue that I keep having is just really annoying. I don’t know if this is just my issue with my specific unit though.


Negative Review 2

Not for music lovers

Boat airdop 141 is a budget TW earphone I have purchased on last amazon sell in July

I have using since last one month and felt that if you are music lovers and listening on High bass I never recommended to anyone (music lover).

But if you require for calling and normal using it is good (not best).

Charging is good and I have charged only two times in last one month so backup is good.

Touchpoint is poor and you need see a YouTube video for finger control.

Noise cancellation is ok.

It is my first one and i am looking for one plus ear bud if next sell come.


Negative Review 3

Just Average

Not satisfied with the purchase. Regrets for choosing this product. The looks of the buds not as attractive as shown in pictures. Dull coloured and the battery box also looks like a snuff box. Coming to performance, 1st pairing is something lengthy. But then fast connection. The sound is not good. Unexpected from boat. My 3-year-old Ant audio delivers better balanced and natural music. Sound is too sharp and lacks natural tones. If we use large size buds to seal ear canal tightly, sound is somewhat better. Battery backup is satisfactory but not great. Max 3 to 4 hours in one charge. Each bud 30 mah battery only. 600 mah battery box. Hence if going out for long hours, carrying the battery box is must. The touch button is too small and frequently activated even while adjusting earphones. Even taking out buds from box is not comfortable. Call quality is satisfactory. I suggest Boat people should think of practicality rather than aesthetics.

Negative Review 4

Decent product if you get it below 1000

I had to replace it once because the mic in right one was nonfunctional + sometimes it stayed paired even after being put in the case and lid closed.

After replacement, I’m writing a review after 10 days use. I would like to mention that earlier I’ve used Bluetooth neckbands- One plus bullet wireless z and Realme wireless 2 Neo.

I’ve used boat-wired earphones earlier and I’m not a huge fan of boat. I purchased these Boar Airdrops under influence of Shark Tank 😂I thought boat may have improved their quality.

Now I’m gonna say somethings that’s gonna trigger most Indians. Their sense in music sucks. All we Indians care is about bass. That’s because it’s only bass that a simple fellow can understand from the boom-boom sound and differentiate from a 50₹ roadside earphone. There are other things as vocals, treble including bass etc. that’s makes a good listening experience.

Now since most people only understand bass and demand bass, all the brands have started selling bass edition. And the Indian earphone/headphone market now lacks a good balanced earphone.

Now coming to Boat Airdrop after this rant 😂 I will compare it to my previous Bluetooth earphones (one plus bullet wireless z and realme buds 2 Neo)

Pros 👍🏻

*I got it for ₹999 so it’s the best when the price is concerned. Cheapest amongst all my earphones.

*It’s truly wireless so no wire mess at all.

* Pairing is simple and fast.

*Very good fit in my ear, lightweight and comfortable (this point differs from person to person and ear shape and size is different)

*Battery life is great.

*Sound quality is decent compared to the price. Quality of sound has definitely improved.

*Noise cancelling does work but it’s not that great.

*Looks good in ears and feels premium


*Range is not good. You’ll loose connection after 1 wall. My One plus had a range of upto 3 walls. Realme had Range of 2 walls.

*This airdrop gets glitch for a sec or two every now and then but it’s not a major problem. Its manageable but annoying at times.

*Doesn’t pair sometimes. Have to close the lid of the case and reopen it. Sometimes also have to manually connect from phone’s Bluetooth option.

*The case gets scratches easily. I have the white variant as it looks the best. But for scratches black might be the better option.


I would rank one plus bullet wireless z as 1st (not the bass edition) but it’s the most expensive also. 2nd position goes to realme buds 2 Neo. Boat airdrop at 3rd position but what more to expect at ₹999. If price is a constrain go for boat airdrop. Its truly wireless but there’s also this headache of not loosing any airdrop by mistake also you’ll have to carry the case for safety which is not a case in neckband. So apna apna dekh ke kharid lo 😂

Negative Review 5

Don’t buy it, worst customer service

After using 4 months, I am writing this review. Overall this is good product in sound and battery but the worst part is its case to buds charging. After putting buds in the case it is supposed to disconnect from your phone and charge the bud, but its loses the connection and even if you put the bud in the case its connected to the phone. Claim its warranty one time (only after 3 months) but they again sent that faulty product after 15 days. And again it is showing the same problem.

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