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boAt Bassheads 152 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic (Active Black)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Good build – Clean audio quality !! Enhanced Bass

Just received the item. Got 2 pair of extra earphone plugs in the pack.

Tested audio at 60% volume which was pretty loud.

Pros –

  1. The metallic blue color looks great
  2. Braided cable from pin to the mic
  3. Clean audio output and quite loud
  4. Bass is not too overwhelming – Just right for hip-hop / EDM / Bollywood / rock – tested with Badshah’s / Maroon 5 / Clean Bandit / Michael Jackson songs (over time I have seen these songs are the ones which can show how good your speakers are). Treble is not too bright and sounds just right.
  5. Tested with old Kishore songs and the output sounded very nice and full (non-processed)
  6. Tested with only instrumentals like Kenny Boney James – Sounded great as if played from an amplifier with subs.

Cons –

  1. The braided cable color combination could look better with blue and black
  2. The portion from the mic to the earphones if also braided would enhance the otherwise good build
  3. The price I bought it for is 499/- however a price of 399/- would be more appropriate for this item
  4. A pouch or a small carry case would be a great addon to this if at a price of 499/-

I feel most people complaining about their branded headphones failing sooner than expected is because of using them on PCs and playing audio/video using applications like VLC which have audio amplifiers which burn the speaker coil-over extended use. Suggest using other players and avoiding any sound enhancers etc on phones or PCs

NOTE: I am not comparing with the likes of Sennheiser \ Audiotechnica \ JVC \ JBL \ Bose \ BeatsAudio \ Sony – all of these brands are pretty good when it comes to audio signatures and separation but they also come at a much more premium cost.


Positive Review 2

Looks like an Improved version of boat 225

Looks like a combination of boat 225 and boat 100. The most important thing is they don’t slip from ears like 225. Very light weighted as boat 100 but sounds like 225. And they look very premium & stylish like 225. Once you plugged it into your ears you don’t even feel it & they don’t slip from ears like 225, & whoever used 225 knows that, this is the thing we get irritated of. So I specially recommend it to everyone who wanted a budget earphone. Well, I writing such a long review because maybe I am the first who bought this & writing a review.


Positive Review 3

Value for Money!!

Great Earphone!!

The sound quality is awesome… (just like BoAt Bassheads 220/225)

Very Comfortable in Ears. Fits Perfectly.

Build quality is good.. Braided coating feels great

Bass is awesome..!!

(Try tweaking your Equalizer a bit for desirable sound..)

The Noise Isolation is just awesome..!!

The person sitting beside you won’t hear a thing.

You can get it for Rs.399 on any Sale.

Will update u all if I face any problem!!

Thank you!

Update: After using for 6 months, one side Volume became lower than the other & Bass became zero. So, I raised a complaint & claimed my warranty. They came and took my earphone & sent me new earphones as a replacement for Free. It took around 3-4 weeks for this whole process.


Positive Review 4

Good Sound Quality under Budget!

Purchased For: Rs. 499/-

Have been using this product for over a month now & am happy with the sound signature.

* Good overall balance in-depth & bass.

* Comes with half-braided cable.

* Good product quality & finish!

* Comes with 1yr warranty.

* Built-in Mic support.

* 2 Extra pairs of Ear Cushions provided.


* Don’t know why but the cable isn’t fully braided. From the top, the cable quality looks ordinary.

* Angled 3.5 mm jack is just a gimmick. Didn’t find anything extraordinary in it.

Conclusion: Sound is a personal preference.

Someone looking for heavy bass then this isn’t the product for you.

Those looking for overall balance & depth, simply go for it.

The quality offered for the price & the brand make the product a definite buy.



Positive Review 5

Compare boAt BassHeads 152 VS boAt BassHeads 225

I already purchased both headphones …

According to my experience, both are best for performance as well as doorstep customer service.

So as my best following rating want gives ratings out of 5

boAt BassHeads 225








boAt BassHeads 152






BUILD QUALITY = 5 (Metallic)

COLORS AVAILABLE=Red/Blue/Green/White/Orange/Black


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Sound quality not clear

I have a Dolby Atmos sound driver on my phone.

I tried many earphones for better sound quality.

This earphone is not for those who love music, movies, etc.

Bass quality is not good.

Vocals are low.

Treble is ok.

Not made for movies.

It has a low stereo effect.

In this earphone, you cannot feel musical instrument separation. This type of sound quality you can listen to in UBON 100-150 with earphones.

Earphones are not blocking outside noise.

Built quality is good.

In 399 if u want balance sound go for BoAt BassHead 100. It is very comfortable to movies, lectures, and listening to music.


Negative Review 2

Cheaply made headphones

The right side died within a month, since it was considered as a product defect they just sent me a free replacement. But after around.. 3 months of getting it replaced it broke again.. this time the wire of the left side, at the very very end where it meets the mic, since I’m deaf in my left ear it really didn’t make much difference. When I tried listening with my friend he pointed it out and I realized that the left side wasn’t working anymore.

They are advertising the headphone as “braided” but the wire part that connects the earphone speakers are made of very weak material, and I wouldn’t trust them at all. I don’t think any more time till the right side breaks too. Overall 2/10. Good sound quality and aesthetics, that’s it. Very poor build quality cheaply made with weak materials.

I would never buy again from this brand, definitely one of the worse experiences I’ve ever had.


Negative Review 3

Looks can be deceptive.

Bought an earphone from Amazon considering the braided cable. Ongoing to the color option, you will be surprised to notice that only the purple color doesn’t have a braided option. On requesting color change Customer care says they can’t do anything. It’s like buying the same model car and confirming for each and every color whether features are the same or not. Worst experience, a total waste of money, that’s why it’s always better to buy from a shop rather than shopping on e-commerce like this.


Negative Review 4

Decent for price but the sound quality is average

I was looking for cheap earphones and found these on Amazon with good ratings. I have used Mi Basic Earphones and Sony MDR-EX series earphones under Rs. 1000/ $20 for many years.

The boAt BassHeads 152 Wired Earphones with Super Extra Bass, Durable Cable, Built-in Mic, and Metallic Earbuds is the name.

The built quality is very good and very similar to Mi Basic Earphones. The advantage over Mi earphones is the cable which is much better in quality and design.

Earplugs themselves are moderate in size and fit well in ears and it also comes with 2 extra pairs of silicone ear tips.

The sound quality of these earphones is decent for the price but inferior to Mi Basic earphones. The bass is not much thumpy, mids are decent and highs are muffled. The overall sound is good for watching movies, voice calls, and regular stuff but not for enjoying music.


Design: 4/5

Built quality: 4/5

Sound: 3/5

Value for money: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5


Negative Review 5

Bad wire quality

Not really happy with the wire quality. The half wire is braided cable which is tangle-free..however, the reaming 2 wires which starts from the mic to earplugs are very bad quality… one side of my earplug already stopped working and when I took a closer look at the wire attached to the mic it seems it coming apart from mic where it is attached .. the whole wire should be braided tangle free cable and not just the lower part.. the upper part wire is very delicate and will come off soon coz of poor wire quality and the way it is attached to the mic to avoid any damage while using the earphones. (as shown in the attached image)…I have already raised a complaint with Boat and hope to get a resolution soon. it’s been only a few months that I ordered and started using it… it’s misleading when they say tangled free wire coz in reality only partial wire is braided as tangled free.. 🙁


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