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boAt Rockerz 450 On-Ear Headphones with 15 Hours Battery, 40mm Drivers, Padded Ear Cushions, Easy Access Controls, and Voice Assistant(Luscious Black)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Best for the price range

First of all, I am writing this review after intense usage during the lockdown. If you want to buy it, go for it without any hesitation over JBL and mi super bass. As usual Amazon’s delivery was super fast.

The build quality is extremely good but the headphone is made up of plastic. Quality is better than mi super bass headphones and these are very comfortable even when worn for extended periods. Bass quality is pretty good and it also has an in-built mic which cancels much of the background noise. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use it wired (without any battery usage) or wireless ( on battery). The charge lasts around 8-9 hours if used for non-stop gaming like playing PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. It has a standby time of more than 100 hours (yes that is true I have checked it myself) and it delivers a lag-free voice when playing games and it has a warranty of 1 year which can be claimed on the official website after registering the product. Note- the warranty doesn’t cover any physical damage after the product has been handed on to the customer but the boat’s customer service is very agile.


Positive Review 2

Best You can have within ₹1500 bucks.

I got this for ₹1499 bucks. The sound quality is immensely good. The bass is great. Well comfort wise I won’t say it’s that great because of its round-shaped ear cushions other than in every aspect be it sound or battery life or connectivity every way it’s perfect. This is the best one can have within ₹1500 bucks. I would suggest personally to go for this one if one is looking for budget Bluetooth headphones.

Positive Review 3


I am not a big fan of eardrum blaster bass. This headphone has decent Sound Quality, Decent Bass.

haven’t had a chance to check noise cancellation, cause in this lockdown situation attending calls, meetings in my study room. Build quality is good, Hence everyone should handle their gadget carefully will increase its durability. BATTERY:- charge it for 2hrs and forget. On using on 60% volume it will definitely remain for 5 days. The auto-shutoff feature is really good. need not keep your eye after shutting off laptop; headphone automatically turns off itself.



Positive Review 4

Best in class!

Went for this for its bass but the built quality seems exceptional for the class. Overall, if u need something that sounds bassy and has a good enough battery and you don’t happen to mind its weight which is quite heavy, then you need not give this a second thought just go for it.

Edit: 1) The play/pause button doesn’t work when connected with the aux.

2) Doesn’t support Bluetooth HD audio(AAC) or apt which is expected at this price.

Positive Review 5

Very good! Wired and Wireless Headphones

At this price, these are the best value for money headphones available

Bought this headset for my wife, I am now using it now. I liked its versatility. It can be used as a wired headset (typically while on a computer/laptop) or a blue tooth wireless headset (mobile phone/tab). This solves the problem to pair/connect with a device multiple times.

I use it wired for Calls with a Laptop and wireless with the phone while going for walks.

The sound quality is decent and the mike quality is good while on calls.

It looks good and is comfortable to wear.

Overall a great product, which is very useful for the house.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Tenuously fragile and worthless

Never have I seen as fragile headphones as this one. I have been delivered a product with manufacturing defect or it already damaged. The bud from the right side fell off as soon as I unpacked the headphones. Boat rockers have not been up to my expectation. Think before buying.

Negative Review 2


I have ordered headphones. I got it sound was ok not as powerful as I expect. Another problem arises when my charging got over I try to charge headphones for more than 2 hrs. it’s not charged after a long time. So I ordered a replacement. I got a replacement today just a few minutes ago. Before opening the item I take a snapshot so they will, believe me, look at the stickers the right one is different from the left one(the circular one) means the seal is broken.

After opening this. I Haven’t found a charging cable & on hear headphones too…

Extremely disappointed.

If u r going to buy through Amazon…

Please check it properly coz the vendor will send u defective items.. or missing items…

Extremely disappointed…

Negative Review 3


I think you wouldn’t even turn your heads to see this product after this. Such crap product this is.

This product has durability below 0. I brought this product in Sep 2019. It had very good sound quality and worked very well for around 3 months until I discovered a crack that had developed in the right ear side. I thought it was nothing. But in 1 week the crack had developed very much and it broke.

I thought this might be an error among the company and I claimed a warranty. They gave me a new product, the same new headphone and I was so happy for them. But then came the devil in disguise. That one broke in a very short time not even lasted 2 months of time. I used it with the broken handle, very soon the mic stopped working and I claimed my warranty since it was active. The person who came to pick up my product didn’t give me a new one, instead, he picked the old one and just walked away. Also, there has been no PROPER UPDATE from BOAT regarding this. So please don’t buy this product. It will save 1600 bucks because this product isn’t even worth a penny. I hope the authorities see this and please help me out.

Negative Review 4

A Regretful Brand & a Regretful Purchase!!👎

The product received was faulty.

The official boAt email to contact for warranty/return purposes is not monitored.

No replay ever came even after multiple reminders.

There is no option to talk to the customer care executive of boAt website.

Nobody to talk to at the provided number.

You have a better option at Amazon or anywhere else to have your issue at least responded to.

No more boAt, ever.

About the product:

Price: a decent price point;

Build quality: average, not cheap looking neither is premium quality;

Wearing: Painful on ears for long duration usage, recommended is any other over-the-ear product;

Sound quality: Sound more focused on bass, not a balanced sound output. Loss of clarity.


Negative Review 5

Disappointed by Boat

You can get a decent sound quality in this product.

You might not have an up-to-mark noise cancellation issue.

Over the head headset doesn’t have a maximum head adjustment line, it may go tight on the ears if you got a slightly big head.

You can use an aux wire to use it without Bluetooth being powered on.

Overall in this price range boat could have given much comfort and better noise cancellation in this product.

Try a different one if you need a Bluetooth headset in this budget.


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