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Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table with Cup Holder | Drawer | Mac Holder | Table Holder Study Table, Breakfast Table, Foldable and Portable/Ergonomic & Rounded Edges/Non-Slip Legs (WA-27-Black)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Buy it… worth it.. meets all requirements

  1. all 5 stars
  2. good finish
  3. using for my son to study on bed due winters but even I am able to lean on it and holds my weight
  4. the cup holder is good size
  5. tab holder is for any size fit tab
  6. no sharp edges
  7. legs fold snuggly and are spring fold so don’t open up while carrying

I am liking it for its lightweight n neat design and stylish looks.


Positive Review 2

Good quality Make in India product

Callas foldable laptop and the multipurpose table is a quality product and possibly the best among the slew of foldable products available. Their engineering and material quality is good and has improved the quality of the plastic finish. Easy to fold and carry with the hand space built in. Also, the drawer option comes in handy to keep small items. Overall a good quality and functional Make in India product


Positive Review 3

Cool and Useful Table


This is a very good piece of furniture. The table is well designed to accommodate Laptop, mobile pen…etc..can be used for multiple purposes. The space below the table gives enough legroom space. The plywood color choice is also catchy. There are no sharp edges and the finishing is good. There is no imbalance. The only thing is it’s lightweight can’t keep a very heavy weight on it.

Overall value for money. Go ahead and buy.


Positive Review 4

Sleek finish at a good price

The foldable table is lightweight and compact and thus can be easily stored in a small space. It has a sleek finish and looks great. The drawer comes in handy when you want to store stationery or other items of use that you might need while working. This saves time and effort and also makes the work easier. The MacBook/phone holder is also a great addition that helps to place your device safely. The coffee cup holder may be useful, however, I found it redundant.

The space provided could have been a bit larger. If this table is bought for official work while using a laptop or as a breakfast table for patients, space is enough. However as a study table, with many books and notebooks to keep, space should have been a bit more. Maybe, if you do not keep a coffee cup on the table and utilize the space judiciously, it can serve the purpose.

Overall, it’s an ergonomic product, with an appealing look. The only drawback that I found was the stability. When writing in the notebook, the base of this table shakes a bit, which can disrupt the work. Whether it’s placed on the bed or on the floor, the case is the same. The constant vibratory movements might lead to bad handwriting. I would have liked it better if the footing was more stable and didn’t shake. Also, it could have been a bit higher or at least the height should have been adjustable.

Overall, it’s good to go and can be considered if you are looking for a good-looking foldable table at a reasonable price.

Thanks for reading!


Positive Review 5

Excellent Portable Workstation

Hi Guys!

I was a little skeptical whether I should buy this table or not….. but Its REALLY AMAZIN… Quality is awesome…

It is a value for money option…

Just go for it … You can use it for your child for online classes as well as you can utilize it for office work as well.

USP – 1) There is a mini drawer which can hold a pen drive, Pen or small cords, etc.

2) Tablet holder

3) Glass holder

All fittings are A 1 Quality.



Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Not Large Enough, Drawer Not Deep Enough

Two stars deducted from 5 stars because…

  • Not large enough, I want to at least have one book or notebook open in front of the laptop while using it. I can barely fit a laptop and a mouse-mouse pad together. NOT BIG ENOUGH ;(
  • The drawer is not deep enough. Some brands don’t even have a drawer so I appreciate this, but if you had to make one, at least make it deep enough for me to stuff my pencil pouch or something in. The manufacturer could easily keep that in mind. Edit: THE DRAWER IS USELESS. Just take it out.

What I like…

  • The color of the sunmica is very good. But I wish the legs were dark gray too.
  • The handle cut out on the top, makes it easier for me to carry it while juggling the table and books and laptop at the same time on my way to the comfiest bed.
  • Lightweight, big need. I think this one’s sturdy enough to last me for 10 years minimum.


Negative Review 2

Quality control needs to be improved

The design is universal and the dimensions are adequate.

The additions of the cup holder and mini slide-out tray are delight factors but useful, depending on the purpose for which you have bought it.

Issues to be addressed by the manufacturer:

Please update your quality standards. It will go a long way in building your brand equity, customer satisfaction and consequently grow your business.

You must focus on maintaining quality standards or people will stop buying your product.

The only reason for purchasing this product is the “Made in India” tag and to avoid buying China-made goods. And the result has me questioning myself.

The top and bottom surface finishing are average, the side beading leaves a lot wanting. The mini trays are not aligned correctly and are not of uniform size or make.

I have ordered this twice, both the times the first table to be delivered was a damaged piece.

The first time around the replacement table was perfect.

My second order was again met with a damaged piece which I had to return and ask for a replacement. Awaiting the delivery of the replacement and will update the review after that.

That goes to say, there are good pieces and not-so-good pieces.

Either do something to rectify the not-so-good pieces and sell them as “refurbished” at a lower price or if they are beyond salvage, accept them as an operational loss and move on.

Please focus on maintaining quality. It does not have to be at the six sigma level. But please ensure that the products going out will bring you a good name and business.


Negative Review 3

Balance issues

The table is quite spacious and well made. Edges are nicely rounded and the slot for cups is also ideal. The drawer is also good enough for placing stationery and other nick-nacks.

But the table has a major balance issue. When placed on the bed and a 15-inch laptop placed over it, it takes effort to hold it from not toppling over. If you are going to use it on flour though, you won’t have such an issue.


Negative Review 4

Product vs price – NOT worth it – don’t buy

Ordered this foldable table for the purposes of WFH. Had gone through the reviews of a few products before ordering the same and they were supportive of the decision – 90% at least.

The product was received in a pathetic condition. Damaged box, the thermocouple for protection of the table was torn, the frame had cracked and scratched and it did not at all look new.

Figured it must have been storage issues and immediately ordered a replacement via Amazon customer service.


so in short, returned the same.

I have very rarely received such disappointment from Amazon but it’s happened this time and I would suggest not to go for this company.


Negative Review 5

Wobbly front flipping table.

I don’t know how this product got so many positive reviews. It’s wobbly on a flat surface. Weight balance is bad if you press a little on the front side it flips forward. The cup holder and mobile holder are both loose and not stuck to the table. There is no return only exchange is available and I am sure these issues would still be present in the exchanged piece. Just go and buy the same table that is available for 400 on Amazon itself at least you’re loss would be less. This is not worth 800inr.



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