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DIGITEK (DTR 260 GT) Gorilla Tripod/Mini (13 Inch) Tripod for Mobile Phone with Phone Mount & Remote | Flexible Gorilla Stand for DSLR & Action Cameras

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review1

A GOLD coin for 1 Rupee!!!

The best tripod at this price. Never got a chance to complain as per the quality of this product. I am a filmmaker and I also travel a lot so, I needed something portable and durable. So, indeed I did some research and I came across many tripods but this was not listed in that. I thought this tripod will be a good investment and I bought it without any questions. Again an excellent service by Amazon I got this particular item just in two days!! It was nicely packaged and when I opened it. There was a nice sling bag inside which was the tripod. At first, having the tripod in my hand felt professional and sturdy. Now I use my heavy DSLR with a rig with is really heavy to keep steady. And this chap handles it without any problem. Everything works just fine.

Pros –

  1. It has a good load capacity of 5-6kg
  2. It is really sturdy
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Smooth pan head

Cons –

  1. It’s a bit heavy for traveling
  2. Extending handle is flimsy

Nothing more to say about it. Just go for it!


Positive Review 2

Awesome product for choosy Indians.

Primarily thanks to Amazon India for offering this under rs.4750 and delivering within decent time period.

I have been using this for more than two weeks now. Believe me, within this price range you cannot get other tripods better than this one. Obviously, it is not for those professionals who have used Manfrotto, Vanguard, etc. But for us who love photography for their own course, this one is god gifted and valuable for money. I used this to carry Nikon 500 + kit lens (16-80mm, load 2.5kgs roughly), even I used Nikon 200 – 500 (load around 3.6 kgs roughly) along with its monopod l got an awesome result. I never ever felt that legs are trembling or unsturdy. You can attach additional load under the spring hook attached with the middle extension pipe to improve sturdiness. However, I never tried that as I never extended the last extension leg. The tripod can be extended upto 6 ft or even can be extended further upto 6.5ft using additional pieces supplied along with this kit. The three-way multifunctional ball head can be used to place the camera sideways for vertical shooting or macro photography. I love this feature ( not supported by the earlier version of Digitek DTR nor even supported by the much costlier version of the so-called professional tripod). The quick-release slide contains a bubble level in the front which is useful on uneven floors for leveling the camera. All in all the features are great within this price range. So far and so less after using a decent time period I have found some pros and cons for judging the product to the new Byers:

Pros: 1. Easy to use and compact in size.

  1. Quick-release slide for easy and quick ejection of camera.
  2. Rubber grip for the detached monopod.
  3. Circular balancing bubble for easy detection of leveling.
  4. Weighty and sturdy metal tripod.
  5. Separate control knob for the different operations to avoid mess during shooting.
  6. Rubber end grip at the bottom of the legs to avoid slip.
  7. The camera can pan 360 degrees horizontally without changing the initial position over its bearing.
  8. The very simple clockwise and anti clockwise turn to unlock and lock the extension tubes.
  9. Last but not least the value for money with bundle of worthy features.


  1. Plastic clips for locking the hinges are not worthy at all. Seems to be the worst element of this product.
  2. Again plastic knobs for extension tubes but seem to have better quality than the clips.
  3. Absence of rubber grip in the middlemost extension tube, which is the carrying holder of the system.
  4. Absence of additional leveling bubble on the slide, preferably on the other side for double-checking.
  5. Absence of a manual, which is a must for beginners.
  6. A little bit heavy for travels.


Positive Review 3

Great horizontal arm tripod at a good budget

Got this tripod for my RX 100 series camera. Rx100 series cameras are small cameras and weigh 300gms, so please keep this in mind while reading the rest of my review. I mean, heavier cameras + large lenses with this tripod can lead to completely different experiences.

The tripod itself looks durable and well built and comes with accessories to convert it into a monopod/Top view arm tripod.

Reduced one star because the arm doesn’t make a perfect 90 degree angle withstand/Isn’t very parallel to ground, even without any camera/weight on the ball head. And this tripod didn’t come with a manual. I recommend getting this tripod from prime seller ‘GadgetZone2019’ who has good ratings, I did the mistake getting the tripod from another seller.

But apart from that:

On opening the parcel, I got a branded Digitek cardboard box with the tripod, a small extension arm, a screw-bolt to convert tripod to monopod, a small extension rod, and a screw-remover to tighten the legs, which won’t be usually needed. And a neat good quality carrying bag to carry the tripod in. (The bag quality was good, but had some cut damage- Another reason I recommend buying from the most highly rated seller available).

The tripod itself is tall enough for most uses. It goes as tall as 6.2FT fully extended, without any extension rod. The extension rod adds a couple of inches, too. Though this tripod will occupy a lot of space – A LOT – if all legs are fully opened and stretched – Making use of this tripod in small rooms very hard.


The tripod comes with a metal build quick release plate attached on the top of the ball head – Not sure if this is standard size, so please ensure you don’t lose it since doing that will make your tripod unusable. I don’t see digital selling them separately.

The tripod has a fluid head in two places – one below ball head and another at base of horizontal arm – which you can use for panning. Tilting for photos is great, but for videos, it is almost impossible with this tripod, since ball head isn’t exactly designed for that. Though you can get a pan and tilt head separately and attach with this same tripod for shooting videos.

The horizontal arm on this tripod is really good and can be used for tabletop shooting, making cooking videos, etc. I couldn’t find another horizontal arm tripod in this price range, and this tripod happens to be so sturdily built that you don’t need to think twice before getting this.

The tripod legs can be locked at three angles, but happens with help of plastic assembly. Good quality plastic, but still gets me to doubt what happens if one of the locking switches break. Sturdily built, nevertheless.

All inbuilt extensions can be extended by rotating clockwise to lock and anticlockwise to unlock. This gives unlimited flexibility on the extension of legs, making it suitable for say extending two legs halfway to place on the bed and one on the ground, fully extended. I save myself some room by doing that.

I tried hitting the tripod from quite a few angles to see if it falls for my setup, and I request you to do that too, just to ensure that the tripod doesn’t fall off and damage my camera. After ensuring my setup is stable and checking the tripod legs for full lock, I mount my small point and shoot.

Overall, it’s a great beginner tripod with a hefty but worth-it price tag. If you have an expensive camera, you wouldn’t want a 3K tripod to ruin your capabilities, right? Get this one and you won’t regret it. Being able to use a tripod as a tripod, monopod as well as a horizontal arm over-the-table tripod, can’t get better than this.



Positive Review 4

Stable. Good build quality. Perfect for home and moderate outdoor use.

Very stable. Good build quality. Easily holds Canon 800D SLR without any fear of fall down. Easy to carry, the carry case is very good and easy. I wish it had a small pocket on carry case so I could have easily put my mobile holder in it.


The height is perfect and adjustment screws are very easy to use. The level indicator is not of good quality; the bubble got stuck to the extreme points. I had to tuck it to bring it back.


The clips are easy to operate. The legs could have collapsed more smoothly though. The center adjustment knob works pretty well, but again the handle to raise the middle bar could have been little more smooth. I have not used it much in rough outdoor landscape but worked well for me in farms.


With all that said, this is really a great product at given price. Anybody who wants to set up a studio with less investment, go for this tripod, it won’t disappoint you.



Positive Review 5

Lightweight light duty tripod at a low cost

The tripod is definitely light. But some critical components are made of plastic. Just received it today and build quality seems to be worth the price or even better. There is a gear mechanism to raise the head which makes setting up slow and the crank could break if using higher strength. If one handles the tripod carefully I think it will be a good companion. I have a manfrotto XProb055 and was finding it heavy to carry on a motorcycle and during hiking. Hence ordered the Digitek tripod as I will be using it mostly for a smaller DSLR along with a lighter lens. The tripod does seem to be stable. Although I cannot compare the build quality with the Manfrotto it does seem to be good enough. It is light enough and short enough to easily carry on a motorcycle. An added bonus is that a bag also comes along with the tripod(my Manfrotto tripods bag itself costs much more than this digitek!). Overall seems to be a good purchase. But remember this does not seem to be a tripod suitable for the heavy-duty abuse of a professional environment. But I am sure it will fulfill my purpose of photography during hiking and biking trips with a light DSLR.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Typical made in China product made with substandard quality.

Received damaged and also a defective tripod. Legs were very tight. Decide for replacement.

Replacement received, once again defective product received, hairline crack in the head.

Quality of material is not up to the Mark, complete digitak tripod made by substandard quality material.

Only weight is not a symbol of quality. That digitak product has only weight but not quality.

Digitak tripod is a typical Chinese product. I wasted almost 20 days in this order to refund exercise by ordered digitek.

After all this experience I was searching for other brands and finally trying to order for vanguard ( global brand ). I ordered a vanguard Vasta 233ap tripod.

When I received and saw vanguard, I felt truly a great tripod in a presence. The mind was very happy to see vanguard Vasta 233ap. Solid build quality with premium material. Vanguard is 1000% better than the previous digitak tripod.

I bought this Vanguard tripod with 2-year warranty.

Purchased from Amazon:- the seller ( Atlantic shop 100% positive ). Thanks to the seller, provide me original and proper packed product.

Vanguard Espod series tripods is also budget oriented tripods and batter than digitak tripods. Available at almost the same price tag. Everybody should go for the global brand this is not made in China.

That’s my experience and I share it with all of you.


Negative Review 2

Don’t go by high rating, product isn’t worth it, and no return if it doesn’t work

  1. My shipment has a mobile adapter but it was of no use. It will work only with small mobile phones (since it’s packed in plastic and I don’t want to tear it I can’t take exact measurements and tell you that) so you will have to buy a separate mobile holder adapter.
  2. The product is so lightweight that the stability of it is questionable.
  3. I forgot to check that there was no returns only replacement so pretty much Rs 400 has gone into the water.
  4. I have purchased 100s of products from Amazon in the last several years, but I think now Amazon’s quality has become questionable. If the customer service team really looks at the customer’s comment such as this, then I want to pass a message to Jeff Bezos that Amazon is no more the most customer-friendly company in the world.
  5. The last couple of products from Amazon weren’t having good quality and because I started assuming that Amazon gives good quality products, I really have missed the return/replacement timeline and now have to put up with crappy purchases. (Totally my mistake, not Amazon’s)


Negative Review 3

Defective/ Used product delivered. Bad option.

I ordered the product during a sale. It was delivered as per standard delivery time.

The packaging of the product was below average.

I received a defective product. The most important thing of the tripod, i.e. one of the legs of the tripod was simply missing.

The product was completely useless, the company did not perform any quality check before sending the product. Or did they deliberately send used/defective products?

In any of the two cases, it leads to a bad purchase. Please do not buy this, specially online. Its better to search for it in the local market as you would be able to get it for cheap and would be able to get a good quality product.

Also, if you buy during sale price, there is no option for replacement of product in case of any defect. You could just return it, that too in some cases. And then if you want to order it again, its price will be increased.

Waste of time and effort for the product.


Negative Review 4

If you are familiar with repair, buy or else don’t buy

For those who are not familiar with repair and mechanics, do not buy.

Here are the problems I face

  1. The locking lever doesn’t firmly lock the leg. While using with camcorder ( Sony hxr-nx1), the lower single leg(i mean all three legs) slides downwards which means that the lock is not firmly engaged. You will face Camera horizontal stability problems.

.2. Panning is ok smooth, rarely gets jerk, but ok once you know the knack.

3.Because I am familiar with repair and mechanic, I myself repaired the locking problem and now I am very satisfied with it.


Negative Review 5

Poor quality product

The handle of the tripod broke on its first usage. It came out and it won’t go back in now. I was merely adjusting it, without even any camera on it whose weight could cause it. I had this product with me for a month, checked it only once before and it had worked fine. Now, I properly used it for the first time for a shoot and it gave up instantly, the replacement date has also passed. I don’t know what to do now. Pathetic product!

The legs of the tripod don’t slide out easily as well. You have to pull them out every time but I thought I could adjust with that.


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