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ELV Aluminum Adjustable Mobile Phone Foldable Holder Stand Dock Mount for All Smartphones, Tabs, Kindle, iPad (Black)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

A must-buy if you want to keep your phone almost vertically upright.

I have tried some other mobile stands, but all of them suffer from the same problem: you cannot keep the phone straight. The phone will be tilted at an angle. This is okay in most circumstances, but when doing video calls/recording, it would seem as though you are looking down on the other person.

This stand can keep the phone almost near vertically. If you change the angle too much then the phone will fall down or the stand will topple. You can also charge the phone while using the stand and it can even accommodate phones with thick cases.

The stand is really sturdy and I have no doubt it will last for a long time to come. However, it is expensive.


Positive Review 2

Quite Impressive, flexible, and sturdy.

I’d have to say if you are about organized spaces, professional look, and reliable gadgets and accessories, this phone/laptop stands out from the crowd.

I like how flexible it is and yet stays in place at the angles you adjust the stand to, for your optimum eye-to-phone angle.

The material is pretty sturdy, lightweight enough, and yet strong enough to not stress about having to balance your phone so it does not fall.

The design keeps in mind various mobile phone charging points so makes it easy to keep the cable organized and easy to insert and remove.

The only reason I did not yet give 5-star is that I want to use it for a few weeks and see how the movement and reliability work out.


Positive Review 3

The product is good and sturdy.

If you use Zoom to conduct or attend meetings from the phone, this device is excellent.

  1. Your appearance on the call is stable and steady and is thus professional.
  2. Your hand won’t hurt if the call is long.
  3. The height is good to plug in the charging cable below.
  4. The price is right
  5. The quality is very good

Don’t think twice.

Just buy this product.


Positive Review 4

Best stand ever.

It’s the best mobile stand but overpriced, that’s why reduced one star, otherwise, it would have been a 5-star product.

I have purchased it twice, first time @299/- and second time @349/- and now I see its price go up to 500/. That’s not fair. Price should not go beyond 349/- that’s the max it could be worth.

It’s super-useful, can be used with mobile and iPad easily. Very stable, never had an issue with imbalance and stability. And it has foldable parts so you can get whichever angle you want for your position to watch something on your mobile.

It even looks great, not a cheap-looking product. I even use it in my YouTube videos.

It’s made of metal, so I guess will last long, although I will update this review after 6 months of usage.

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Positive Review 5

Excellent Mobile Holder for Hands-Free A&V calls, Movie watch.

Excellent product, very sturdy, smooth joints to change position at the same time the joints are quite firm to hold in the position (doesn’t slip). It is a multi-position holder and gives you good convenience to position your mobile at different view angles. I like the product, as it is very convenient for my office and personal, hands-free – video conferencing/calling. It is very comfortable to watch hands-free – movies and videos. I would have given a 5-star rating, but for a small disappointment with the finish/texture of the holder. I was a bit disappointed when I opened the package, with the image of the display in my mind. On the web, the images displayed are glossy/shiny, whereas the holder I received was a matte finish. The holder looks a little dull. The first impression was not a good impression. The product is technically wonderful, aesthetically disappointing. Seller / Amazon should change the picture in the advertisement.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Poor built quality, Hinges may loosen with sparing use.

Downgrading rating from 3 star to 1 star due to easily detached rubber pad and strikingly lose Hinges even with sparing use. Not recommended.

Original review.

This is my second adjustable mobile stand. Got it for Rs 298.


Good value for money

Can house tablet


Hinges too lose

Not refined build quality (one side is about 2 mm higher see the second picture where I compare it to other such products)

Rubber pads at the bottom may come off easily

Can’t use it for writing on a tablet with a stylus as it rocks too much.


Negative Review 2


Material, not Aluminum as promised, Finishing rough n crappy, quality crude & not as showcased, hinges will get loose very soon, easily detached rubber pads, worth Rs 200/-, MRP kept too high (4 times) to mislead buyers of its quality, Since no response on Mobile, spoken to manufacturer n supplier on land but no satisfactory reply from them. Not worth buying at this price, not recommended at all.


Negative Review 3

Does the job with few shortcomings.

It does the job. But:

  1. Item is not finished properly. Too rough to touch. This can easily scratch and fray your large mouse pad if you move it here and there.
  2. It wobbles. You need to be a bit careful while using any 6.5 inches or longer screen phone kept on it; specially when you touch the upper quarter of the screen. (The base plate should have been wider and the other two should have been longer by few centimeters.)
  3. It’s difficult to place the phone vertically if you connect the charger and 3.5mm headphones at the same time (headphone jack on bottom).
  4. The soft pads won’t last long; they might detach.


Negative Review 4

Quality reduced drastically, spoiled a nice product.

This is my 3rd order.

The product quality has gone down the drain. Earlier it was a nice, proper finished product. But now it seems to be manufactured with huge cost-cutting measures. Sturdiness is still there but aesthetically it looks very cheap.

Earlier this year and last year, bought one in black and silver, both were very nice. This one is not upto the mark. I am tired of returning this again and again (did it 2 times last week). I will keep this but will not order again.


Negative Review 5

Disappointed, not an ideal stand.

Very unstable, the bottom of the stand is very lightweight easily slips off when u place a heavy-weight mobile. Tried with 5.5 inches and 6.5-inches mobile but still, my phone fell from the stand. Fully disappointed. Want a refund after returning immediately.


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