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ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder Universal Long Arm, Windshield for Smartphones – Black

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

One of the best in the market.

I tried different models of similar products for my car. Some come off easily, especially the ones I wanted to stick on the dashboard. Then I tried this product on the windshield. I have been using it for the last two months. No major issues at all. The screws underneath may need to be tightened a little bit, perhaps every 2 weeks, if one wants to avoid a little rattling sound. It’s ok for 99%, but I usually become annoyed even with the slightest rattling sounds in my car.

I tried to fix it in the middle of the windshield, but there was an annoying blind spot and the arm wasn’t long enough. So I tried to stick it in the right bottom part of the windshield, and now working just fine. I have seen reviews that it is also good for the dashboard, but I didn’t wanna test my chances. I also bought a long charging cable, which reaches the phone perfectly.


Positive Review 2

Still reading reviews, read this first.

It’s one of the best mobile holders available in the market. Value for money is great, it’s very easy to install and use. The material is high quality and looks stylish and feels good. Don’t worry about reviews with low ratings; this is a great product for people who love their cars.


Positive Review 3

Still holding well after 8 months.

I have been using the ELV Mobile holder for quite some time now. In a few months of usage, it holds the phone well in place with no vibrations while traveling. The suction on the cap is good when sealed in place. It is better to remove the phone’s back protective cover before putting the phone on the holder as it gripes the phone better. If it’s one of those thin see-through cases you can leave it on.

Few things to note

1. Clean the car’s dashboard or the surface properly with a dry cloth to remove any dust particles before fixing the holder in its place.

2. Once the phone is in the cardholder, it is better, the bottom part of the holder rest on the dashboard, to prevent any vibration when the car is moving at speed.

3. I have no idea how long the suction in the holder will last as sunlight affects the holder’s suction.

So far so good.


Positive Review 4

One of the best Car Mobile Holder I have ever used in my life.


I have used a lot of car mobile holders in past few years (I am driving the car for more than 17 years now) ranging from AC vent holders to section-on glass of the car and mats and whatnot. However, when I ordered this product, I thought this also will be a waste of money and might be wrongly advertised that it can stick on a dashboard as well. To my amazement, when I received the product and tried to use the suction and stick the holder on my car dashboard, it stuck well but I was still not satisfied thinking it will come off soon. Immediately within 2 days of this was delivered, I did an outstation trip of 1,500 KM to a hill station with plenty of bad and rough roads and rain and throughout the trip, my phone (iPhone 6s+) was in this mobile holder and not once, I repeat NOT ONCE DID THE HOLDER COME OFF. I went through the rough patches at almost 90 KM/H speeds sometimes but the holder was stuck and my phone was secure all the time.


Positive Review 5

Clever design, High-quality components.

This is one of the most useful car mounts I have used. High-quality components and clever design make it stand out from the others. Some unique features:

1. Push buttons on the side, when pressed inward, open the arms that clamp the phone together.

2. Upon placing the phone, a button on the mount in the position that is, upon mounting the phone, under it release the arm and the arms clamp the phone tightly.

3. This type of design allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

4. The suction is strong and the articulated segments allow for many positions.

5. Can be mounted on the dash and the windshield, though I have tried it only on the windshield.


Must buy if you are looking for a mount of this type.

Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Extremely flimsy and doesn’t hold the phone properly.

This is an extremely poor-quality product. The material is flimsy and I actually had to return the first one I ordered to get a replacement. But even the replacement feels so delicate in your hands that you will worry about tightening the screws, thinking they might break. The sticking of the base is good and it holds on to the car dash decently, but the mobile holder is just plain bad. There’s not enough cushioning for the phone and so a small bump and the phone will pop right out of it and fall down. India is famous for its bumpy roads and this product will work only if you are using it not on a road. The button to release is also located right behind the phone so if you accidentally put a little more pressure while operating the phone, it will open the clamps, and again the phone will fall right down. My phone got damaged due to the multiple falls. If you are using a costly phone, I request you spend some money on buying a good car mount and recommend you buy something else.


Negative Review 2

Bad product. Poor quality material and not meant for Indian climatic conditions.

Don’t ever buy this product. The worst part is that it can’t stand the Delhi heat. I left it on the car dashboard for a few HR’s and when I came back it had fallen on the ground and the plastic had become so loose that neither the suction worked nor the front panel could hold the phone weight. Don’t even bother to take it even if someone offers it for free.


Negative Review 3

Looks good but Lacks a Sturdiness Delicate product for High-Performance Usage.

I had received this item as a defective product and applied for a refund as the connector Ball was already broken which also shows that this product has everything but it’s not even reliable for a day or two.

It looks fantastic, has awesome finishing, great suction as it doesn’t even move a bit from its place.




YOU need a reliable product to take care of your expensive phone, not the one which easily breaks before a delivery.

A broken photo is posted in the review.

Negative Review 4

The adhesive is not good, it was lost in just 40 days. And no more useful.

Writing this review after 45 days.

While fixing and adjusting the adhesiveness and suction were good.

In just 40days or less, the adhesiveness lots and it’s not sticking anymore.

Spent a lot of money based on reviews but, I repent now.

Do not buy this product ever.

Even if you get it for 10rs, please don’t buy it.

But from local roadside signal sellers for 100rs and it’s is still good since 3 months and more


Negative Review 5

Very poor sturdiness. Will come apart within the first five minutes of driving. Do not buy.

The only thing good about this is the suction power. Attaches to pretty much any surface, smooth or textured. The phone mount, however, is a totally different story. Very messy, and it’s a struggle to fit the wider phones. The build quality and the sturdiness are very poor…the screw holding the extension rod is a size smaller than the hole so it doesn’t sit tight. During the first drive, it fell out within the first five minutes. The screw holding the ball joint gets in the way of angle adjustment as well. I would not recommend this product at any cost because it’s just an accident waiting to happen.


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