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HP Pavilion 14, Ryzen 5- 8GB/512GB SSD 14-inch Laptop, FHD IPS Micro-Edge Anti-Glare Display/Backlit KB/Alexa/B&O Audio/Fast Charge/720p Camera/Win 11 ready/3D Metal Design/1.41 kg, 14-ec0035AU

Positive Reviews

Positive Review 1

Need for Speed, go for it

Very Thin, lightweight, fast boot, fast shut down. Longer battery life. You will love watching full HD or 4K videos on this display.

As I used it for 2 days, so yet to validate battery strength on regular basis. I will share the battery review after 1 week.

16GB Ram, L3 8MB, 6 core Ryzen 5, NVME, good fingerprint lock.

Delivered the next day by Amazon.

The keyboard gives the initial impact that key letters/numbers could be bolder. But with continued use, you may find it comfortable. I think the silver background and light black text may give the illusion of thin text on keys. It might be due to my use of a completely black body laptop with white text keys earlier. But no big deal.

Software is Win Home provided. Anti-virus provided is McAfee which is month free version. It could have been 1 year. Dropbox 12 months provided free, it could have been 1 month instead of McAfee. MS Office provided is the desktop version. Office 365 is not included.

I will recommend better you order a laptop cushion cover and keyboard cover with this. This generation of laptops is very delicate not sturdy as before.


Positive Review 2

A good option at 60000.

The screen is 15.6’’ FHD but without any anti-glare coating.

The keyboard is backlit with 2 levels of brightness. However, the alphabets on the keys could have been better marked in black to make it look more prominent. The keypad is huge with a Numpad. Typing feels great.

Apps open quickly. Booting time is hardly 8s.

The fingerprint sensor is quite fast and accurate.

Speakers are backfiring but are loud enough.

The build is premium with minimal flex on the lid and keyboards. The lid wobble is absent.

The trackpad is ideally sized and supports multiple gestures.

Office home and students with lifetime validity are pre-installed.

The battery is great. I received it with nearly 50% charge and it lasted me almost half a day with typing articles, 30 min of watching videos. It charged from 15% to 60% in 35 min.

The power button is placed within the keypad.

I haven’t gamed in this one but will update once I do.


Positive Review 3

Easy to handle

This is a clean and elegant device. The keyboard strokes are so smooth and make you type more. Weighing at 1.75KG it handles with ease. The FHD display with thin bezels gives you an immersive viewing experience. 16GB of RAM, SSD, and Ryzen 5 gives you instant responses. It also upgraded itself to Windows 11. One issue was with ‘@’ and ‘#’ as they couldn’t be typed. HP Support asked to uninstall and reinstall the keyboard driver to solve the issue. However, the laptop seems to work fine now even without doing it. The fingerprint reader is fast. The aesthetics are great minus the stickers. Overall a worthy purchase. If you are eligible for exchange please use that option and use the credit card for getting a better deal.



Positive Review 4

Best laptop for professional life

Hello guys

If you are also confused about which laptop you should buy I was the same confused

But after getting the HP pavilion 15 ryzen laptop I am very much satisfied

It’s been a great laptop with around a 60k budget

Everything is just fab

16 Gb ram 512 SSD is best

Screen far better

Sound class

Window 11


Everything is best


Positive Review 5

Almost the product is good.

I have given the comments after using 1 month.

  1. The product looks awesome.
  2. Fingerprint works so fast.
  3. Performance so far is good with lightweight gaming.
  4. Getting too much heat while playing the game.
  5. The major disadvantage is engineers have fitted the laptop fan near the display. Whenever the multi-task is running in this system like the software upgrade, playing any games at that time system will get heat so the display also will get heat.

I guess the display will go off another few years because of too much heat.



Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Disappointment from HP!

After just the use of 4 days of this laptop, the AMD high-definition audio drivers suddenly stopped working and there was no sound output not even from any earphones or headset. So I contacted HP support, they did all the troubleshooting and the sound came back but now there are Realtek(HD) drivers and not AMD and they are saying AMD driver is not supported in my PC. Then how they were working earlier!

And even after downloading Realtek drivers, the sound does come back but for some 24 or more hours only, after that same issue is happening again and again, so every time I have to download the drivers when it happens and it’s just 10 days since I bought this laptop, how can I keep doing it for the next few years!!

Plus I also found a Wi-Fi issue in this laptop, it sometimes suddenly stop showing me all the Wi-Fi networks in range even when Wi-Fi is on, and then there is no internet. So I have to go every time to Wi-Fi settings and do troubleshooting and then the issue gets resolved. This has happened 4 to 5 times now just after 10 days of use, can’t imagine how much more it will happen in the next few years!!!

Even if HP support was good, this should not happen with a brand new laptop and the Amazon return window is closed within 7 days only but I thought it’s a small issue and won’t happen again so didn’t apply for a return but can’t even replace it now.

Really a disappointment from HP!!

But other things are really good about this laptop- the screen, keyboard, touchpad, looks and many other things but this driver issue just brings it all down.

So better don’t consider buying it.

Negative Review 2

Design flaw

This is one of the best configurations I have come across. Of course, it is on the expensive side but it has a strong built. The design is Spartan except with one major flaw, the power button is placed beside the delete button. Looks like HP tried to save some money on designers.


Negative Review 3

Never buy an AMD model having wifi signal strength issue.

I ordered 2 laptops back to back with an AMD processor. having a wifi signal strength issue. Please don’t buy this model with AMD.


Negative Review 4

Not able to connect AirPods Pro


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