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Oneplus Bullets Z2 Bluetooth Wireless

Oneplus Bullets Z2 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones with Mic, Bombastic Bass – 12.4 Mm Drivers, 10 Mins Charge – 20 Hrs Music, 30 Hrs Battery Life, Launched in April 2022 (Magico Black).

Oneplus Bullets Z2 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones with Mic, Bombastic Bass logo

Positive Reviews

Positive Review 1

Very nice Neckband

Hello everyone, after 4 days of use I write this review
1. Sound Quality is Best,
2. Noise cancellation good, but OnePlus have to add ANC mode at this price point,
3. Bass quality best,
4. 10 min charge and 20 hours play,
5. Build quality very good,
7. In Ear very comfortable and smooth
8. You can use with sport activities ( Running, Gym, Cycling )
9. Light weight on neck & Flexible
10. It Spalsh proof
11. While sleeping change your position it comfortable
12. The silicone tip helps protect the speaker from earwax


Positive Review 2

Best earphones for bass lovers

Overall a good balanced neckband in 1800 rs with quality bass experience and good built quality

Good build quality, earbuds and wire quality feels premium in hands
Top notch music quality, crazy sound quality for bass lovers
Awesome Bluetooth connectivity
Best packaging and documentation

Bluetooth version 5.3 could have done more justice to the price.
Anc Noise cancellation should have been included considering the price although enc ai noise cancellation does pretty good job.
No automatic multi device switch option available.
**no lid cover provided on the charging port**


Positive Review 3

Just buy it, do not go for more reviews for earphones

Please do not go for more reviews its damm confusing, this earphone is good for daily use, Even I have tried so many earphones and finally concluded with this, I am posting this review after using for a month


Positive Review 4

Best neckband till the range of 3500rs

Best neckband for money to quality as water resistant, good audio quality and clear direction identification I wear them from morning to night never take it off no problem just it’s too light it would fly off from bike at high speeds above 80kmph and i have to tuck it in my jacket


Positive Review 5

In Bluetooth earphone, this is good choice as compare other brands.

It’s ok sound quality but previous i was used apple 3.5mm earphone and as compare previous earphone sound quality is not good for me but i will recommend this if you need Bluetooth earphone then it is good as compare other brand like: boat or realme. I have used both.


Negative Reviews

Negative Review 1

Decent earphones, could’ve been better for this price

Let me just start out with cons here, because these should have been there, given the price tag –

1. It’s frustrating that this latest Bullets earphones doesn’t have Dual pairing ☹️
It’s annoying to connect to each device separately every time!

2. Bluetooth version could have been bumped up from v5.0 (some other earphones have even v5.3, like ones from Realme)

3. Noise cancellation is sub-par

4. I’m not sure why but the earphones don’t connect automatically when I’ve enabled BT on an already paired device… like I have to turn off and turn on the earphones (using the magnetic lock), then it connects to device

These are my initial takeaways, not sure what issues I’ll be coming across later!

Otherwise the bass and sound quality is decent, also it charges quickly and has good backup

Overall very minor upgrade to previous Bullets model 👎
I found Boat and Realme have better alternatives to this, that too for lower prices

P.S: Don’t buy this if you found above mentioned cons to be deal breakers….apparently you can’t return the earphones, you can only replace them.


Negative Review 2

This Z2 is a downgrade from the previous Bullets Z.

The Z2 is a downgrade from the previous Z. It doesn’t have a dedicated button to switch between devices. The audio quality is decent. These earphones are not waterproof as my friend’s stopped working because of a drop of water. Also they are not compatible with older phones like OnePlus 6. A friend gets loud beeping noises when he used this earphones while calling on his OnePlus 6. Overall this is an okay neckband with good battery.


Negative Review 3

Worst experience with one plus product.

One plus earphone warranty claim is one of the worst. Substandard product doesn’t even last 1year. Mine gave up in 8months and due bad build my earphone warranty became void. Go for Sony or some other brands. Somehow it’s customer fault due to bad manufacturing of their earphone.


Negative Review 4

Not bad

I am giving this review after 3 months of use:
Ears won’t feel any pain even if you use for long hours.
Noise cancellation is good only when we sit in the room and during walking as well but you will get noise during travelling and whenever air passes through your ear.
Sound quality should be better, if you are music lover then it is not for you.
Main con with this product is no switching but only pairing, so software engineer who want to switch from phone to laptop will be problem.
Battery backup is good
So finally the product is not bad at the same time not too good.


Negative Review 5

Below average experience.

Bluetooth does not connect easily my other phones.
During the call, it does not support continue.
It does not support when I am away 3 meter from phone.
It’s an average experience.

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