Top 10 Useful Review for “Philips Audio SHE1505 In-Ear Rich Bass Headphones with 10 mm Drivers” performance-wise User Review after 6 months of use.

Philips Audio SHE1505 In-Ear Rich Bass Headphones with 10 mm Drivers, Passive Noise Isolation and Mic (Black)

Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Don’t think just buy! You won’t regret

Writing review after using them in the worst possible way for 6 months…

– Dragged on floor

– Crushed under my butt😅

– Soaked in water for an hour ( forgot to take out from jeans while washing)

They still work like a charm

Although I didn’t expect such quality while buying, I guess that’s what Phillips is! QUALITY


Positive Review 2

The headset is awesome in sound

Many reviewed like poor bass and sound quality but the fact behind this is, it has a higher impedance value. so for the low-end phones or device whose output power from 3.5mm jack is less you cant expect a great quality audio from this earphone. if it is connected to a little high-end audio device or to an amplifier then the output will be superb.

For me, the sound is comparatively less when compared to my boat and another Philips over-ear headphone as they have a low impedance value (between 16 to 24), but when connected to a guitar and keyboard amplifier the sound is awesome. the other two headsets mentioned above produced a noisy sound when connected to the amplifier.


Positive Review 3

Surprise from Philips

This product has 10mm drivers and provide rich bass with balanced mids and treble. So for any music genre, these will be helpful.

Product quality is good, the mic is sensitive enough for general talking but not as sensitive as Philips 2405.

Using for a long period does not cause any harm (if you listen to music at low volume) and earbud quality is good, not very easily breakable as some more ‘aggressively marketed’ products have.

The downside is the warranty of 6 months only and this product cannot be registered to the Philips website. I guess for the warranty issue, we have to call the vendor, not the service centre. So, keep the invoice copy with you.

Overall, a just enough good product with decent sound quality but nothing special about to be mentioned.


Positive Review 4

Great go for it.

Clean, clear crisp, and detailed. Hope the specs are also displayed on the website as printed on the box… Like 20hz~20khz, 103db, etc. The description by the seller says noise canceling – this is not true. Noise-canceling headphones are of different construction and build quality. This is Philips and recommended for its genuine quality and value for money always. I recommend it, and the bass quality is pretty good!!


Positive Review 5

Pretty decent, very nice bass.

One of the best earphones, and that too this cheap. Definitely recommend going for it without having any 2nd thoughts. I have tried boats, MiVi, earphones, Bluetooth headsets, and AirPods, and let me tell you, they all let you down. For an awesome gaming exp, I got a cosmic Byte Gaming headset that surprisingly turned out to be insanely amazing. Just out knocked it out of the park. But since it’s a complete headset, it falls into a very different category of listening devices.

All in all, if you are looking for an amazing accessory for a very affordable price, do go for this without waiting for a 2nd opinion.


Negative Reviews

Negative Review 1


I used it hardly for 2 months and it kinda stopped working. Now, this has a warranty, n when I tried calling the warranty number of Phillips given on the AMAZON page, it didn’t get connected. I tried a couple of times. Then I called PHILLIPS CUSTOMER CARE for help, I chose the number in the IVR for AUDIO, but the rude lady in the customer care said I got connected to another department and she can’t help. Then I asked her to transfer me over to the right department. To that she asked me to call the same number which doesn’t work, I told her that I tried but it doesn’t work. Then she said she can’t help me and disconnected the call while I was talking.

This is the reality of PHILLIPS and I want to request AMAZON to not sell PHILLIPS PRODUCT, Cox the company has no ethics. And has appointed some rude, clueless customer service agents.


Negative Review 2

only one side of the earphone is working.

it is so obvious that your products are NOT tested for working quality before dispatch. My last three purchases were examples of my statement. 1. Executive chair–handle broke on normal weight. 2. Kitchen timer- not working. 3. Philips earphones -one side only working. 4. Leather shoes 1CM less than ordered.

Your return policy is skewed to your advantage.

I am now stopping certain purchases from Amazon.

An unsatisfied long term customer of four years.


Negative Review 3

Not worth it. Waste of money.

Voice recording using mic sounds like you’re being heard on a Radio.

Sound quality :

is terrible, like you hear when a speaker is kept inside a bucket.

Absolutely Ridiculous.

Durability :

I used it for hardly 40 minutes for two days. On the third day, it worked in the morning for 20 minutes, I kept them aside and used them after another three days and Boom!… Within a week’s usage (approximately) one earbud stopped working. Disappointing beyond all measures.

Value for money :

I had a pair of earphones that I ordered before them for HALF the price, and they lasted for FIVE months. Their sound /mic quality wasn’t the best but was DEFINITELY better than this crap. Money wasted.

Conclusion: I bought a joke.


Negative Review 4

Became useless in a Week

The damn thing doesn’t work.

It became useless for me in just a week’s time. If I am not wrong this would be my first Philips product which stopped working within 5 days of working. It gives a disjointed sound, there is an irregularity in the sound. There has been not mishandling of the cord or the headset but Amazon would not take it back because the return window is closed. This kinda short window on return of electronic goods is quite unjust because we do not buy things out of pure necessity and hence sometimes when one procures a product, he or she takes a week or so in opening the product or start using it.


Negative Review 5

Worst Product, Pathetic & Rude Phillips Customer Care

The sound Quality is very bad. Producing troubling noise from Right side earphones.

Poor audio calling. This will happen after 30 days. So one cannot replace in Amazon and will be forced to Contact Phillips Customer care.

Phillips customer care:

1. Worst and very rude behavior, Pathetic experience.

2.. Don’t have any mindset for replacing the part.

3. They even scold you for telling you that the product is not working.

4. You have to go to Phillips service center 10 or more times for resolution. (Service center person response: If you want to come, this is the rules)


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