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pTron Bassbuds Vista in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Headphones with Deep Bass, IPX4 Water/Sweat Resistant, Passive Noise Cancelation, Voice Assistance & Earbuds with Built-in HD Mic – (Black)

pTron Bassbuds Vista in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Headphones (Black) lgo

Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Best Bluetooth Earpiece at under 1.3k Budget!!

I have been using this product for the last 10 days. I’ve to say I’m pretty impressed with the quality and sound output. Here is my review of this product.

  1. The built quality of the case and the earpiece is very good. Doesn’t look cheap at all.
  2. On a single charge, both earpieces can go upto 3-4 hours of normal usage.
  3. The call quality is very good. The mic works well even in a crowded place. All calling functions can be done thru earpieces which is very useful.
  4. For Music lovers, you can enjoy great music for 4 hours with a fair amount of Bass.
  5. The case can easily charge the earpiece 3 times once it is fully charging. The battery is really good.
  6. It is very Handy and is not very bulky. Can be kept in the pocket without any discomfort
  7. The best thing about it is the price band. Fulfills most of the criteria which any other brand with above 2k does.

Very Satisfied with the purchase.

Positive Review 2

Great budget Truly Wireless earphones for daily use!

The finish of these is really good. Matte black colour and it comes with a Micro USB cable for charging and two extra pairs of earbud tips to suit all ear sizes. These are perfect for routine use with quite a sturdy fit that doesn’t come off easily. The sound quality is unexpectedly really good for a product this cheap! The light that indicated the amount of charge for the case is really useful and there is also a control switch on each individual earpod that can help you play/pause any and all media with great ease. These also have a decent quality Microphone for phone conversations.

Positive Review 3

Amazing value for money

The earphones are amazing. These are my first truly wireless earphones from ptron and surely they are amazing. The sound quality is very good. All the vocals are clear, the instruments sound in the background is also perfect. Talking about the bass I found the bass to be pretty good. The earphones give that proper thumping sound anybody would love. The noise cancellation is good as well, they fit properly in-ears..

The build quality of the case is decent and for me, the battery backup is even more than what is mentioned in the box.

Amazing product from ptron, Value for money

Highly recommended

Positive Review 4

Extremely genuine product by pTron with good sound quality

This is an amazing product very easy to carry in pocket and also very easy to connect. The rate is so affordable; usually, AirPods/airdrops are quite costly. The sound quality of the pTron bassbuds vista is amazing no doubt. Definitely recommend these wireless earphones for users who are planning to buy an economical wireless earphone.


-they connect easily

-affordable price

-sound quality is decent

-charges quickly


Actually, I didn’t find any cons in this product.

So go for it without any doubt.


Positive Review 5

Superb quality worth buying…

pTron Bassbuds vista Best TWS I like it very much…

Good sound quality

Perfect fit for my ears

Buttons controls

The battery is awesome 1 hr of use still it’s full

97% satisfied with this 3% is outer case smooth finish, rest is all good…

100% suggested if you are looking up to buy under rs.1000 to rs.1200


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Do not waste Rs. 1000

The reviews are very positive and based on that I bought and ignored the negative review for which

I regret.

This earphone is an overly hyped low-quality product from China.

It doesn’t fulfill the basic purpose of wireless earbuds.

Con 1: Bluetooth Range: I use boat headphones with Bluetooth 4 version and I find its range is better than this plastic piece. It was so bad that if you close the door within 2 meters it starts flickering. You need to be in a 2-meter range to use this. Also, the pair is not synched one is a little slower than the other.

Con 2: Call Quality: The other person can hear all the sounds around you except yours until you repeat it 4 times with increased volume in ascending order.

Con 3: Bass Quality: This is again an average earpiece in the bass. I think this gives bass only because it has got rubber earbuds where your touch over the earpiece will felt like you are beating a drum.

Con 4: Battery life: Another joke.

Conclusion: Do not invest 1000 in this cheap product better go with another or you can choose Bluetooth wired earphones.


Negative Review 2

Faulty products

The product I received was a defective one. One of the earbuds loses battery quickly. Since I noticed after one week, I’m not able to return through Amazon

I tried returning through the company’s website. It’s not an easy process. You need absolute patience. It asks a series of questions and asks to upload the photo where the actual problem starts. It accepts only file sizes less than 4MB. I reduced the picture quality and tried to upload file sizes from 2MB to 4 MB, but it keeps rejecting them showing some errors.

You should also select the product from a list of more than 100 which are not even alphabetically arranged. I think the company deliberately wants to stop people from returning.

After trying for an hour still, I couldn’t register my complaint.

We buy from Amazon and every detail is there in the invoice. Why the hell do these people ask for each and every piece of information.

Please don’t buy this product on Amazon. Once you have a problem there is no way these people will listen to you. Better buy in a local shop. I think the company is deliberately selling faulty products through online stores.

Negative Review 3

Only good for music, don’t recommend this to anyone

I ordered this only for one thing and that’s for calls as it’s very irritating to hold a phone n roam around with it. Then these bass buds come in handy but guess what, I received nothing but disappointment. Voice quality is pathetic at the receiver’s end either my voice is very low or it’s muffled or the other person isn’t able to hear anything. You literally got to scream for them to hear what you are saying. These are only good for listening to music or watching some series that too just for 2-2.5hrs after that they will get discharged. Plus u can only get a replacement and can’t return this. I don’t recommend this to anyone.


Negative Review 4

Mic quality not go, very muffled voice

Ordered this on during the lightning deal for 999, hoping for decent quality earbuds, but this is absolutely useless. The speaker quality is good, but the mic is much muffled and people cannot hear you while on calls. It’s very muffled and unclear.

I thought maybe it’s this particular piece, so put in an exchange request (The return option was unavailable for the first time). The seller was prompt in delivery and pick up but the second piece was also of similar mic quality.

Luckily, the return option was there for the second time.

Do not recommend this product at all, doesn’t let you do the basics of having a conversation.


Negative Review 5

Poor battery backup, cable not working,

The sound quality Is quite good but the battery backup is totally screwed. It was using both of the earbuds together and the right earbud suddenly started giving low battery warning ⚠️. I mean what if, I am using both of them together, charged together, and used the same time, then why does there have to be a warning only on one bud.

Also, the cable that was delivered is not working. I had to use one of my own. The cable that was provided with buds was not even close to the size of the Radius bone( I am a doctor) of the forearm.

Moral of the story:- PLEASE don’t buy this thing


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