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pTron Tangent Duo Made in India Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless

pTron Tangent Duo Made in India Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless in-Ear Earphones with Mic, 24Hrs Playback, 13mm Drivers, Punchy Bass, Fast Charging, Voice Assistant, IPX4 & in-line Controls (Black & Blue)

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Positive Review 1

Best Noise cancellation at this price

I am writing this review after 4 month use

The neckband has very good Nosie cancelation and good quality calling

I use ptron after 1 year use of oneplus wireless z edition

Who wants call quality on priority just go for it

The neckband is not stable in the neck fly with air sometimes while driving

Music quality is balanced

Battery backup is good almost 3-day battery backup

Positive Review 2

Value for Money

Exactly what I was searching for my niece. She is using these earphones for a while now and have been very satisfied with it.

Personally, I used it and found that noise cancellation can be a little better than it is. Other features are perfect for the money I paid for it.

Overall Value for Money

Positive Review 3

Sleek design with amazing battery backup.

Light weight sleek design with a very good battery backup of arround 50+ hours. Really satisfied and the product is worth buying. Only facing issues sometimes in connecting with devices.]

Positive Review 4


Battery backup is awesome very good.

Excellent connectivity range I mean distance.

Sound quality also very good with good bass.

Weightless neckband.

When we are driving some wind sound will disturb music and voice calls because these Airbuds are not going deeply to our ears.

No vibration feature.

Some minus points are there mainly volume up and down buttons and call accept buttons are not recognisable. The three buttons are not much height to touch with finger so I fixed a plastic piece with gum to recognise that button while we are driving.

Positive Review 5

Nice product!

Such a nice product in this price… bass quality and sound quality are amazing as expected and noise cancellation is also good but the one thing I noticed is when you receive a call while using this so it will receive the call but you cannot end the call by using this for that you have to do it through your phone otherwise all other things are well and good as expected

Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

An average product

13 mm drivers and 24 hr playback, were the two tall claims this product made, which caught my attention, along with the dirt-cheap price. Neither of those two clsims are true. The bass, even after tweaking is reasonable at best, push it any harder and it starts cracking. Forget 13 mm, these drivers sound like 8 mm ones at the most. As for the mids and highs, they are surprisingly good, though. Overall a good experience, audio quality-wise, unless you are much into bass.

In terms of battery backup, I received the earphones with 80% battery, and it asked to be charged after approx 15 hours of mixed usage, including a couple of hours of phone talk, and watching videos for about 8-9 hours and music playback the rest of the way. So, not 24 hours but good enough. Overall, for the price, there’s little to complain.

On a side note, build quality is mediocre, got and finish is so-so. Voice prompts on connection, disconnection, power off etc. are a nice touch. Pairs real quick with the phone. Has a bit of a latency which is slightly noticeable while watching videos, but it’s manageable.

Negative Review 2

Build quality is not so good.

its just one month since I am using this headphone, its average in sound quality and the build quality is not good, one has to handle it very carefully. Only in one first seven days, I need to make a replace for the same as the left ear side sound not coming properly…now after the replacement its working fine…. we can say it an average product not bad but on the other hand its quite good in this price range. One cannot expect a high quality sound in this range…overall its good…three stars.

Negative Review 3

Save your money and buy something else

Sound quality: average. There is perceivable noise and distortion when playing music. Similar sound quality can be had in a half-priced wired earphone.

Durability: divided on this. The build quality of the neckband is good in general, but the thin end wire connectors don’t invite confidence. Will update this review if they fail within 1 year.

No point returning this as this is a replacement-only item, but should have skipped this in the first place.

Call quality: decent enough. Automatically dictates caller name in case call is received.


Negative Review 4

Very bulky with a bad fit

The earphone is too heavy. So heavy that it falls off my ears while walking or moving. The battery life is excellent, but honestly, 60 hours of battery life is redundant. The sound is OK. Range is terrible. Can’t even go 2-3m away from the device. Overall an okay product. Only buy it if you really need the big battery. Otherwise the other compromises are a big drawback.

Negative Review 5

Yet another Chinese Product that comes with Ride Your Luck Type Assurance

Well it is a product that left me with a potential loss of ₹75/- 😤

Got it for ₹725/- after using a coupon, so I was very happy. The delivery was perfect.

Initial Disappointment – After opening the package, I realized the Blue color piece I ordered was different from what is shown in pictures here. Depending on the angle it can appear dark metallic greyish, greenish, bluish or black (handles from where the wires are coming out). But fine I can live with it.

Slow Charging – It was 70% charged when I got it but took nearly 2.5 hrs to reach 100% charge.

Sound quality, bass, noise cancellation is very good and battery life was awesome.

The microphone is also good (but read on). Quite comfortable for ears, no pain even after continuous 4-5 hrs usage.

Fast pairing with mobile and laptop and a solid stable connection with nearly no playback delays. So far so good.

Build Quality – Here is where the disappointment starts. Wires used are thin and appears fragile, gives you a feeling that a slight pull/strech can snap the wire especially at the earphone end (though it’s a neckband but it still has wires which can get pulled if you are not careful).

Then I noticed small cracks near white circular lines on the see in the images attached.

Bluetooth Issues – Earlier I said excellent Bluetooth connectivity and no noticeable delays, well the truth is that it is applicable only up to range of 4.5-5.0 meter from your playback device. Go beyond that, there is a huge delay, the voice cracks as if you are playing a badly scratched CD/DVD, any many times total disconnection from your playback device, which obviously is irritating and frustrating.

I am happy that I got the refund but there was a potential loss of ₹75/- as I didn’t get another chance to use that coupon nor a new coupon of the same value was provided.

A general tip applicable to any USB powered device (from my own experience over the years)-

When you insert the provided charging cable in the charging port on the device, then if you can see more than 1mm of metal part of the charging cable, then it is guaranteed that either the charging cable or the charging port or both, used are of cheap quality. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean your device will stop functioning or get damaged in a short time. It means that the probability of your device getting failed or damaged is high since the parts used are of substandard quality !

So overall it depends on the actual item you received. Some will be satisfied while others would be upset. Given the reputation of Chinese Products, all I can say is Ride Your Luck

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