Top 10 Useful Review for “SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-I Card 64GB, 120MB/s R” Best User Review after 6 months of use.

SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-I Card 64GB, 120MB/s R

Positive Reviews


Positive Review1

Great space n good read n write speed

The SD card came on time. I bought it for 3189(256GB). Read n write speeds are good. 10-year replacement warranty gives it a reliable edge to be used for various purposes. I am using it to store photos and documents which are way more for a phone to store. Earlier I was using a 32 GB card but it was full most of the time so I had to buy a 256 GB card to upgrade myself. Feel free to ask any questions.


Positive Review 2

Good Storage Quality and Cheapest in range

It’s a faster storage option. You could use it to store media, apps, and games in it and access it faster. You’ll feel no difference whether the app is stored in your phone’s internal memory or in the SD card. It has a fast read and writes speed and the better option for instead of choosing a higher storage device to a lower one with an SD slot. Works fine with my Nokia 3 and I use it to store apps and games and could play games like Modern Combat easily and fast with no trouble. It’s also the cheapest in the range.

The only trouble I faced was with the delivery. I reside somewhere where Amazon could deliver immediately the very next day but since I’m not a prime user they deliberately delay for 2-3 days before the dispatch and the delivery is dispatched the very same day when I receive it. It’s a corporate tactic forcing us to get Amazon Prime.

Rest is fine you could go for it


Positive Review 3

5-star product

5 star to Amazon for timely delivery.

The memory card is original as I check it online. I got 63 GB out of 64 GB. Transfer speed is not 120 Mbps as claimed still okay. 5 star to the product. Recommended.

This is the second time I’m buying the same memory. Very satisfied.


Positive Review 4

Superb Product

I had 2 options

1: Purchase a new phone with high storage capacity ( Cost more than 15K)

2: Purchase an expandable memory card for a phone which is very cheaper, now my phone working very well faster than before and no need to purchase a new phone for the next couple of years.


Positive Review 5

Best in Budget

The product is genuine and has a good quality for sharing and storing files with quite impressive speed as compared to internal storage. This SD Card comes with 59 GB rather than 64 GB which is a bit turn off for us. Rather than that everything is just good and fine.




Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Check the product before buying

Duplicate SD Card now Amazon is focusing on only earn money not care of quality now I have advice for

I am advising every buyer of Amazon to please scan the QR code scanner and check and enter text in Google and search is the product Org. or Duplicate. They do not care about customers just want to sell products sold lower than other Apps not verified that the product genuine or not I am a Prime member of Amazon but that’s it I will not buying anything from Amazon I’m quitting by AMAZON


Negative Review 2

Not showing total 128 GB space

I have purchased a 128 GB SD card for my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2019) Android mobile phone.

Today it gets delivered.

When I inserted it on my mobile, it’s showing only 119 GB total Space instead of 128 GB.

To cross-check, I tried in the card reader and connect it to the laptop, but then also its showing total space as 119 GB instead of 128 GB.

Immediately I requested for replacement.

Let’s see how I will get the replacement and whether that product quality is accurate or not.


Negative Review 3

Disappointed about the buy, share, and win the contest

Regarding the SD card, I have just started using it, as of now it’s good. Regarding the buy share and win contest that is shared along with the SD card, it’s disappointing as the contest has already ended in March while I bought the SD card in June. They shared the old SD card. Else if the offer had expired they should have removed the contest label. Waste of time trying! So giving 1 star.


Negative Review 4

Fulfilled my purpose but not satisfied

The read and write speed is very slow. Do not forget to register your product on the official SanDisk website. Check your bar code for product validity, mine was checked out. But read and write speed is way less than 25mbps, which is very slow even from class 2 cards. Buy with respect to your use.


Negative Review 5

Need frequent format

What is the purpose of extra memory if you have to delete it every next month? Worst product. There was no virus. Still, it was not readable and I had to format all the data lost because guess what in that state you can’t even take backup.


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