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SE ELECTRONICS Reflexion Filter RF-X (Black)
The RF-X is an instant vocal booth for any home studio

REFLEXION FILTER PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: The Original, patented, portable acoustic treatment device. sE’s patented multi-layer technology works evenly across the whole frequency spectrum to ensure a balanced, even sound with no coloration at all.




Positive Review 1

Trust the brand & blindly go for it.

Excellent product & build quality. Quite light in weight… hardware comes along with the product which is also of excellent quality. Much have for ur home studio & for vocal recording

Excellent job sE Electronics 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Positive Review 2

Perfect reflection filter for recording in a bedroom

Perfect for a recoding setup in a reflective room I’m loving the output i get on my TLM – 103 totally mind-blowing ❣️🔥


Positive Review 3

Reflexion Filter make your sounds feel alive

When it comes to untreated rooms electronics reflexion filter pro makes your sounds so epic it feels as it is recorded in a huge studio with massively treated rooms for vocals

Positive Review 4

This is an amazing bit of kit for the price

This is an amazing bit of kit for the price. I’m just getting into recordings and noted there was a bit of echo to the things I had recorded. This works so well to clear those echoes out and give a nice flattened uncolored response.

I would suggest making sure you have a sturdy enough stand. I’ve got an old £20 mic stand that seems to be falling over under its weight. It’s holding up well but I think it’s beginning to lean.

It should fit most mic stands comfortably. It’s quite a fiddle to get set up with washes and bits of plastic that fly off. So I like to leave mine set up.

Positive Review 5

A good lower-priced product from the originators!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 June 2013
Size name: RF-XColour: BlackVerified Purchase
Although there have to be slightly lower levels of performance from a product costing around £80 rather than £220 this is a nicely turned out item. It has a quality feel and looks to match! Having had to return a similar item from a rival manufacturer as unfit for the purpose I was perhaps a bit more critical of this one but I’m glad to say my fears were unfounded. The Reflection Filter X is ideal for the project studio and in conjunction with other acoustic treatments in the recording room will certainly help reduce any unwanted sound from behind the microphone.

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Negative Review 1

Ok, but useless clamp arm

I purchased this item and the seller was quick to deliver. However, the product its self is not as good as I’d have hoped. I always use SE Electronics audio equipment and this is a good product but the stupid clamp arm that holds it all in place was useless. I had to buy a stereo bar which works wonders for holding the filter and mic without the stand leaning over and nearly breaking my SE 2200a condenser!!! Anyhow if you want to use this product successfully you will either need to invest in a super-strong stand or a stereo bar otherwise you’ll be disappointed with this product at this cost!


Negative Review 2

Great for that plastic bucket sound.

Certainly not as good as the original metal Reflexion filters. Used this once, couldn’t then use the audio recorded as it sounded like I’d put the microphone in a plastic bucket, and then the bucket over my head. This by the way was in a treated recording room. I hoped the Reflexion filter would give just a little extra focus on vocals, instead it ruined a session and I sold it a week later on a popular auction site.


Negative Review 3

Crappy stand mount

Reviewed in the United States on 8 December 2012
Size name: Reflexion Filter PROColour: SilverVerified Purchase
I have been using this product for the past three months and am satisfied with the results. My setup is a Rode M1 directly into a Zoom H4N via XLR with a double-sided pop filter. The quality is amazingly clear; no hiss or crackles from room noise.

Although the build quality of the reflector is nice, the bracket mount is complete trash. Once the reflector is mounted, the weight becomes off-centered (due to the clamp design) and will begin to tilt. I use an empty water bottle to help keep the reflector’s rod mount in its place but it looks absolutely ridiculous. But I know people just care about the results and that’s the reason for the 4 stars.

At this price, I would have ordered the version from Studio Keys but they charge $96 shipping from the UK. Wasn’t going to spend that much money for just shipping!

Negative Review 4

Good, but………

The filter performs as promised. Consideration should be given by SE as to where one places
his/her copy, or music when performing. Looking downward, or upward at copy or music,
pulls the performer off mike and defeats the purpose of the Filter.

Negative Review 5

Item fine, delivery awful

This item was fine and met expectations. However, the delivery via FedEx was totally unsatisfactory. On the first notification put through my door, I called to arrange a delivery time when I would be home. The following day (not the day arranged), I found another delivery note through the door and called again to confirm the arranged time. When the day came, the delivery did not come. It arrived two days later when I was out, but fortunately, neighbours took it in. This waste of time and phone calls to FedEx cost me, and I am not happy.

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