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Twins7s Compatible True Wireless Pocket-Friendly TWS Bluetooth Wireless Headset with in-Built Dual Mic Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops (Pack of 1)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Good Product

The product is good. The price is also affordable. I liked its handiness too. But the sound is not much good. It is lacking the buzz boosts that the wired ones have. Also, the battery backup is not so good. But as a whole, it is a good experience.


Positive Review 2

Value for money

Awesome product at the best price. Very good look. I love it.



Positive Review 3

Value for money. Not too good.. not too bad

The right earpiece was not working for the first delivery. I exchanged n now they r good.. value for money and ok for normal series n songs.. u can buy them


Positive Review 4

 Very-very nice at this price

Very very good at this price 😊 and I loved I will suggest you buy this


Positive Review 5

Wireless headphones are very much helpful for my daughter in the online class.

No dislike .only to say it’s amazing in all respects. Very helpful.



Negative Reviews



Negative Review 1


This product is nice but not as expected as I thinking but according to the price is nice.


Negative Review 2

Not Good product

plz no one Buy this product Because this product only one earbud function another one earbud not functioning…finally this is not a good product But a very cheap product


Negative Review 3

Waste your money

I think you should go outside and buy whatever you want because I bought this headphone and I think I waste my money to buy it is doesn’t work and I can’t hear any voice inside and I am not happy with this product from Amazon. I already chaplain this headphone but no-one come to get changed.


Negative Review 4

Every time I bought it there was some issue with any of the pods

I thought the product to be good as compared to the level of price but when I received the product there was a problem the first time and I had to order a replacement. When the replacement arrived there was also an issue regarding the device and now I have to finally return it.


Negative Review 5

The left bud has a lower sound than the right one

Its sound is much louder to make your ears blown but no bass. And the left bud sound is lower than the right bud, so it feels like the sound does not reach my left ear it’s cheap but I don’t recommend anyone to buy.


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