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URBN 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Ultra-Compact Power Bank with 12W Fast Charge (Camo)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review1

Perfect: One word for it…in terms of size, efficiency, durability, and most importantly grip

So I was looking for another power bank as my mi power bank was not sufficient enough for my phone as it discharges very quickly. This power bank is perfect for me because of the grip …it feels so good in your hands, unlike the mi power bank which is way bigger than this and slippery too despite having the same charging capacity…

Now come to the good things about this cute little power bank…

-The best thing about it is its size its so small that you won’t believe its the size of a metro card or any credit card pics attached as well for reference

-Supports fast charging as well as normal charges for low consumption devices like Bluetooth, fitness bands, etc.

-Size is perfect for easy daily usage carry and the grip is damn good

-Looks really premium

-Battery backup is pretty damn good. I can charge my phone almost 2.5 times with this

-Colours options are good

Cons :

Nothing so far…till now gave me no problems

Overall This can be your perfect daily companion in case your phone battery dies…

Highly Recommended


Positive Review 2

So good power bank I have ever seen

I buy so many power banks from the market before but I always disappointed and

Now I purchase urbn power bank and I am impressed so much….its 20000 mah power bank…..I go for a little business trip for 3 days and I carry this power bank u can’t believe I charge my phone from it for 3 days continues…..I m very-very satisfied after using this product

The main thing is its fast charging power bank, its stylish

It’s easy to carry and it’s a good quality power bank…I m become a big fan of this power bank,

After purchase and use this my 4 friends buy this same power bank.

It’s a very good product and I recommend to all other people just buy it and experience it once.


Positive Review 3

A power bank that powers your confidence to go anywhere!

Writing this review after testing this power bank. I could charge oneplus 6 and 6T simultaneously from zero battery to full in approx 2hrs. One full charge of the power bank could charge oneplus 6 2times and Oneplus 6T once and Samsung M40 once. I was a bit impatient with charging duration as my dash charger takes about 30-40mins for a full charge of my oneplus. But this is a power bank; come on!

I Am impressed with its charging capacity, which serves my purpose. I believe it can definitely charge oneplus 6 devices 4 times, need to test that.

It’s a very compact size powerbank; with a very finish that feels great! Rubberized surface finish probably!

It has overheated and overcharging protection which is a great addition.

And lastly; IT’S MADE IN INDIA! #vocalforlocal #localgoingglobal

Go ahead without a second thought!


Positive Review 4

Eye Candy Power Bank

It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, Charges my iPhone 7 three times comfortably, Loves the form factor. The soft material used on the outer shell & color combination makes it easy on the eyes. The compact size makes it even more practical,

A soft outer shell gives you a firm grip to hold.

Prone to smudges though.

You can safely go for this EyeCandy.


Positive Review 5

Most Compact Power Bank…!!!

Power banks are the need of the hour these days, and we cannot do without our cell phones. Urbn Power banks are in trend these days because not only are they compact, easily portable, but also as they relieve you from the hassle of wall charging phones. All you need is the right power bank, and you are all set for the day without having to worry about a dying battery.


Urbn power bank is very compact and comes with 15W and 2.0 support for the quick charging of devices. One can easily carry it around in bag packs as it is very light. It comes with a high-density 10,000 Mah lithium polymer battery, which ensures excellent battery backup. The dual output facility enables quick charging of two devices simultaneously.


Negative Reviews

Negative Review 1

Not 10000mah battery as advertised.

I’ve used this product for about 2 months and I have an Asus ROG phone2 which has a 6000 mah battery. I have tested the battery by discharging my phone completely and completely charging the power bank and it only charged by phone to 100% and was on the last point of battery so the battery is about 7000-8000mah max. When I’m using the phone and use the 2.1amp outlet my phone still gets discharged over time and it only charges my phone when I put it in sleep mode. It’s better to buy from a trusted brand instead.


Negative Review 2

Stopped working within a week

Extremely bad experience. Purchased it a few days back only but it has already stopped working. Product disadvantages:

  1. Gets discharged on your own if you leave the side button open by mistake. The issue is that it is very hard to recognize if the button is on or off.
  2. Not a 20,000 mAH battery. Can charge a simple phone one time only.
  3. You may take it on travel thinking that its power will last for long but you can be stuck in between as you don’t understand if it has stopped working or got discharged
  4. Take a whole full night to get charged fully (Approximately min 7-8 hrs)
  5. Not at all charges you’re phone if you didn’t plug in immediately once you have charged the power bank as it starts losing its charge automatically.

I have purchased this power bank at a price of INR 1400/- and now can not return it as well because by mistake I have thrown its box. Just a useless dummy that only increases the weight of your bag, nothing else.


Negative Review 3

Looks impressive, but does not fast charge.

I was pretty excited to see this PowerBank. It looks so handy and easy to carry around. The design is impressive and the cost is also so low. So, it looked to be the perfect power bank considering so many varieties in the market. When I plugged my Galaxy Note 8, it did not fast charge, I tried in both the outlets (one is 1A and another is 2.1A) but it still did not fast charge. One thing I noticed that my OEM USB charges do not go all the way inside, it looks like just 75% goes inside the USB charging port, which may be the reason that it does not fast charge. I was pretty disappointed to see that. Sadly, I had to return.


Negative Review 4

A potential safety hazard. Leaking and Bulging.

I got this product to support the Make in India campaign and to avoid Chinese products. but sadly, this is the worst power bank ever. I think I need to look for Korean products now. Sad .!


The first day the power bank came, it was leaking a liquid

The surface texture is in such a way that it quickly gets chipped away.

The power bank started bulging after 2 months of use.


Easily portable and cute-looking size.


Negative Review 5

Looks smart but of no use!!!

I ordered this power bank looking at its MAH and look. It looks great is compact and suitable for traveling. It’s not unnecessarily huge and looks smart. I am writing this review after 2 hrs of receiving this product. I charged it fully and then tried charging my phone with it. In half an hour it only charged 10% of the battery which is very slow. Also on display light got drained with just half an hour of charging. Either it’s defective or the URBN power banks are only like this. For the look and size, I will give full marks, but the performance is zero.


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