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Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in FM Radio, Aux Input and Call Function (Black)

 Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in FM Radio, Aux Input and Call Function

Positive Reviews

Positive Review 1

Go for it blindly!

don’t think again. it’s the best deal you can find on Amazon.

– excellent battery backup upto 10 hrs as written on the box. just charge the speaker until the battery charges fully before first use.

– no charger is bundled. use your 5v 1amp charger. a red light is turned on during charging and turns off at full charge which takes 2-3 hours.

– a hybrid charging cum aux cable is provided in the box. aux mode needs the device to be turned on. can be used with a laptop or pc with just a USB port and earphone jack.

– Bluetooth version is 5.0 it uses low power. mode button rotates between bt > FM > aux only. USB and sd card mode automatically starts playing upon inserting.

– volume buttons also controls <prev >next tracks. there is calling support also present.

– lot of people have a complaint about the non-working of FM mode. because it requires a micro USB cable plugged in which works as an antenna receiver.

– now about the sound 

It’s a single 3w speaker but the volume is loud enough. bass is average. Yes, average. there is no feeling of bass if compared with branded earphones or your pc woofer.

but it’s louder and clear than cheap generic bt speakers. if you have a little more to spend.. then go for a dual stereo and larger sized ones.

go for it. you will be happy to own it.


Positive Review 2

I was surprised & happy purchase…Best sound quality!!!

Vocals are clear & loud, the bass is a bit low but decent & sufficient, lots of details in sound due to the wide range of frequency responses, the device is great for any old & new generation or any type of song, having great sound quality compares with others. Lots of functional features especially FM(but no separate bottom for FM, channels are found in auto scanning, can’t identify which channel is running), solidly built, looks handy & cute(u will fall in love with its unique old school look), no pressure in the pocket. Suggest anyone go blindly with this…Great work by Zebronics!!!


Positive Review 3

Budget Bluetooth speaker which serves the purpose of low volume on a phone or laptop

It is a satisfactory Bluetooth speaker and is perfect choice for those who are looking for a budget wireless speaker for their laptop or mobile phone with low volume issues or for those who need some portable music device and who don’t want to shell out lot of money. It serves these purposes very well and is not pricey. Why I am saying all this……First things first, I got this at 549 (the black one only as rest of the colors were way too pricey and choice of colors can be sacrificed in such a case). 2. My laptop and phone volume is too low and watching a video or listening to music on these devices is not a good experience. So here too this speaker served the purpose as connectivity is excellent, the size of the speaker is conveniently small, lightweight, and battery backup is dam awesome. After a complete charge, I used this speaker continuously for about 6 hours at about 80% volume, and still, the speaker is left with a 60% charge. I cannot comment right now for the charging time as it arrived with more than 70% charge and I just topped it to full. Bluetooth connectivity is exceptionally good upto 10 meters. FM reception is average without connecting the data/charging cable but it is awesome if the cable is connected. It has only four buttons and all the functions are controlled by these buttons only. The first button “M” is the mode which when pressed switches from Bluetooth to FM to Aux to USB/memory card. The transition of switching is flawless. Volume up/down keys are used to change volume and switch the channels. Long press changes the volume and short press/click changes the channels in FM or changes the track via Aux. The most useful feature of this speaker is its mic. Yes, you can actually use this speaker (when connected to a phone) to talk with someone, and that too with no connectivity issues. Voice clarity is very good for the calls made. MUSIC CLARITY IS NOT VERY GOOD. (READ CONS FOR THIS). The quality of the plastics used seems good and feels durable.



The sound quality is just average. Voice call clarity is very good where music is not dominant. But when it comes to music, this speaker struggles to deliver quality. People are complaining in reviews that it does not produce any bass, but actually, its is the bass produced by the speaker which deteriorates the quality. This is understandable for this product as it just has one tiny speaker inside and if the manufacturer makes it to produce some bass will definitely deteriorate the music quality. But this is manageable and you can ADJUST THE MUSIC EQUALIZERS in your laptop or phone to get pretty decent music quality. This is the reason I don’t consider its music quality a con for the product. There’s one limitation about charging connectors too. It comes with a charging port compatible with an A/B type connector, so if you have a charger with a data cable supporting “C” type connectors, you are bound to use the charging cable supplied with the speaker only. So you cannot keep just one common cable with you to charge both your phone and speaker. Instead, you will have to carry two different cables. This speaker does not come with a charger, so you will have to use your mobiles charger (5v, 1A) for the purpose. But for the price range, this seems reasonable.

A useful tip for buyers:

Most of the smartphones will display battery percentages left in the speaker. But you can install any of these two apps “Bluebatt” or “Bluetooth check ringtone and show battery level” from the play store if in case your phone is unable to fetch battery data from the speaker.

What you get incomplete package: 1 unit of Bluetooth speaker, 1 cable which has Aux connector, USB connector and (A/B type) micro USB connector, 1 tiny user manual.

Quality of packaging: Excellent, sturdy, packaging used by Cloudtail to secure the company’s product packaging.


Positive Review 4

One of the best for personal music listening

First we ordered one piece some time back. We were doubtful about the performance of the product at the time of ordering. But when it arrived and started using, we were very happy that we made this purchase. Later we purchased two more for our relatives. Now we ordered three more for our friends. All these are working perfectly. One thing to be taken care of is that the battery should not be overcharged. It may damage the battery and will cause problems. You will get FM only if there is a strong signal in your area. We use it mainly for listening to mp3 music files from a pen drive. For this purpose, this is the best. The music quality is above average level. But at this price, we cannot expect more. The music is very clear since it is using the power from the battery. No hum or hissing. Also, the price has come down from the introductory price of 680.00. Very good product


Positive Review 5

Excellent Value For Money

At this price, one cannot really complain about low bass. This speaker is a mini BEAST. It can clearly, loudly be heard in a noisy room with the TV on. Clarity is awesome and sound doesn’t crack even after playing for an extended period of time at maximum volume. It weighs practically nothing, both on your hand and your savings. And at that price, it gives tough competition to BT speakers twice its price.

BT connectivity is awesome (BT 5.0) and sound quality doesn’t drop at all even if you switch to aux mode. I am using this speaker for my desktop with the aux cord, and with my phone using BT. Quality is the same using BT or aux. I repeat: QUALITY IS THE SAME IN BOTH AUX AND BT MODE.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Upset with the charging wire

This time I had a dissatisfaction note for the Amazon marketplace because the charging wire sent with the Zebronics Bluetooth speaker was found faulty. That is also twice. This means, I replaced and exchanged the item once. Even with the new charging wire, I couldn’t charge my speaker. The speaker is all okay. But anyhow the wire the company is offering does not get properly connected. Finally, I’m using the device with another charging cable and don’t like to replace it again. I could return it. But amid the lockdown, I don’t like more transactions and I need a speaker urgently.


Negative Review 2

The volume button and next & previous buttons are the same. TWS does not work.

An issue with this speaker is, the volume button and the next/previous buttons are the same. you long-press the volume down button to reduce volume, and long-press the volume up button to increase the volume.

A short press of the volume up/down button slightly, to increase/decrease the volume a little bit, it changes to the next FM channel or plays the next track.

A simple rotatable volume control knob would have been good, instead of having it as buttons.

You have to keep the aux cum charging cable connected with the speaker unit, to have the FM working. otherwise, you will not be able to receive FM signals. It hinders the portability of the speaker. I purchased another speaker of the same type and tried TWS mode, the pairing did not work forever. Thinking if I have to buy both in the same color, see I am not joking. I tried to pair these two speakers in TWS mode several times. It did not work at all.


Negative Review 3

Can’t play songs via memory card or a pen drive

Sound is good, Bluetooth connectivity is also good the only and a big problem I faced it couldn’t play songs via memory card and a pen drive. Whenever I play songs via memory card or a pen drive it just plays the starting 4-5 second of a song and then change to next song automatically and then again 4-5 seconds of the next song and then change to next and the process continues. Can’t expect this from a reputed brand like zebronics. Hence 2 stars from me.


Negative Review 4

Battery and sound quality

The product is good but very bad service from Amazon…first delivered speaker was not charging. after replacement from Amazon the second product has a problem while turning ON..need to connect the charger to turn it ON.

Requested to return the second speaker also but no reply from Amazon team.

Worst service.

The speaker has very good sound quality and the best product in the price range, only if it is delivered in good condition by Amazon


Negative Review 5

Worst product

It’s not according to my expectations.

1)battery capacity too low..after using of 1hr battery become low

2)on/off switch is lose every time we have to press forcefully

3) 1st day sound effects was good..but 2nd day sound effect is too low.

For 520rs this is not a worthy product. I will not be recommended it all…don’t buy

I wasted my 520 rs…


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