Top 10 Useful Review for “HP 680 Original Ink Advantage Cartridge (Black)” performance-wise User Review after 6 months of use.

HP 680 Original Ink Advantage Cartridge (Black)

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review1

Best-in-class just go for it

First of all, I would like to say that the quality of the print is very very nice as compared to that of other printers in the similar price range

The installation process is very easy just remove the seal and insert this cartridge into your printer if you have any problem in installing that you can go to their official website they have full video guidelines for the installation process

I have also purchased the color version of it and the print quality on the paper is very very realistic and eye-pleasing

In one cartridge I can print around 200 papers of black and white a

For colored I can print around 50 sheets in one color bottle cartridge you will never be disappointed by the quality of print which this cartridge offers

Ink will not dry even if you leave it for 3 months unused

If you are using it after a very long time make sure that to take and democratic for the first time then after that you can use it very nicely and freely.


Positive Review 2

Original HP 680 cartridge for printer HP desk-jet ink advantage 4535

Absolutely original item. Imported from Malaysia on April 20.Expiry on March 22.

Imported by HP India. Got it for Rs 685 where the printed MRP is Rs 794.Got a very good deal.

Previously I used to refill cartridges

for Rs 280 and it used to last 2 months max at 20-30 pages/ month as ink got dried up fast. Shifted to original cartridges and it lasted 8 months. Black one still working at 10 months.

Using original is value for money.

Once my printer head got damaged and had to be replaced for using cartridges which printer could not detect. Was apprehensive seeing some reviews. Lucky that my supply turned out to be original.


Positive Review 3

Meets the Quality, but somewhat expensive

Print with an HP cartridge gives more quality printing than other refill ink that I tried. Easy to install, as it is given in the printer manual. The printer also gives a quick guide on how to install cartridges(if there exists a touchscreen). Gives clear print without any fades, smudges, etc (I don’t know any other printing problem exists if any).

The price is a little higher, so many opt to refill than buy the original cartridge, which is not good for the printer, as it doesn’t show proper ink level, sometimes won’t give quality printing (from personal experience).

Although the print quality is good, the quantity doesn’t come to expectations, as they may offer more number of pages. But the details of the print quantity should be noticed as the measures are well defined on small letters (don’t get fooled by this as no one cares about T&C)

I wish team HP could make a refillable cartridge to make a step towards waste management, or to make cartridge collecting points to take the useless cartridges and convert them to new cartridges(as I have seen many companies took e-waste for renewals), so the cost of the cartridge could be reduced.


Positive Review 4

Value for money

Always choose the printer after the cartridge. That way you’ll save money over time by buying the cheapest cartridges. And this is one of the cheapest cartridges from HP.

Print quality is okay, not great. It’s easy to install, yes. And superb value for money.


Positive Review 5

Good and original

If you want to buy genuine ink, don’t compare with local ink price ..also whenever you buy and use fake ink a general warranty of product will be lapping…in my view there is no big difference so go dor it ..good product and original one


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

What a cheat!

I took four photo prints on glossy A4 sheets and two photo prints on normal A4 sheets: that means a total of six copies. And there you go, it says the cartridge is exhausted! What nonsense! Rs. 685 for six photos, that too excluding the photo paper costs! They are telling lies about the number of prints possible. Maybe it may be possible to take 150 color prints with this with a lot of white space, like an MS word document with a few heading lines in colors.

I have HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 which I bought a couple of weeks ago. Neither the printer nor this cartridge is meant for photo printing.


Negative Review 2


No, this product is not value for money.

Very costly product. They are charging an extremely premium price for a small amount of ink. First of all HP printers will offer you a low-cost printer and then they will charge a very high price for ink. The quality of the packet was also not good, as the packet was torn out. They are extracting money in the name of ink. The ink also not prints enough papers and gets exhausted quickly.

The very smart trap has been spread by HP COMPANY in the name of INK ADVANTAGE PRINTER.

My recommendation is PLEASE DON’T BUY HP PRINTER. They are fooling the public.


Negative Review 3

Too expensive to maintain

I would have given 5stars if it was economical. U can hardly print 30-40 pages. But the description says u can print 480 pages which is impossible. If u spends 700 Rs for 30 pages of color print u will soon be bankrupted

Difficult to maintain this. Better go to a Xerox shop and pay 2Rs per color print. Works out well for u. HP u have to bring some innovation which is economical and affordable for common people.


Negative Review 4

Fake Cartraige horrible experience

I recently installed the black hp 680 ink into my printer and it said that there was a problem in reading the newly installed cartridge then I went to the HP site and typed in my cartridge number to check whether it was original but it couldn’t recognize that to I guess there is some technical problem in it and it is fake be aware and by and if you are not sure to tell the seller to mail you the cartridge number so you can check whether it is original or fake also recommend buying from hp original site.


Negative Review 5

High-quality print but at a very high cost

This is the 3rd time I am writing a review for this product and it remains the same –

PROS – High-quality ink for my HP5000 printer, very good printing, and accurate color representation,

CONS – Very high price effectively screws the cost-benefit aspect. HP please reduce its cost otherwise this is becoming unsustainable. I understand imported product has heavy-duty applied, but due to unavailability of the local product, we have to rely on this. Kindly try to reduce its price.

It is due to the price I am forced to rate in 3 starts.


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