Top 10 Useful Review for “SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive” performance-wise User Review after 6 months of use.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive

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Positive Reviews

Positive Review 1

Reliably fast.

Sandisk the best in storage devices I feel.

They offer a reasonable price for their product and also provide a good life for the Pendrive.

I bought this product for my friend…I can blindly recommend this to any normal user… Its writing speed is fast so does reading speed…The transfer rate is decent…

This is me buying this product for the 3rd time…I grabbed it on a lightning deal…

Delivery is super fast, it did deliver to me before 24 hrs…

One incident to share:

My mum washed this Pendrive not just once but twice…But to my amazement, it really worked super fine. THUMBS UP to SANDISK

I thank Amazon for super fast delivery…Nice work…


Positive Review 2

This is one of the best and cheapest pen drives.

I purchased it for Rs.395.


  1. Made of good quality material.
  2. Fairly good read and write speed for USB 2.0.
  3. Easy to install.
  4. The convenient shape makes its handling easy.



  1. Made up of plastic, not metal. So somewhat breakable.
  2. Reading speed not very fast as it is not USB 3.0 compatible.

Final comment- Go for it if you want a cheap pen drive. If you want a high-speed and durable pen drive then go for some other metal USB 3.0 or 3.1 pen drive.


Positive Review 3

RELIABLE, Cheap, Good product but plastic quality near the opening should be improved.

I know many people use this Cruzer blade. It’s cheaper than all, except Sony pen drives (sony’s pend are very poor in hardware and go faulty within 2yrs, Sony doesn’t give replacement for them too, do not consider them). Using another Cruzer blade 16 for the past 4-5yrs, Copy speeds are as per USB2.0, Gets the job done as a storage device. The plastic body helps not getting shocks from some older desktops. But the only letdown is the plastic ending near the mouth. It’s too weak, the inserting part plastic breaks easily, still, Pendrive is usable but do note, use it with care, insert and pull out with care. There is no cap for the USB drive protection. I bought this one based on my past happy experience.


Positive Review 4

An amazing Value for money product.

I bought this Pendrive from Amazon seller-Appario Retail Private Ltd and got this within 3 days. This product was packed compactly as expected from Amazon.

Now we only have to talk about the product –

Writing speed 4-5MBPS

Reading speed 15-18MBPS

Its writing speed(from PC to Pendrive) is only 4MBPS which’s really bad as compare to SanDisk Cruzer Blade 8Gb it gives writing speed somewhere 9-10MBPS.

While-Reading speed has almost no difference in 8GB and 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pendrive.

But if we compare the price of 8GB and 16GB Pendrive there only 50-60 rupees difference. you get double of storage at just 50-60 rupees. 16GB Pendrive is better to buy if we compare price and Value 4 money.


Positive Review 5

Best and cheap flash drive with 5 years warranty among all and Made in Ireland.

Came as expected. The outer packaging wasn’t good but the inner product packaging was good.

The transfer speed is good. Read and write speed is nearly the same as mentioned.

Feels lighter than old ones but still ok.

I got 29.8 Gib of space from 32 GB as the correct storage of 32 GB counts 29.8 gibs in digital storage.

The product is manufactured in Ireland and imported from Malaysia.

Its actual price is RS. 650 but I got it for only Rs. 349 without delivery charges.

With all these things, you get 5 years manufacturing warranty in case if it stops working due to manufacturing defects.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

instead of 32gb, only 29gb is there.

Actually, I am a physics teacher. I am well known for the storage concept. Surely there will be some plus or minus will be there. but in my 32GB pen drive 29 GB only there. If we buy 16GB means 14.5 GB only there now my question is why it’s happening. U can say 1000 reasons. if surely some losses will come means instead of 32, u have to develop 35 GB, then some losses mean we can get 32 GB, why you do not do this.


Negative Review 2

Not an original product. Verified with SanDisk brand production

Pendrive is not working after 5 usages.

But I faced the issue after 6 months. Hence no option to replace the item.

When I went to claim the warranty in Sandisk, they found that the product that I purchased is not the original one. They forwarded my case to their brand protection team.

When I contact Amazon, they are telling me to solve my issue within 2-5 days every time I sent an email for one month.

I am having almost 15 of the same model of Sandisk pen drives bought offline. I am using it for 10+ years. Never had a problem.

Don’t buy it please for the offers.


Negative Review 3

Very bad experience.

I purchased 64 GB Pendrive on Saturday and read on Sunday but it was not working properly so I requested to return or replace it. However, I got replaced Pendrive on Tuesday but it is sorry to say that the pen drive is also not working properly like not attached with my smart TV. I twice format but not working. I request you to please refund my money. I am a regular purchaser and prime member of Amazon. This is the first incident I am unhappy with the purchase of Pendrive.


Negative Review 4


Hi, I have been using it for more than 6 months and writing a review now.

It had a consistent average write speed of 3.5MB per sec which is lesser than a Sandisk class 4 memory card which goes to 8MB per second. It took me an hour to fill the complete space with Bollywood songs and cartoon movies for my nephew and nieces.

The read speed however goes ad high as 20 MB per second which is pretty good for copying.

I just filled 16 GBs with movies for once and play it on TV. Previously I used it on a set-top box for recording. You can use it for small data transfers measuring 100- 200 MBs.

As per performance is considered I would suggest for USB 3.0 pen drives; which I have one writes 8-9 MB per sec almost 4 times fast than USB 2.0.

Build quality is average and fragile, and the tip usually breaks easily with little mishandling.



Negative Review 5

Defective product

I had ordered a Scandisk pen drive of 64GB. I received the pen drive product where it was mentioned 64 GB

However, when I tried to use the product I realized the real capacity was only 32 GB & not 64 as requested. This is a serious quality control issue & raises questions about the electronic items which we purchase from Amazon.

Secondly, Amazon is refusing to replace this item

Thirdly the customer care put my call on hold indefinitely & refuse to address my concerns

Is the poor customer overcharged & not have a recourse

I have been a regular Amazon customer but this raises concern about my dealings in the future if this is how we are treated.


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