Top 10 Useful Review for “TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 Wireless Range Extender” performance-wise User Review after 6 months of use.

TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 Wireless Range Extender, Broadband/Wi-Fi Extender, Wi-Fi Booster/Hotspot with 1 Ethernet Port, Plug and Play, Built-in Access Point Mode

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Positive Reviews


Positive Review 1

Works perfectly !! The Tether app setup worked for me

From 20 to 32.5 Mbps change in speed. Attached the extender box, with booklet and google internet speed test result

So I was facing the wifi latency issues in video conference calls some time as working remotely is now a new norm and was facing the issue of being slightly away in a different room than a router.

Just today got the TP-link extender and followed the steps.

  1. Plug and waited for Power on
  2. Tried the easiest WPS setup, so pressed WPS in the router and then in the TP-link extender, but did not work, tried again, still did not connect automatically.
  3. I Followed setup type 2 as per the instruction booklet and found there is a step missing.

So One suggestion to TP-Link Team, Currently this is what your booklet says -> The Quick Instruction Guide -> Setup Type 2 says. -> Connect to TPLINK_ Extender wifi and Open Tether app -> Do setup.

But it misses one first step of creating a TP-link account which you need to do in your own home wifi only.

So here it does add it to your manual.

3a: Be connected to your home wifi and download the Tether app.

3b: Create an account, as the app does not allow you to do setup without you logging in with your account.

3c: Once logged in go to the “+” sign and select add device.

3d: Go to wifi and switch to wifi with a name similar to TPLINK_extender

3e: In the Tether app select under add new device page select “router extender”

3f: Follow the simple step of giving your home wifi password and then the extender will create another wifi point with your existing wifi name “_EXT”


Positive Review 2

Tp-link TL-WA850re N300 review

Hey !! I want to extend my WiFi

There were 2 options of me wired and extender

I didn’t go with wired because I don’t want to mess up my home with cables and unwanted wires

Then I thought about extenders

Guys, I don’t understand why there are so many negative comments for this extender. It works perfectly fine for me

My main router is fixed on the ground floor of my house (3500sqft), and my bedroom is on the first floor

I never use to get WiFi coverage in my bedroom

(Literally no Internet)

My main router has a speed of 50mbps

Then I placed my extender on the first floor near the staircase

Now I am getting super coverage and speed

As I told my main router has 50mbps

After placing the extender I am getting 15-25 Mbps in my bedroom ( with doors closed)

Note 🙁 I don’t care about the other 25 Mbps it’s still fast) !! excellent speed and coverage!!

That is literally excellent for me as I am concerned

Because I never had WiFi connecting to my room

Guys till now the product is excellent for me

Note: while installation do It manually

Don’t use it through WPS because if u do it manually the connection will be much more stable.

U can connect the extender through APP or BROWSER

I did mine by the browser on my phone

And enjoy ur surfing!!!!


Positive Review 3

The great gadget must have & easy to install – go for it

NO WIRE ETHERNET CABLE PROVIDED !! None less GREAT PRODUCT 🙂 piece of cake to install & link with my home internet device, best is to scan the barcode or download the app n follow instructions. Many blue colored LED’s given in a circle that indicates important connections with all the descriptions mentioned along. Ex – knowing the range/signal strength, Internet connections, etc. Using it for my smart TV with wire n works like a charm. LONG RANGE & fast connectivity no issues n hassle-free connections.


Positive Review 4

Go for it!

Very good range. I had problems with wifi connectivity in the rooms which were away from the router. The wifi signal drops significantly if it has to encounter multiple concrete walls. It can also get disconnected at times as the signal becomes unstable. That’s why I got this repeater. Working well with my 2.4ghz router. Very easy to install. Just plug it to a standard plug point somewhere where you have at least a small amount of steady signal from your router. Wait till the power and wifi LEDs on the repeater turn blue. Connect your phone/pc to wifi repeater. At this point, you cannot access the internet as the repeater is not configured. Go to the tp-link repeater. net and follow simple instructions. You have to connect to the existing wifi(router), create a password for the repeater and you can change the name of your repeater for your convenience. That’s it! Your repeater is now configured and the RE led turns blue. Your signal will be stable and extended significantly. Previously I had only 1mbps in the remote areas and could not stream HD and now I have 20mbps(my router provides 40mbps)! Excellent product! Recommend!


Positive Review 5

Super Product

It is very easy to install & configure this thing. There are 3 methods to do so & I used the browser method. The manual says that the WiFi extender should be kept in between of Router & end of the dead zone where the signal strength should be 3 lights ON out of 5 lights but I just kept it at the end of the dead zone where I got signal strength of 1 light yet it still performs at full power.

My BSNL WiFi Router gives 1Mb/s download speed & this same speed I get on all my smartphones using this WiFi extender even though it itself gets the signal strength of 1 light.

One last note:- This product TP-Link is a Chinese company but I admit that they are very good at making WiFi hardware. Not only in India but around the world TP-Link is famous. You can check reviews of various foreign Tech people on Google and YouTube.

If you have a problem with it being a Chinese company then you can go for D-Link which is a Taiwanese company or NETGEAR which is an American company. Both are even better in hardware & signal quality but also costly.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Drops signal frequently and not usable

I bought this extender after looking at the number of star ratings it had received but after using this extender for a couple of days I realize that these may be paid reviews! It has the following issues:

  1. If you follow the installation steps using the App, it does not work. You have to use the laptop version of the installation
  2. It reduces the speed to 25%. Our main router shows 30mpbs whereas the extender shows 8 Mbps. With actual use, it drops down to kbps!
  3. Frequently drops connection and has to be reset to get it back working. This is really painful and makes it completely useless
  4. It supports only 2.4 GHz band (well this was already mentioned on the site so cannot blame anyone)

I am going to return it back


Negative Review 2

Not suitable if your current internet speed is below 5Mbps

I have installed this device to extend the Wi-Fi range to the 1st floor. I am using BSNL broadband which gives on an average 5Mbps speed. I was expecting the same internet speed on the 1st floor after installing this device, (as that’s what my expectations from a range extender)

But that’s not the case, after installing the device I started getting full range on the places where there was no Wi-Fi range but the internet speed was significantly less (<1Mbps) which is not at all usable. After this issue, I also read few reviews which also talk about the same.

So the conclusion is, this device does its job of extending the Wi-Fi range but at cost of a reduction in the speed by at least 50%. So if you are having a poor internet connection like me, then this device is not suitable for you. I also returned the device.


Negative Review 3

Not worth it. Useless Product.

Totally disappointed with this product. It claims to work with any router. Connected to a Netgear R6300 router, setting up was easy and then started the problem.

Never was able to provide any steady internet connection. Always choppy and won’t connect to any streaming device like fireTV. Only the status will say Connected but was unable to stream anything on fireTV.

Then when I did some research on the net, there was a slew of complaints that this extender is not allowing any streaming device.

What is the use of an extender if it doesn’t allow connectivity for streaming devices?

I wasted money buying this. Replaced it with Netgear AC 1200 extender, works like a charm.

In my view, it is a useless product. Do not buy it if you are planning to watch streaming content.


Negative Review 4

Poor reliability. Wrong 2-pin plug. Needs a hard reset/power cycle every day.

Lowering rating further: Device malfunctions, WiFi Hotspot randomly returns back to unsecured “TP-Link_Extender”. Secondly, unsure of MAC filtering reliability. We set up 10 devices in Whitelist mode, but still see “ANONYMOUS” named host id showing up sometimes with MAC id, not in the whitelist.

Bought this specifically to extend the JioFi M2 hotspot.

Had both channels kept at the same and away from neighbors’ wifi?

It connects and reconnects quickly (within 30 seconds) once configured.

However, the router quality/reliability is questionable.

Directly connected to JioFi the speeds were good and WiFi error/retransmit rates were minimal.

Connection via this extender had losses and speeds varying.

All this with a single client connected and ensuring no other wifi channel interfering.

I chose this over D-link only for the LED lights can be turned off on TP-link.

It works otherwise, and I keep power-cycling it every day whenever the issues faced.

Could update the firmware to the latest one.

No proper user guide provided. No support provided for this specific device. Need to go through lots of similar devices on the website to know any support queries/answers. Found no way to register the product and get personalized support. It is an old device repackaged into the new version. The web interface is very minimal and not intuitive.

Very sparingly used the Ethernet port. It worked whenever we wanted to reset the device config. that’s all.

I will keep looking for a better alternative… so far none available in India.


Negative Review 5

Easy setup, however extremely high loss of bandwidth

This device can only extend the 2.4Ghz signal … which is OK. However, after a year’s use, the device is no throttling down the bandwidth so much that it becomes unusable. I have an internet connection that provides more than 75Mbps on the main router. However, when connected to the range extender, this gets dropped to under 1Mbps. Sometimes it’s as low as under 100kbps. The device has been updated with the latest firmware, I’ve even tried resetting to factory settings and reconfiguring, however, nothing seems to work. The first few months when it did work, I used to get about 10-20Mbps which was sufficient. I don’t know if this is a device problem or an issue introduced because my service provider made some changes to their device settings. Service provide does deny any changes though.

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