Top 10 Useful User Review for “boAt Airdopes 433 Twin Wireless Ear-Buds with Mic” performance-wise reviews after 6 months of use.

boAt Airdopes 433 Twin Wireless Ear-Buds with Mic(Black)

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Positive Reviews

Positive Review1

Very nice product

Thanks, Amazon for delivering 1 day before the scheduled delivery. You never disappointed me.

Regarding the product, it’s simply superb and simple to use.

Voice calling and media playing so good. Bass is also up to expectation.

The Bluetooth range is also good. Able to hear clearly even in other rooms with glass doors closed.


Positive Review 2

Awesome Airdopes

The airdopes are really very good. It has an excellent sound quality with clear voice call experience. It also has good bass and noise cancellation too. The build quality as well as its looks are pretty good. It’s a complete value for money.


Positive Review 3

Small beast

It’s not radiant and shiny as shown in the picture. But

It is best.


User friendly-5/5


Sound quality-4/5


Positive Review 4

Great airpods with a low range of Bluetooth

I think that this is one of the best wireless earphones with the only downside that it does not have much range.

I have been using it a lot so definitely worth the money.

Keep an eye for the sale I got it for just 1500 in the sale.


Positive Review 5

Worth every penny

Amazing sound quality, good battery backup, perfect bass. Totally loved it!

I really like the sleek design and the case. The good thing is it clearly shows battery indication on the case.

Totally recommended!



Negative Reviews

Negative Review 1

Disappointed performance

The left side airdops dies down when there is 50% left on the right one. This happened in the replacement product as well.

Not sure if this is a manufacturing defect of this product or I just happen to get 2 defective pieces. 2nd option looks highly unlikely

Not expected this from the boat.

Two-star is only because this has a good sound quality.


Negative Review 2

Very bad experience. Don’t buy.

The left earbud kept emitting a very high frequency screeching sound. It gave me a headache. I tried many times resetting the device but it won’t work. It will be okay for about 5 minutes and then again that horrible high-frequency static sound would start. They sold me a defective piece. It is nothing but brightly colored junk. I will ask for a refund. I made a big mistake in buying this one. Amazon delivery was great. The packet was sealed but from inside the packet came out a completely defective product. I didn’t expect this from Boat. How can they dupe customers like this? This is absolutely unethical and unacceptable. I am extremely frustrated with my experience. The sound quality of the right but is also not good. The shape of the thing is such that it doesn’t fit properly and unless you are extra careful, it may fall from your ear anytime.


Negative Review 3

Don’t buy this

Honest review

Please don’t buy this.You will feel bad after use

This doesn’t have proper comfort and looks like 500rs earphone.

Sound quality is not good at all and with 100% volume there is distortion and the main point is comfort which is missing in this.

Instead, u can go for boat airdopes 441 pro which has good sound clarity with good bass.


Negative Review 4

Very disappointed

Please don’t ever buy this product

It fell down from my ears one time and the button jammed and now I can’t turn on the one on the left and it has the worst sound quality

It feels like a needle being pushed in through my ears.


Negative Review 5

Do not buy. It sucks.

This product sucks. First time when I ordered the audio quality was so bad that the other person couldn’t hear when I spoke. So I replaced it with a new one. When the new box came it was already opened. There was no seal. Looks like a used one was sent. Also when I checked the quality while speaking the sound travels once u can hear in one once in other. Totally it’s a waste product. Do not buy. Had the worst experience for the first time with Amazon product.


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