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GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip with Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter & 4 international sockets.

GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip with Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter


Positive Reviews

Positive Review1

A good product for sure

I bought this and made a small mod. I wanted to install it on the wall to convert a single wall socket into 4 so I bought this model as it can be mounted on the wall. However, it comes with a long cord that will come in the way for my purpose, so I opened it, disordered the cord joints, trimmed the cord, and reordered it. You can see the final result in the attached picture. I took some pictures of the interiors also and you can see that the wiring inside is very clean. The nuts tighten well and it feels sturdy. I was also able to get it to sit on the wall with no slack and no movement. I was able to mark the wall for screw holes from the inside of the back cover (when it was opened), so the screw positions were perfect. I placed it snugly next to the wall plate so that the strip won’t move to the left and keep it properly locked. One mistake I did was to align the lower side of the strip with where the plug is going to be. If it was positioned slightly lower the wire wouldn’t have appeared to hang loose.


Positive Review 2

Go for It!

My primary requirement is proper Earthing, and there are many Spike guard which doesn’t have earth (mostly for show/fake) or they are mostly very poorly built. So my first task when I buy a spike-guard is to first open the whole thing and check for defects and confirm that Earth is working. The second thing I check is the loose socket connection which is very common. Based on all these points, below is my final review:

Meets Basic Requirements:

✓ Good Earthing Connection (It handled leaks, up to my expectations)

✓ Sockets are tight and hold the plugs firmly

✓ Quite a good build quality

Plus Points:

✓ It somewhat gives the OnePlus vibe based on its color combination

✓ Feels good aesthetically

Negative/Questionable Points:

✕ Plugs are very close (What bugs me is that – board has quite an unused space, they could have spaced the plugs properly)

⭕︎ The on/off switch seems a bit off (I wouldn’t play with it when my devices are connected)

⭕︎ Not sure if the circuit breaker will work properly on overheating for a long time (most products with the same mechanism that I bought failed in 1 to 1.5 years)


Positive Review 3

Superb Product

First of all, I want to say if you are helpful with my review then give me a vote and click on helpful. I bought this product @449 from Amazon. You will get it @375 on a great Indian festival or prime deal offer. I bought this product 2nd time on Prime Day Deal on Amazon @375.Now I am going to review this product. Firstly the wire quality is superb. Its length 2meter and can withstand a 2500Watt load(10amp wire). It has four 5point female plug points with a shutter on-off system. Overall the product is value for money. I review this product after using 5month. Thanks for seeing my review.


Positive Review 4


Cord length is 6 feet nearly. Capacity is 10A.

I live in a place where voltage spikes happen rarely. So I decided to NOT buy GM modular 3058 G-Power 4+1 which comes with 3 MOVs and a Thermal Overload Trip. MOVs give protection from voltage spikes. This model does not have MOVs. It has just a thermal overload trip which will cut off the power supply to the components connected when current overflows (like a thermal fuse). It is the same thing you will find under a mixy. This is the best choice for me as there is a chance that MOVs burn out sometimes. Also, this model comes at a lower price.

People complaining about having no individual switch should notice that the product description clearly shows it has 4 sockets and 1 master switch. You don’t buy if you want an individual switch.


Positive Review 5

A decent and value for money product.

I found it astoundingly beautiful and the very vibrant punchy color makes it look attractive. I happened to buy a local extension cord and had to bear electric current and flickering issues on my TV and hence decided to get this one as it is not much tangly and has a decent amount of plug points(4) which is ample for my need.

The wire is not much longer and might not satisfy your need if you are looking for a longer chord though but quality-wise it is fantastic and I guess justifies the price which I felt a bit expensive at first but now I guess it’s alright. Let’s see how it functions further. I got two of these and am happy with my purchase.


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Avoid Blank Beliefs on Brands.

Since my room doesn’t get sufficient sockets Thought of getting this since Gm electricals are reputed bran and as expected there are no issues with the quality of sockets.


– The spike box got only one switch for controlling all the sockets. No Individual switches for all sockets.

– when it’s in On state there is bright Red light glows and seriously it’s as powerful as light up the entire room in complete darkness and if u r one who hates lights during sleeping then definitely it’s not for you. I personally had to stick taps over it to cover the light.

– The main thing: All the SOCKETS ARE PLACED SO NEARBY if U got quite big adapters then it will be a huge mess for you… ( for example, if I plug in my one plus charger and Google home charger then the remaining other 2 sockets cannot be used. I feel instead of giving that red light and wasting a lot of space they could have utilized the space properly and could have given a sufficient gap between sockets)

So if u got big adapters then no don’t go for it.


Negative Review 2

Product Stopped Working just after one month

Update 2: Amazon has accepted the return and has processed the refund. Thank you, Amazon for making sure our customers are not cheated.

Note for customers: Research well before buying products. Try to ensure that the seller is authorized to sell the product to you. Ideally, if we have the bill then the Product company is bound to abide by the warranty but – in a real-world scenarios, companies are not working this way

Update 1: I ordered two. One of them stopped working this soon! Didn’t expect. The Amazon description page says “Warranty Details: Company Warranty Available” but Company says if the seller on Amazon is not authorized then Warranty is not valid. In my case Seller is Best Buy India, and as per GM, they are not authorized. So, I will not get a replacement. I contacted Amazon Support but they said It is the company that should provide a warranty. So, Avoid buying GM Products and don’t have a blind belief in brands.

I’ve also raised a Grievance with the Consumer forum against GM for denial of warranty.

Original review: It’s a good extension. The one-off button is big and easy to use.


Negative Review 3

Engineer give some space

All OK, but u depicted a lot about giving unique exquisite workmanship over this product, in this process didn’t ur engineers think about not keeping sockets this closer to each other? what’s the point of such workmanship.. #titanic space given to the light is greater than the space the two sockets occupy. Hire a new engineer after 2020, else he’ll create more disaster.


Negative Review 4

Disappointed, no surge protection, below-average quality

The extension stopped working after surging in electricity in our society. I have no idea how useful surge protection and spike would have been since it could not protect itself. The product is a disappointment. Don’t know where to claim the guarantee.


Negative Review 5

Poorly design power socket.

One of the worst designs of any extension. Though it has 4 sockets I can’t use more than two devices at a time. As the distance between two sockets is too small that I can’t plug three devices side by side & hence making one of the sockets completely unusable.

The extension has huge space for the light part but no space to plug four devices at a time forget about four cant plugs three devices.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go for it if he or she has more than two devices to charge at a time.



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